Video Guide to Making a Gift Bow in under a Minute ...


Video Guide to Making a Gift Bow in under a Minute ...
Video Guide to Making a Gift Bow in under a Minute ...

I'm going to show you how to make a gift bow in one minute. Wouldn't you love to be able to make your own gift bows? Then this YouTube video is just for you! You can learn how to make a gift bow in one minute!

Ribbon can be bought at yard sales and Dollar Tree! Use your own imagination and creativity!

Don't believe me? Watch this!

Published on Dec 17, 2015

Her basic instructions are for how to make a gift bow in one minute are:
Use approx. 7 feet of 1 1/2" ribbon and flexible floral wire. I prefer 20 gauge floral wire for all my bows. Fold your ribbon at 6" making 6 complete loops. Starting at the middle of the loops cut inward 1/3 of the ribbon width on a slight angle. Wrap a 8" strip of wire around the ribbon and twist one turn. Cut ribbon for the streamers and attach to the bow.

My opinion:
Instead of using flexible floral wire, I personally use matching pipe cleaners.
For ribbon, I use anything. It does not have to be wire ribbon or whatever you call the ribbon.
I make small and big bows. The bows do not have to be all the same.

Bows can be used for anything! Gifts for any occasion, home decorating, wreathes, etc. Buy in different sizes, different colors, different designs, etc.

Offer to make bows for people and make a little change in your pocket.

This is really a good hobby to learn.

Even if you already know how to make bows, maybe this is a good refresher course.

The video to me is a total thumbs-up!

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