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Video Tutorial for Personalized Wine Glasses ...

By Leiann

Looking for a tutorial for personalized wine glasses?

Wine glasses are not "just" for wine. Wine glasses may be used to celebrate really anything.

Before getting started, do you have plenty of wine glasses? If not, Dollar Tree has them for, well, a buck each... Also, this is yard sale season, so you might be able to score some at a local yard sale.

This is simply cute. Makes me want to break out the wine glasses and do the happy dance!

Here is Kristi Nelson with a tutorial for personalized wine glasses.

Published on Oct 20, 2015

Nice, huh?

1 Accompaniment

Do you have a special event coming up where you need to supply the wine?

2 Favors

Do you have a special event coming up where you need to have a party favor?


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3 Attractiveness

Do you need to drink more water? Making more attractive glasses makes you want more.

4 Organization

Do you need to organize? From nail polish to pens, to cosmetics, to jewelry, etc.

5 Side Hustle

Do you need some spare cash? Use the wine glass as a vessel for a creative craft to sell.

Are you ready to celebrate yet?

All you need is a wine glass and vinyl decal stickers to personalize! Why leave them plain?

Go to any craft store for the decals. Want some good deals? Take a peek at eBay:

I hope you have found this review neat and useful. I know now that I want to organize and make craft gifts to sell using wine glasses that are personalized!

How about you?

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