A Step by Step Guide 📕 to Gorgeous Gift Wrapping 🎁 ...

Even though wrapping paper is meant to be ripped apart, that doesn't mean that you should wrap your presents carelessly. The neater your gift wrapping is, the better your presents will look under the tree. Plus, it'll show the recipient that you really tried hard to give them the best present that you could. If your gifts usually end up looking like a mess by the time you're done with them, here's a step by step guide to gorgeous gift wrapping:

1. Remove Price Tags

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You don't want anyone to know how much you've spent on your presents, which is why it's important to remove any and all price tags before you start wrapping them up. If the tag is connected to the item, and you aren't able to remove it, then you should grab a Sharpie and simply cross out the price.

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