A Step by Step Guide to Gorgeous Gift Wrapping ...

By Holly

A Step by Step Guide to Gorgeous Gift Wrapping ...

Even though wrapping paper is meant to be ripped apart, that doesn't mean that you should wrap your presents carelessly. The neater your gift wrapping is, the better your presents will look under the tree. Plus, it'll show the recipient that you really tried hard to give them the best present that you could. If your gifts usually end up looking like a mess by the time you're done with them, here's a step by step guide to gorgeous gift wrapping:

1 Remove Price Tags

You don't want anyone to know how much you've spent on your presents, which is why it's important to remove any and all price tags before you start wrapping them up. If the tag is connected to the item, and you aren't able to remove it, then you should grab a Sharpie and simply cross out the price.

2 Place Your Gift in a Gift Box

It's hard to wrap certain gifts, because they come in odd shapes. That's why you should put your gifts in a box whenever you can. That way, you'll be able to wrap up a square instead of wrapping up something clunky and chunky. So make sure you buy a box of boxes. It'll make your life a whole lot easier.

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3 Use a Ruler to Cut the Paper Neatly

Your wrapping paper will look neater if you grab a ruler. That way, you won't end up cutting it in a zigzagged fashion. You'll be able to keep all of your lines straight, which means that your gifts are going to end up looking better than ever.

4 Place the Gift Upside down on the Wrapping Paper

Now it's time to actually wrap your gifts! You should start by placing your wrapping paper on the table, and then placing the present on top of the paper. Just make sure that you place the gift upside down on the paper. That way, all of the seams that you tape together will be at the bottom of the gift instead of at the top for everyone to see.

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5 Fold the Corners into a Triangle and Fold the Straight Edge over

After you fold down the two long sides and tape them together, you need to do the short sides. First, you should fold the corners into a triangle on both sides. Then you should fold the straight edge over. That way, when you tape it down, all of the edges will look nice and neat.

6 Cut the Wrapping Paper Edges if They're Too Long

You won't always cut the wrapping paper the right amount. If there's way too much paper left over, then you should cut it. Otherwise, you'll have to fold over the paper again and again until it looks too thick.

7 Top It off with a Ribbon

Once you're done wrapping up your gift, you should add a final touch to it. Grab a ribbon and wrap it around your gift. All you have to do is wrap it around your present vertically, and then wrap it again diagonally. Once you do that, you can tie a little bow that'll look as adorable as can be!

You don't want your presents to look messy. That's why you should follow these festive tips! What other tips do you have for wrapping presents?

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When trimming paper try to do it from one end so it's easier to use, instead of scraps that just end up in the garbage from being too small to use.

Great tip

it doesn't matter how much you paid for the gifts, it can still look gorgeous and attractive the way you wrap them..and the person receiving them would be pretty impressed seeing your efforts wrapping them..

1. Is the 1st I do cuz people don't gotta know how much I paid

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