Video Guide to DIY Cookies in a Jar ...


Video Guide to DIY Cookies in a Jar ...
Video Guide to DIY Cookies in a Jar ...

Want some cookies in a jar recipes? Do you want to give a little something sweet to a person in your life? Cookies are always yummy! Instead of simply buying a box of already made cookies, the recipient can bake the cookies themselves, filling up their homes with the sweet aroma!

The video goes quickly, so you may need to read the directions in her notes section. So let's get started with cookies in a jar recipes.

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Published on Dec 8, 2014

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Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies

Out of all of the recipes, this would be the sweetest tasting.


White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

This recipe is good if you want to create something fruity.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Cookies

This would be the recipe to give if you are wanting to give something a little salty.


Cookies and Cream Cookies

Does the recipient like to dunk their cookies in milk?


Classic Gingerbread Cookies

Celebrate Christmas all year-round with this recipe!

Simply use 1-quart jars and some kind of recipe cards for recipe directions. Voila!

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