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Summer is still many months away. But that should not stop you from hosting a beach-themed party. Be it a birthday, a wedding, or any type of get-together, your beach-themed event needs lots of DIY details. The following are fantastic places to start. We cover here food, tablescape ideas, and many more. Hope you like them!

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Beach Ball Photo Backdrop

Beach Ball Photo Backdrop How festive! As you can see, these are paper lanterns that have been painted to look like beach balls. They were then tied and attached to a piece of fabric for a beautifully beach-y photo backdrop. Fun, right? This particular DIY will take a long time to tackle but the results will give you precious photos.



Glass Ball Placeholder

Glass Ball Placeholder This is probably one of the more beautiful placeholders I've ever wanted to DIY. Doesn't it look gorgeous? The great thing about this is that it's really quite easy to make. You also will likely not spend too much if you happen to have a lot of knick-knacks from previous beach outings. Simply fill Christmas tree ornaments with sand and the knick-knacks, seal with a cork, and then add name of guest.



Frosted Glass Jars

Frosted Glass Jars These DIY frosted glass jars will be great additions to your beach-themed party. You can use them to hold candles. They will also be perfect for displaying flowers. No matter how you use them, they will add charm to any tablescape you set.



Beach Balls Garland

Beach Balls Garland If you're gonna have a beach ball photo backdrop for your party, we also recommend this beach ball garland. Just like the backdrop idea, this one is a simple paint and hang project. To make this garland, you will need foam balls, paint, string, and hot glue. You can also use painter's tape to make your painted ball sections straight.



Marble Magnets

Marble Magnets Planning to give away favors to party guests? You can't go wrong with these glass magnets. With the help of Mod Podge, you can make several dozens of these magnets in an hour. The images that you use don't have to show beach-themed images. Simple nautical patterns will work, too. Pack them in drawstring bags in sets of three and give to your guests when they leave for the night.



Beach Ball Candy Party Favors

Beach Ball Candy Party Favors We have here another party favor idea that will be perfect for your beach-themed party. This is a free printable that you can download and assemble at home. You can fill the beach balls with bags of candy. Other filler options: sea glass, shells, tiny boat toys.



Umbrella Donuts

Umbrella Donuts These donuts are stinkin' cute! This DIY gives you a free printable that you can use to make the tiny umbrellas. After assembly, you stick them to wooden dowels and then set atop plain donuts. Don't you just love easy but fabulous DIY ideas?


I bet you are about 100% ready now to host your beach-themed party. We're not waiting for an invitation, but we won't say no if you extend one.

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