23 Fun DIY Projects to Keep Photographers Busy for Days ...

By Jennifer

23 Fun  DIY Projects to Keep Photographers  Busy for Days  ...

It's winter, the slow(ish) season for photographers, and there's no better way to kill some time, flex your creative muscle, and end up with some cute new photo props than to DIY your February away. Til the clients start calling to book their next session, these DIY projects will keep you occupied and then some.

Table of contents:

  1. conversation heart prop
  2. bow tie
  3. st. patrick's day photo props
  4. holly headband
  5. wreath
  6. paperpoppies
  7. flower backdrop
  8. floral crown
  9. jumbo flowers
  10. fairy crown
  11. kissing ball
  12. hello tote
  13. yarn monogram
  14. felt ball necklace
  15. newborn swing
  16. baby-safe chair
  17. quick & easy backdrop
  18. emoji masks
  19. sweater wrap
  20. bubble backdrop
  21. glitter lace crown
  22. camera strap
  23. insta-bokeh

1 Conversation Heart Prop

Conversation Heart Prop pinterest.com
I made one of these (a blue one that says "Be Mine") for my Valentine's Day mini sessions, and it was a hit! They're easy to make and only cost about $5 each, including the wood heart, the paint, and the brushes.

2 Bow Tie

Bow Tie You can make matching ties for daddy and his little man for your next family shoot (blue plaid is always an excellent choice) or you can make one with little shamrocks for a St. Paddy's Day shoot... or a rainbow one for a rainbow baby newborn shoot... the possibilities are endless, and your prop box will runneth over.

3 St. Patrick's Day Photo Props

St. Patrick's Day Photo Props If you're more of a photo-booth type tog, then these fun DIY props will add some silly to your St. Paddy's Day shoots.

4 Holly Headband

Holly Headband I know your holiday sessions are months away, but wouldn't this headband be adorable for your Christmas-time stash?

5 Wreath

Wreath For my holiday minis this year, I'll be having the families stand together and hold a wreath, either their own, or maybe this one! Isn't it pretty?

6 PaperPoppies

PaperPoppies Bright flowers are ideal for photo shoots, but they're pricey and sometimes hard to find. Why not make a bunch that last and last?

7 Flower Backdrop

Flower Backdrop I don't shoot indoors much, but wow, would this make a pretty backdrop!

8 Floral Crown

Floral Crown Make one of these in bright, tropical colors, and one in soft, pretty pastels.

9 Jumbo Flowers

Jumbo Flowers I love using five or seven of these as part of my cake smash backgrounds... and since they're so easy and inexpensive to make, I'll offer at least one to mama as a keepsake after the shoot.

10 Fairy Crown

Fairy Crown Make one in gold and one in silver, so you'll have all your bases covered.

11 Kissing Ball

Kissing Ball I've had a really hard time finding real mistletoe for my couple's and family shoots during the holidays, but now... problem solved!

12 Hello Tote

Hello Tote Who doesn't need another cute tote?

13 Yarn Monogram

Yarn Monogram I make these without the little bells for newborn shoots and cake smashes. They're so cute, and they're so easy to make!

14 Felt Ball Necklace

Felt Ball Necklace I keep a bunch of these handy for adding just a pop of color to a client's outfit.

15 Newborn Swing

Newborn Swing You don't ever put a newborn in a swing that's hanging in the air, of course, but with a little PhotoShop, this prop makes baby-photo magic.

16 Baby-safe Chair

Baby-safe Chair I have two of these, and they're marvelous - you get the effect of a chair, without the danger of baby toppling off.

17 Quick & Easy Backdrop

Quick & Easy Backdrop If you have limited studio space, this backdrop will likely come in handy; it's a space-saving multi-tasker!

18 Emoji Masks

Emoji Masks These are so much fun for tween shoots!

19 Sweater Wrap

Sweater Wrap Upcycle your old sweaters into soft, sweet newborn wraps.

20 Bubble Backdrop

Bubble Backdrop If you're shooting an "under the sea" themed party or special occasion, make this backdrop! It's perfect!

21 Glitter Lace Crown

Glitter Lace Crown I have these in a range of sizes and colors, and they're perfect for princesses of all ages, newborn to gramma and everyone in between. Add rosettes or soft feather fluff along the bottom for even more prettiness.

22 Camera Strap

Camera Strap Turn an old favorite scarf into your new favorite camera strap.

23 Insta-bokeh

Insta-bokeh These are so much fun! Make your own sweet-shaped bokeh for every occasion.

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