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53 Ideas for DIY Journals Diaries Smash Books and All the Extras ...

By Neecey

I'm lazy and I buy mine off the shelf but if you are inspired by crafting as well as journaling, there are plenty of ideas for DIY journals. Big or small, DIY journals are perfect for you or for gifts. If you're into smash books (a recent trend I hadn't heard of) or planners, the ideas for DIY journals are transferable to those too. Make a journal or smash book you'll treasure for many years.

1 One Line per Day

Text, Font, Material property, Notebook, Paper, There's no reason why DIY journals have to be in book format. I love the idea of just writing one line every day for a few years (actually a lot of years 'cos there's the reverse of each card too).

Ayah mmmm...

2 Travel Album/Journal

Wall, Room, Collection, Art, Photography, Make a travel journal for each trip and decorate it according to your destination.

3 Vintage Envelopes Journal

Wood, Art, Illustration, Still life, Still life photography, To make this you'll need to find a tutorial on how to "bind" - there are tons!

4 Rolodex Scrapbook

Bookend, Book, Paper, Art, Sculpture, What a clever idea.

5 DIY Envelope Book

Cash, Banknote, Money, Wallet, Paper, To store your little treasures. I would include the envelope pages with normal writing pages.

6 10 Minute Leather Hand-bound Journal

10 Minute Leather Hand-bound Journal You can spend lots of dollars on store bought leather journals. Maybe make your own?

7 Cute Idea

Font, Paper, Plant, Stationery, Paper product, Go to town!

8 Ribbon & Button Bookmarks

Photography, Vehicle, Vacation, Boat, You can use these on your novels and textbooks too.

9 Homemade Travel Journal

Photography, Vehicle, Vacation, Boat, Old maps are always great for travel journals.

10 Wreck This Journal

Plant, Wreck it how you like!

11 Felt Journal

Purple, Violet, Textile, Tableware, Magenta, Felt covers will keep your journal in tip-top condition.

12 Fabric Covered Journal Books

Brown, Elephant, Textile, Leather, Furniture, Such an easy yet inexpensive idea for great gifts.

13 Watchband Notebook

Wallet, Leather, Tan, Brown, Fashion accessory, Keep your secrets safe.

14 Fabric Journal

Fabric Journal Source:

Make this from fabrics of clothes that have meant something to you.

15 Collage Technique

Text, Art, Wall, Painting, Modern art, Am loving this. Use transparent tape to pick up words.

16 Journal Pen Holder

Tan, Leather, Brown, Beige, Zipper, You know how you can never find your pen? Not now!

17 Journal Pen Holder

Leather, Tan, Brown, Wallet, Fashion accessory, Or here's another version.

18 Journal Pen Holder

Turquoise, Pink, Material property, Stationery, Turquoise, And here's another. What a great way to recycle some old jeans.

19 Make a Journal out of Used Grocery Bags

Black, Fur, Textile, Beige, Linens, Ok, my green and eco-conscious friends, this one is for you. Tutorials available online.

20 Dress up a Plain Journal

Purple, Violet, Lilac, Bag, Textile, Buttons and ribbons don't need a lot of skill or imagination but are very effective.

21 Memory Jar

Mason jar, Label, Calligraphy, Doily, Tableware, Fill the jar with thoughts on all the good things that happen through the year. Next time you're felling down or need a smile - open the jar and take out a thought.

22 DIY Book

Pink, Purple, Violet, Book, Paper, This is called Japanese binding and you can find lots of tutorials for it.

23 Hand Woven Ribbon Covered Journal

Hand Woven Ribbon Covered Journal Source: Tridiagonal

What a lovely idea.

24 Transparent Book

Text, Hand, Line, Paper, Design, This is such a neat idea and a great way to keep your precious treasures safe. It's made from pieces of vinyl sewn together.

25 DIY Book Binding

Book, Paper, Publication, Wood, Paper product, Follow the link to the tutorial by Elvie Studio.

26 DIY Journal Tabs

Pink, Material property, Magenta, Tape measure, Get your journal organized.

27 Quotes on Paint Tabs

Room, Architecture, Bulletin board, Now that's clever. Cut them up and stick them in your journal.

28 Burlap Journal

Rectangle, Beige, Paper, Linen, Even plain can become beautiful.

29 Perfect for Teens

Eyewear, Toy, Font, Glasses, Photography, Another way to recycle old jeans.

30 Book Binding Tutorial

Book Binding Tutorial Source: HOW TO make a Leather ...

Just to give you a flavor of what to expect with a binding tutorial.

31 Woven Map Travel Journal

Woven Map Travel Journal Source: How-To: Woven Map Notebook - ...

This is a different way to repurpose old maps for travel albums.

32 DIY Journal Cover

Pink, Footwear, Material property, Hand, Textile, Use strips of fabric or even ribbons.

33 Ticket Page

Box, Table, Illustration, Present, Paper, Now that's how to create a ticket page for your smash book.

34 DIY Journal

DIY Journal Source: DIY Libreta Anthropologie | el ...

Want to create something that looks like you bought it from Anthropologie?

35 Mini Notebook from a Cereal Box

Mini Notebook from a Cereal Box Don't throw your old cereal boxes in the recycling.

36 Write on Anything, and then Bind It into a Book

Pink, Text, Paper, Material property, Textile, It will be such fun reading back over old journals in future years.

37 Notebook Covered with Pieces of Photos

Text, Notebook, Paper product, Paper, Font, This is an excellent way to use those photos that “go wrong" - no heads, over exposure, etc...

38 Up Cycled Pants

Up Cycled Pants It doesn't have to be jeans as seen previously. Other pants will do just as well.

39 Case for a Smash Book

Font, Paper product, Ring binder, Metal, Notebook, Rather than decorate your smash book, journal or diary, get on the sewing machine and run up a nifty cover.

40 Spiral Notebook Transformation

Paper, Paper product, Notebook, Folder, Something cheap becomes a thing of beauty.

41 Notebook Dangles

Nail, Hand, Finger, Pink, Cosmetics, The equivalent of phone charms (they died a hasty death didn't they?)

42 DIY Ombre Journals

DIY Ombre Journals Source: DIY Ombre Journals - Damask ...

Get with the ombre trend.

43 Colored Pencil Holder for the Art Journal

Colored Pencil Holder for the Art Journal Source: crafts

Just what you need if you're an artist on the go.

44 Simple Keepsake

Skin, Beauty, Design, Hand, Room, You can bind together greetings cards, invitations, programs, notes and all sorts of paraphernalia from special events.

45 Ribbon-Embellished Notebooks

Paper, Pink, Heart, Art paper, Flower, Tie a ribbon or two, or three, or four...

46 Sketchbook Cover for the Crafty Artist

Sketchbook Cover for the Crafty Artist Source: Le lapin dans la lune ...

Just follow the steps/ And it doesn't just have to be for sketchbooks.

47 Washi Tape Edges

Room, Material property, Pattern, Paper, Beige, Organize your journal sections with Washi tape.

48 Recycle Old Books

Recycle Old Books Source: VolumeVII

I like the idea of recycling old books. Stick your mementoes to the old pages and affix paper sheets in for writing on. Remove sections of the old pages with a craft knife to make room. Embellish the cover too.

49 Game Board Journal

Game Board Journal Source: Monopoly Game Board Journal with ...

Keep your scores in it or use it as a general journal.

50 Embroidered Name Journal

Spiral, Notebook, Paper product, Drawing, Paper, Nice straight forward DIY journal project.

51 Travel Album Made from a Cardboard Box!

Paper, Money, Cash, Banknote, Currency, Oh the possibilities!

52 Transfer Any Print or Photocopy into the Pages of Your Journal

Transfer Any Print or Photocopy into the Pages of Your Journal Source:

Cute idea.

53 Cover for Book Using a Bigger Bound Book

Cover for Book Using a Bigger Bound Book Source: Artsy Lady Book

Put old board game boards to good use.

The only limit to DIY journals is your imagination – oh, and maybe your crafting skills. I might just be inspired to buy a plain journal next time and DIY it. Do you buy or make your journals?

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