53 Ideas for DIY Journals Diaries Smash Books and All the Extras ...

By Neecey

53 Ideas for DIY Journals Diaries Smash Books and All the Extras ...

I'm lazy and I buy mine off the shelf but if you are inspired by crafting as well as journaling, there are plenty of ideas for DIY journals. Big or small, DIY journals are perfect for you or for gifts. If you're into smash books (a recent trend I hadn't heard of) or planners, the ideas for DIY journals are transferable to those too. Make a journal or smash book you'll treasure for many years.

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1 One Line per Day

Text, Font, Material property, Notebook, Paper, There's no reason why DIY journals have to be in book format. I love the idea of just writing one line every day for a few years (actually a lot of years 'cos there's the reverse of each card too).

2 Travel Album/Journal

Wall, Room, Collection, Art, Photography, Make a travel journal for each trip and decorate it according to your destination.

Updated on 5/20/2023

Travel journals are a great way to document your trips and capture all the memories you make along the way. They are also a great way to keep track of your expenses and plan for future trips. With a travel journal, you can easily keep a record of all the places you've been, the people you've met, the food you've eaten, and the experiences you've had.

Creating your own travel journal is easy and fun. All you need is a blank journal, some colorful pens, stickers, and a few other supplies. Start by choosing a theme for your journal. It can be based on the destination you are traveling to, the type of trip you are taking, or a favorite hobby or interest.

Once you have your theme, it's time to get creative. Add photos from your trip, quotes, drawings, and other mementos. Use stickers, washi tape, and other decorative elements to give your journal a unique look. If you are feeling particularly creative, you can also use rubber stamps, stencils, and other craft items to add texture and detail to your journal.

Finally, make sure to include a budget section in your journal. This will help you track your expenses and stay on budget while traveling.

Looking for a fun way to keep your friends entertained at your next party? Consider creating your own fair games. These simple DIY projects will not only add an element of excitement and competition to your gathering, but also provide a refreshing twist on the usual party games!

3 Vintage Envelopes Journal

Wood, Art, Illustration, Still life, Still life photography, To make this you'll need to find a tutorial on how to "bind" - there are tons!

4 Rolodex Scrapbook

Bookend, Book, Paper, Art, Sculpture, What a clever idea.

5 DIY Envelope Book

Cash, Banknote, Money, Wallet, Paper, To store your little treasures. I would include the envelope pages with normal writing pages.

Updated on 5/26/2023

DIY envelope books are a great way to store and organize all of your little trinkets and memories. These books are easy to make and can be customized to fit your needs. The envelope pages can be filled with small items such as photos, ticket stubs, receipts, and other small mementos. The writing pages can be used to jot down thoughts, ideas, or stories.

To make your own envelope book, you will need envelopes, scissors, glue, a binder, and paper. First, cut the envelopes to the size you want. You can make them any size, but a good size to start with is 4x6 inches. Next, glue the envelopes to the pages of the binder. Make sure to leave a few blank pages between each envelope so you can write on them. Finally, add any extra decorations you want, such as stickers, washi tape, or photos.

Once your envelope book is complete, you can fill it with all of your favorite items. This book is a great way to store your memories, and it makes a wonderful gift for someone special. With a DIY envelope book, you can keep all of your little treasures safe and organized.

6 10 Minute Leather Hand-bound Journal

10 Minute Leather Hand-bound Journal You can spend lots of dollars on store bought leather journals. Maybe make your own?

Updated on 5/27/2023

Leather journals can be one of the most luxurious and stylish ways to keep track of your thoughts and ideas. They are also one of the most expensive journals you can buy. But did you know that you can make your own leather journal in just 10 minutes?

This DIY leather journal is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your journaling without breaking the bank. The process is surprisingly simple and requires minimal supplies. All you need is some leather, a few tools, and a bit of time.

To start, you'll need to cut the leather into two pieces. The first piece should be slightly larger than the second. The larger piece will be used as the cover and the smaller piece will be used to bind the journal together. Once you have the two pieces cut, you'll need to punch holes into the leather. This can be done with a leather punch or a drill.

Next, you'll need to thread the leather together. This can be done using a waxed linen thread. You'll need to tie a knot at the end of the thread and then thread it through the holes in the leather. Once the thread is through the holes, you'll need to tie a knot at the end of the thread.

7 Cute Idea

Font, Paper, Plant, Stationery, Paper product, Go to town!

8 Ribbon & Button Bookmarks

Photography, Vehicle, Vacation, Boat, You can use these on your novels and textbooks too.

Updated on 5/27/2023

Ribbon and button bookmarks are a great way to add a unique touch to your journals, diaries, smash books and other extras. Not only can you use them to mark your place in a book, but they can also be used as a decoration. Ribbon and button bookmarks are both easy and inexpensive to make.

To make these bookmarks, you'll need a few supplies. You'll need some ribbon, buttons, scissors, and glue. You can find these items in any craft store or online. Once you have the supplies, you can start creating your bookmarks.

Start by cutting the ribbon into a desired length. You'll want to make sure that the ribbon is long enough to fit around the book. After you've cut the ribbon, you can start adding buttons. You can use different colors and sizes of buttons to create a unique design.

Once you've added the buttons, you can glue them to the ribbon. Make sure to glue the buttons securely so they won't come off. After the glue has dried, you can attach the bookmark to the book. You can use a piece of tape or a small piece of ribbon to attach the bookmark.

9 Homemade Travel Journal

Photography, Vehicle, Vacation, Boat, Old maps are always great for travel journals.

Updated on 5/20/2023

A homemade travel journal is a great way to document your travels and experiences. With a few simple materials, you can create a unique and personalized journal that can be used to keep track of your memories.

Old maps are a great starting point for your travel journal. Not only do they provide a unique visual aesthetic, but they also provide a context for the places you visit. You can add your own notes, photos, and sketches to the map to document your journey.

You can also add other elements to your journal to make it more personalized. You can add postcards, ticket stubs, and other mementos from your travels. You can also include photos and sketches that you took while exploring different places. If you're feeling creative, you can add some scrapbook elements like stickers, ribbons, and other embellishments.

You can also use your journal to record your thoughts and feelings during your travels. Writing down your experiences can help you to remember them more clearly. You can also add quotes, poems, and other words of inspiration to your journal.

10 Wreck This Journal

Plant, Wreck it how you like!

Updated on 5/20/2023

The Wreck This Journal is a unique and interactive journal created by Keri Smith. It encourages readers to actively engage with the journal, encouraging them to think outside the box and explore their creativity. The journal is filled with a variety of activities and prompts that challenge the reader to express themselves in different ways. The activities range from drawing and writing to tearing and gluing.

The journal is designed to be destroyed and then reassembled, allowing readers to create something entirely new. It is a great way for readers to express themselves and explore their artistic side. The journal is also great for those who want to document their journey or story, as it allows them to create something that is uniquely theirs.

The journal is a great tool for those who are looking to explore their creative side and make something truly unique. It is also a great way to document your journey and create a visual representation of your story. The Wreck This Journal is an excellent way to express yourself and explore your creativity. It is a great way to document your journey and create something unique and meaningful.

11 Felt Journal

Purple, Violet, Textile, Tableware, Magenta, Felt covers will keep your journal in tip-top condition.

12 Fabric Covered Journal Books

Brown, Elephant, Textile, Leather, Furniture, Such an easy yet inexpensive idea for great gifts.

13 Watchband Notebook

Wallet, Leather, Tan, Brown, Fashion accessory, Keep your secrets safe.

Updated on 6/7/2023

The Watchband Notebook is an ideal solution for anyone looking for a stylish and secure way to keep their secrets safe. Crafted from genuine leather, this notebook features a unique watchband closure that securely wraps around the cover. The notebook also features a storage pocket on the inside of the cover, perfect for holding cards, notes, or other small items. The notebook is available in a range of colors, including tan, brown, and black, making it a great addition to any fashion accessory collection. The notebook is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around and use on the go. With its attractive design and secure closure, the Watchband Notebook is the perfect way to keep your thoughts and ideas safe and secure.

14 Fabric Journal

Fabric Journal Source: flickr.com

Make this from fabrics of clothes that have meant something to you.

15 Collage Technique

Text, Art, Wall, Painting, Modern art, Am loving this. Use transparent tape to pick up words.

Updated on 5/27/2023

The collage technique is a great way to get creative with your DIY journal, diary, or smash book. It is a fun and easy way to add a unique and personal touch to your project. To start, you can use transparent tape to pick up words from magazines, newspapers, or other printed materials. You can then arrange the words in a way that you find visually appealing and paste them onto your journal, diary, or smash book. You can also use the same technique to create images, shapes, and patterns.

The collage technique can be used to create an interesting and unique cover for your journal, diary, or smash book. You can use a variety of materials such as fabric, paper, or even photographs to create a unique and eye-catching cover. You can also use the collage technique to create interesting and unique pages inside your journal, diary, or smash book. You can use the same materials as before to create interesting patterns and images that will make your project stand out from the rest.

16 Journal Pen Holder

Tan, Leather, Brown, Beige, Zipper, You know how you can never find your pen? Not now!

17 Journal Pen Holder

Leather, Tan, Brown, Wallet, Fashion accessory, Or here's another version.

18 Journal Pen Holder

Turquoise, Pink, Material property, Stationery, Turquoise, And here's another. What a great way to recycle some old jeans.

19 Make a Journal out of Used Grocery Bags

Black, Fur, Textile, Beige, Linens, Ok, my green and eco-conscious friends, this one is for you. Tutorials available online.

20 Dress up a Plain Journal

Purple, Violet, Lilac, Bag, Textile, Buttons and ribbons don't need a lot of skill or imagination but are very effective.

21 Memory Jar

Mason jar, Label, Calligraphy, Doily, Tableware, Fill the jar with thoughts on all the good things that happen through the year. Next time you're felling down or need a smile - open the jar and take out a thought.

22 DIY Book

Pink, Purple, Violet, Book, Paper, This is called Japanese binding and you can find lots of tutorials for it.

Updated on 5/19/2023

DIY Book is a great way to create a unique and meaningful journal, diary, or smash book. Japanese binding is a traditional bookbinding technique that can be used to create a beautiful and sturdy book cover. It is a great way to customize and personalize your book, as the technique allows for a variety of materials to be used.

Japanese binding is a simple and straightforward technique that can be done with minimal materials. All you need is paper, thread, and a needle. You can also use fabric, ribbon, or other decorative items to embellish your book. The technique involves folding the paper into signatures, then stitching them together with thread. The signatures are then bound together with a cover, which can be made of fabric, leather, or paper.

This technique has been used for centuries in Japan, but it is becoming increasingly popular in the West. It is a great way to add a personal touch to your book, and the finished product can be quite stunning. There are lots of tutorials available online that will help you learn how to make your own DIY book.

23 Hand Woven Ribbon Covered Journal

Hand Woven Ribbon Covered Journal Source: Tridiagonal

What a lovely idea.

24 Transparent Book

Text, Hand, Line, Paper, Design, This is such a neat idea and a great way to keep your precious treasures safe. It's made from pieces of vinyl sewn together.

25 DIY Book Binding

Book, Paper, Publication, Wood, Paper product, Follow the link to the tutorial by Elvie Studio.

Updated on 5/20/2023

Book binding is a great way to create custom journals, diaries, and smash books that are perfect for expressing yourself. DIY book binding is an easy and cost effective way to make your own personalized books. With a few simple materials, you can make your own book that is perfect for creating memories and stories.

The tutorial from Elvie Studio is a great starting point for DIY book binding. It provides step-by-step instructions for creating a book with a hard cover, and includes detailed instructions on how to sew the spine. The tutorial also includes helpful tips on how to make the book look professional and how to make the pages lay flat.

To make your own book, you will need a few basic materials. You will need a pair of scissors, a ruler, a pencil, a needle, a thread, and a cover material of your choice. You will also need some paper or cardstock for the pages. Depending on the type of book you want to make, you may also need some embellishments such as ribbon, washi tape, and stickers.

26 DIY Journal Tabs

Pink, Material property, Magenta, Tape measure, Get your journal organized.

27 Quotes on Paint Tabs

Room, Architecture, Bulletin board, Now that's clever. Cut them up and stick them in your journal.

28 Burlap Journal

Rectangle, Beige, Paper, Linen, Even plain can become beautiful.

Updated on 5/20/2023

The Burlap Journal is a great way to add a unique and stylish touch to your DIY project. This journal is made from burlap, a type of linen cloth, and is perfect for writing, scrapbooking, and other creative activities. The cover of the journal is beige in color and features a rectangle pattern. Inside, the journal contains lined pages which are perfect for writing down ideas, memories, and more.

This journal is perfect for anyone who loves to express their creativity. It’s a great way to keep track of ideas and memories, and it’s also a great conversation starter. Whether you’re a writer, a scrapbooker, or just someone who loves to express themselves, this journal is a great way to do it.

The Burlap Journal is a great addition to any DIY project. It’s simple yet stylish design makes it a great choice for any project. It’s also a great gift for any creative person in your life. Whether you’re looking for a unique journal to use for yourself or a special gift for someone else, the Burlap Journal is an excellent choice.

29 Perfect for Teens

Eyewear, Toy, Font, Glasses, Photography, Another way to recycle old jeans.

30 Book Binding Tutorial

Book Binding Tutorial Source: HOW TO make a Leather ...

Just to give you a flavor of what to expect with a binding tutorial.

31 Woven Map Travel Journal

Woven Map Travel Journal Source: How-To: Woven Map Notebook - ...

This is a different way to repurpose old maps for travel albums.

32 DIY Journal Cover

Pink, Footwear, Material property, Hand, Textile, Use strips of fabric or even ribbons.

33 Ticket Page

Box, Table, Illustration, Present, Paper, Now that's how to create a ticket page for your smash book.

Updated on 5/20/2023

The ticket page is an essential part of any DIY journal, diary, smash book, or other creative project. This page allows you to document and remember special events, such as concerts, plays, and other outings. The ticket page is the perfect way to keep track of the memories associated with each event.

Creating a ticket page is easy. Start by gathering all of the tickets from the events you want to remember. Once you have them all collected, it’s time to get creative. You can use scrapbooking supplies to create a collage of the tickets, or you can use a digital scrapbooking program to create a digital ticket page.

If you’re using a digital scrapbooking program, you can easily add photos, text, and other elements to the page. You can also add a title to the page, such as “My Ticket Page” or “My Ticket Memories.” Once you’ve created the page, you can print it out and add it to your smash book.

When creating a ticket page, it’s important to think about the memories associated with each ticket. Write down the details of the event, such as the date, time, and location.

34 DIY Journal

DIY Journal Source: DIY Libreta Anthropologie | el ...

Want to create something that looks like you bought it from Anthropologie?

Updated on 5/20/2023

DIY Journal is a great way to customize a journal and make it look like it was bought from Anthropologie. This DIY project is perfect for those who love to create something unique and special. It is also great for those who are looking for a way to express themselves without spending a lot of money. The project requires basic materials such as cardstock, a ruler, scissors, a pencil, and glue. It also requires a bit of time and patience to assemble the journal.

The finished product is a beautiful journal that looks like it was bought from Anthropologie. The pages are made from cardstock and the cover is decorated with a unique design. The journal can be used for a variety of purposes such as sketching, writing, and journaling. It can also be used to store photos and other memorabilia.

This project is perfect for anyone who is looking for a unique way to express themselves and create something special. It is also great for those who are looking for a way to save money and still have a beautiful journal. The project is relatively simple and can be completed in a few hours. With a little bit of creativity and patience, anyone can create a unique journal that looks like it was bought from Anthropologie.

35 Mini Notebook from a Cereal Box

Mini Notebook from a Cereal Box Don't throw your old cereal boxes in the recycling.

36 Write on Anything, and then Bind It into a Book

Pink, Text, Paper, Material property, Textile, It will be such fun reading back over old journals in future years.

37 Notebook Covered with Pieces of Photos

Text, Notebook, Paper product, Paper, Font, This is an excellent way to use those photos that “go wrong" - no heads, over exposure, etc...

38 Up Cycled Pants

Up Cycled Pants It doesn't have to be jeans as seen previously. Other pants will do just as well.

39 Case for a Smash Book

Font, Paper product, Ring binder, Metal, Notebook, Rather than decorate your smash book, journal or diary, get on the sewing machine and run up a nifty cover.

40 Spiral Notebook Transformation

Paper, Paper product, Notebook, Folder, Something cheap becomes a thing of beauty.

41 Notebook Dangles

Nail, Hand, Finger, Pink, Cosmetics, The equivalent of phone charms (they died a hasty death didn't they?)

42 DIY Ombre Journals

DIY Ombre Journals Source: DIY Ombre Journals - Damask ...

Get with the ombre trend.

43 Colored Pencil Holder for the Art Journal

Colored Pencil Holder for the Art Journal Source: crafts

Just what you need if you're an artist on the go.

44 Simple Keepsake

Skin, Beauty, Design, Hand, Room, You can bind together greetings cards, invitations, programs, notes and all sorts of paraphernalia from special events.

45 Ribbon-Embellished Notebooks

Paper, Pink, Heart, Art paper, Flower, Tie a ribbon or two, or three, or four...

46 Sketchbook Cover for the Crafty Artist

Sketchbook Cover for the Crafty Artist Source: Le lapin dans la lune ...

Just follow the steps/ And it doesn't just have to be for sketchbooks.

47 Washi Tape Edges

Room, Material property, Pattern, Paper, Beige, Organize your journal sections with Washi tape.

48 Recycle Old Books

Recycle Old Books Source: VolumeVII

I like the idea of recycling old books. Stick your mementoes to the old pages and affix paper sheets in for writing on. Remove sections of the old pages with a craft knife to make room. Embellish the cover too.

49 Game Board Journal

Game Board Journal Source: Monopoly Game Board Journal with ...

Keep your scores in it or use it as a general journal.

Updated on 5/20/2023

This Game Board Journal is the perfect way to document your fun and competitive gaming experiences. It features a Monopoly-themed game board design on the cover, making it a great gift for any game enthusiast. The journal has plenty of pages for recording scores, game strategies, and other notes related to your gaming sessions. It also has plenty of room for general journaling, allowing you to capture your thoughts and feelings related to your gaming experiences.

The journal is made of sturdy hardbound material and has a handy elastic closure that keeps all your notes and scores secure. The pages are lined and have plenty of space for writing, drawing, and doodling. The journal also has a ribbon bookmark for easy access to your notes.

This Game Board Journal is a great way to document your gaming experiences and make them even more memorable. Whether you’re playing classic board games like Monopoly or Settlers of Catan, or modern video games, this journal will help you keep track of your scores and strategies. It’s also a great way to capture your thoughts and feelings related to your gaming experiences. The journal makes a great gift for any game enthusiast, and is sure to bring hours of fun and enjoyment.

50 Embroidered Name Journal

Spiral, Notebook, Paper product, Drawing, Paper, Nice straight forward DIY journal project.

51 Travel Album Made from a Cardboard Box!

Paper, Money, Cash, Banknote, Currency, Oh the possibilities!

52 Transfer Any Print or Photocopy into the Pages of Your Journal

Transfer Any Print or Photocopy into the Pages of Your Journal Source: arthousecoop.tumblr.com

Cute idea.

53 Cover for Book Using a Bigger Bound Book

Cover for Book Using a Bigger Bound Book Source: Artsy Lady Book

Put old board game boards to good use.

The only limit to DIY journals is your imagination – oh, and maybe your crafting skills. I might just be inspired to buy a plain journal next time and DIY it. Do you buy or make your journals?

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Superb ideas!!! Need to try some!

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Love them all

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Number 5 is actually a fandom for the book little blue envelopes.

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