26 Dazzling DIY Photo Backdrops for Your Next Party or Photoshoot ...


26 Dazzling DIY Photo Backdrops for Your Next Party or Photoshoot ...
26 Dazzling DIY Photo Backdrops for Your Next Party or Photoshoot ...

If you take a lot of photos and want to jazz up your photos, try making one of these DIY photo backdrops. Don't worry, you don't have to be a seasoned crafter to be able to make these backdrops, either. There are so many options in materials, colors, sizes and more that you will be clamoring to find an occasion to use them all. Take a look at some of these creative DIY photo backdrops and start snapping!

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Knotted Strips of Fabric

Knotted Strips of Fabric Via pinterest.com
This DIY photo backdrop is simple yet elegant. You could also take it up a notch by hanging some light strings.


DIY Pinwheels

DIY Pinwheels Via 3 Spectacular DIY Wedding Backdrops
A fun idea for party or wedding photos, to decorate a dessert bar or just to cover up a blank wall.



Balloons Via Community Post: 28 Unicorn-Approved Rainbow ...
Colorful and fun idea for a birthday party!


Balloons are the ultimate party pleaser and creating a vibrant backdrop doesn't get any simpler. Mix and match an array of color-coordinated balloons, blowing them up in different sizes for a dynamic effect. Secure them to a wall or hang from the ceiling with transparent fishing line to make them appear as if floating magically. Not only does this create an enchanting visual feast, but it also provides the perfect spot for snapping selfies and group photos. So grab a pack of your favorite colored balloons and let your creativity soar!


String Lights

String Lights Via DIY
Hang a white sheet and add some string lights and you've got yourself a romantic little setting.


Mixed Media Streamers

Mixed Media Streamers Via chiccritiqueforum.com
This is such a fun and creative idea. You've got streamers, tulle, parchment paper, cotton fabric and coffee filters, but it looks so chic!



Pallet Via DIY Photo Backdrop from a ...
If you like taking photos of food or knick knacks, this pallet would make a fabulous backdrop.


DIY Photo Backdrop Tutorial

DIY Photo Backdrop Tutorial Via River Road Rustics: 3-in-1 Photography ...
Follow the link to learn how to make a 3-in-1 photography backdrop stand.


Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper Via LO's cake smash session
If your little one has a birthday coming up or you just want to take a cute photo just because, wrapping paper makes an easy backdrop.



Doors Via I Said Yes....03.15.2014 I Will ...
Vintage doors would make a unique photo booth idea.



Florals Via 16 Fun Photo Backdrop Ideas ...
Grab some silk flowers and use some astroturf or a blown-up photo of grass and voila!



Streamers Via seniorologie.com
Colorful streamers are fun and the bright colors are bound to make everyone happy!



Ribbons Via Back drop of colorful ribbons! ...
Ribbons are another great option to add some color.


Coffee Filters

Coffee Filters Via momtog.com
Who knew coffee filters could look so good?



Parasols Via Bright Parasol Installation • A ...
Brighten up birthday party and shower photos with parasols.


Yarn Balls

Yarn Balls Via Ruche: DIY Wonderland Decorations
Make your own yarn balls with yarn, balloons and glue.


Colorful Garland

Colorful Garland Via Wedding
Follow this quick guide for an easy backdrop for just about any occasion.



Post-Its Via chiccritiqueforum.com
Use Post-Its or construction paper to create a lovely backdrop.


Sequin Photobooth

Sequin Photobooth Via Sequin Photobooth DIY
A must for your next party.


Tissue Paper Fringe

Tissue Paper Fringe Via Idea Thief :: Tissue Paper ...
Pick your favorite colors, grab some scissors and admire your handiwork.


Layered Burlap

Layered Burlap Via chiccritiqueforum.com
Layering burlap might seem too easy, but it looks so rustic chic!


Scattered Flowers

Scattered Flowers Via DIY Photobooth Backdrop
Scattered flowers make a great backdrop for spring or anytime you wish it was spring.


Fabric Strips

Fabric Strips Via DIY Photography Backdrop | The ...
Use fabric strips to make outdoor photos a little more interesting.


Flowers on Fishing Line

Flowers on Fishing Line Via Flowers on fishing line....great idea ...
Something as simple as flowers on a fishing line can make a huge difference.


Ombre Tissue

Ombre Tissue Via DIY Ombre Tissue Paper Photobooth ...
Follow the video tutorial in the link to make your very own ombre tissue wall!


Wallpaper and Flowers

Wallpaper and Flowers Via bloglovin.com
Vintage wallpaper, some flowers and a lovely chair make a lovely little backdrop.


Ombre Balloons

Ombre Balloons Via Brunch In Omaha: Ombre Balloon ...
Create a fun balloon wall.

There are lots of options to create an interesting backdrop for your next party or photo sesh with friends and family. Which backdrop did you like?

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