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There are so many different materials that can be used in DIY mobile projects and that means they can be used pretty much in any room of the house. Although associated mainly with kids' rooms and nurseries, mobiles can provide an accent or a standout decoration. If you're a mom-to-be, you could spend some of your waiting time crafting a handmade mobile, and if you're not nesting, these DIY mobile projects might just trigger an idea for that finishing touch you're looking for.

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Rose Cascade

pink,red,flower,petal,lighting, Via Baby Girl Nursery - Project ...

This is made from felt flowers but you can use store-bought products in your handmade mobiles just as well.


Yarn Balls

product,lighting,baby toys,circle,illustration, Via pnmag.com

So easily made with glue-y colored string/yarn wrapped around balloons.


Origami Elephants

product,pink,umbrella,art,baby toys, Via Origami Elephant Mobile, Elephant Mobile, ...

Find an origami tutorial and you're good to go. And if not elephants why not origami cranes?


Swarming Butterfly Chandelier

white,product,flower,petal,lighting, Via Handmade Chandelier's on Studio 5

You can find butterflies in all sorts of materials - fabric, wood, card - to make something like this.


Cloud and Raindrops

Duck,art,interior design,lighting,textile, Via 14 Adorable DIY Projects for ...

DIY mobiles featuring clouds and raindrops are among the easiest to make and there are so many variations.



white,product,spiral,circle,line, Via DIY mobile.

I think it would look great if you painted the letter so it stood out.



pink,handbag,bag,product,fashion accessory, Via Baby Ribbon & Lace Mobile, ...

Go with pastels or brights - your choice.


One Color Ombré

purple,violet,blue,light fixture,lighting, Via Purple Ombre Handmade Baby Mobile

Such an effective use of one color.


Hot Air Balloons

balloon,lighting,product,toy,light fixture, Via hot air balloon baby mobile

There are lots of ways to create balloons for DIY mobiles.


Pod of Whales

blue,art,lighting,moustache,baby toys, Via Whale Mobile - Can be ...

Use lots of cut out whales to create an ocean scene.


Bird's Nest

light fixture,lighting,product,chandelier,branch, Via DIY Mobiles for Baby's Nursery

A country garden theme brings a natural touch.


Bird Perch

color,human action,performance,performing arts,art, Via Make Your Own Crib Mobile

The link above provides the pattern for the birds.


Love Birds

product,lighting,glass, Via Season 11 Auditions - So ...

You'll need to get your sewing machine out to make the felt birds and hearts.


Elephants on Parade

color,blue,green,light fixture,lighting, Via Baby Boy Nursery Decor - ...

If you don't want elephants go with other kid-friendly animals - ducks, sheep or teddies.


Multi-color Ombré

color,pink,petal,flower,lighting, Via Try This

The right mix of colors can be stunning.



pink,fashion accessory,lighting,petal,bead, Via Church Nursery Ideas

Now, that's what you call making a statement.


Crystal Drops

floor,flooring,lighting,interior design,glass, Via God bless {our} nest: DIY: ...

Hang this so it catches the light from the window.


Shower of Stars

white,room,wall,product,ceiling, Via Galaxy Star Mobile | Honest ...

The easiest DIY mobile projects involve die cut shapes.


Silk Fairies

flower,petal,art,christmas decoration, Via Waldorf Inspired, Silk Fairy Mobile ...

What a great way to use silk hankies.



white,furniture,product,wall,interior design, Via A invitation to dream

I like the idea of the drops being a little bigger and having inspirational quotes on them.


Fabric Balls

yellow,white,flower,flower arranging,flower bouquet, Via THERE’S A LITTLE PEANUT ON ...

This is one way to use Styrofoam balls in DIY mobiles. And...


Yarn Balls

product,light fixture,lighting,lamp,shelf, Via Navy, Gray and Orange Twin ...

... and here's another.


Balloon Festival

hot air balloon,balloon,aircraft,toy,vehicle, Via DIY: Le mobile montgolfière

You will need some sewing skills for this handmade mobile.



branch,twig,flower,art,leaf, Via living.msn.com

Make use of your beachcombing finds for an organic touch.



chandelier,light fixture,lighting,art,fashion accessory, Via DIY Tutorial: DIY DOILY CRAFTS ...

Need a mobile for the Holidays?


Rope Leaves

art,fashion accessory,petal,leaf,jewellery, Via offbeatmama.com

So effective yet so easy to make.


Bird's Nest

pink,product,party,baby shower,lighting, Via Sadie's Nursery - Project Nursery

There are lots of ways to make the birds and clouds or raid the craft store!


Hearts & Love

red,product,lighting,art,flower, Via Heart Mobile

A pretty way to decorate for Valentine's Day or to add a special touch to your boudoir.



light fixture,product,lighting,lamp,wing, Via Dreamcatcher Mobile - Brown Boho ...
Just follow the same principles as for a regular dreamcatcher.

Are you inspired to let your crafty fingers to work on your own DIY mobile? Which room would you make one for?

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Im going to put a little bit of everything in one :)!

They're all so cool! I love the bird nest one.

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