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Who doesn't love fall candles? They are such an easy and fun way to jazz things up for the autumn and Halloween season that is quickly approaching. And the best part is that you can easily take a plain old candle and turn it into the talk of the town for a very little money. So if you need some inspiration for your fall candles, this list will not disappoint.

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Bloody Pillar Candle

Bloody Pillar Candle Via Halloween Crafts - How to ...
If you like fall candles that get into the spooky spirit of Halloween, these are perfect for you. Just drip red wax on top and let it run down the sides. Easy, right?



Popcorn Via $6 Decorating At The Dollar ...
Isn't it adorable how the popcorn holds the candle in the holder? I love this, don't you?


Acorns and Twigs

Acorns and Twigs Via livelaughrowe.com
Take advantage of all that nature that falls on the ground during the fall and use it to fill your candle holders.


Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves Via Fall Candle Centerpiece - That's ...
Use silk leaves to create the illusion of freshly fallen ones, then tie them on a with a bit of burlap and string.


Coffee Bean Centerpiece

Coffee Bean Centerpiece Think about how great those coffee beans will smell when the candles heat up. What a great idea!


Spooky Spiders

Spooky Spiders Via Creative Reader Projects No. 174: ...
Some black lace and spooky spider and web stickers are all you need to create this masterpiece.


Pumpkin Candles

Pumpkin Candles Via Pumpkin Candleholders
Hollow out some tiny pumpkins and use them to display your favorite candles. This is great for your dining room table.


For the Kids

For the Kids Via Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns - ...
What kid wouldn't love these on the front step for Halloween? And it's the perfect way to reuse old jars.


Lace Covered Candles

Lace Covered Candles Via 6 Pretty and Poisonous Halloween ...
Black lace gives these candles just the right touch of spookiness.


Fallen Branches

Fallen Branches Via Easy Fall Candle Project
Now is the time of year to trim your trees, but don't throw out all the branches. Use them to create these wonderful candle holders.


Cinnamon Sticks and Twine

Cinnamon Sticks and Twine Via CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT: ...
Use hot glue to get these cinnamon sticks on the candle, then add the twine for cuteness. Paired with the tiny pumpkins, this is such a perfect display.


Just Some Black Decals

Just Some Black Decals Via Jedi Craft Girl: Halloween Craft ...
Find the decals at a crafts store, then stick them to colored candle holders for these little masterpieces.


A Simple Berry

A Simple Berry A Simple Berry Via Fall Candle Centerpiece
It's the color of these leaves and berries that makes them so absolutely wonderful for fall.


Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses Via Recycled wine glasses - fall ...
Flip your wineglasses over and they become perfect candle holders. You can find them at the dollar store if you don't want to use your own.


Candy Corn Candle

Candy Corn Candle I'm not sure I'd be able to part with enough candy corns to make these. I'd just want to eat them.


Try Beans and Lentils

Try Beans and Lentils Via 21 Ideas for Celebrating a ...
If you like the popcorn idea, add some beans and lentils for color. This is really cute and super easy too!


Log with Votives

Log with Votives Via Wolves & Wind
Here's another great way to use one of those branches you trimmed off your trees. I made one and I get tons of compliments on it when people come over.


Backyard Twigs

Backyard Twigs Via Easy Halloween Decor Using Flameless ...
Obviously you'd want to put these twigs on flameless candles, but the effect is really cool, don't you think?


Mason Jar Mummies

Mason Jar Mummies Mason Jar Mummies Via Dollar Store DIY Mason Jar ...
I can't get over how cute these are. All you need is gauze and some shaky eyes to make them.


Indian Corn Decorations

Indian Corn Decorations Via Rustic And Chic Indian Corn ...
What a fun way to use up the Indian corn you decided to grow in your garden this year.


Perfect Centerpiece

Perfect Centerpiece Via Simple Thanksgiving Candle Displays
This beauty would look great on your backyard table or in your living room.


Tiny Pinecones

Tiny Pinecones Via Cinnamon Stick Candles {fall ideas}
Any fall candle display will look that much more festive by scattering some little pinecones around.


A Little Tag

A Little Tag Via Decorated Vases for Fall with ...
This little tag is so whimsical and adorable. What do you think?


All in a Row

All in a Row Via Holiday Decor & Things
A row of the same size and similar colors makes this candle display perfect for your mantle.

What do you love most about fall candles? Do you go for the scented or not? I love the colors, but prefer the plain ones. How will you decorate your fall candles this year?

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Not very safe but looks good

Loved it

These ideas are awesome, super cute, and very creative!

I love these ideas...thanks! 😊

Some i would do with electric candles. Not hard to find though. I love all the ideas! So easy to do.

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