42 DIY Banners and Buntings for All Occasions ...


DIY Banners and bunting are such an easy way to decorate or deliver a message. It's one of those craft projects that ranges from the super easy peasy to the very complicated. They can be made from tons of different materials in every color and can be made for any occasion. Need some ideas for DIY banners and buntings? Read on.

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FREE Printable Banner

FREE Printable Banner Via Free Printable Banner for Thanksgiving!!! ...
This is for Thanksgiving but there are thousands of free printables online for DIY banners. Just search for your occasion.


Shabby Fabric Rag Garland

Shabby Fabric Rag Garland Via Shabby Burlap Lace Pink Wedding ...
Make this from lots of different coordinating and contrasting fabrics.


DIY Fall Banner

DIY Fall Banner Via Fall mantel and burlap banner ...
Burlap is such a great material for rustic banners.


Framed Banner

Framed Banner Via Give Thanks Banner
Make the words fit the specific occasion.


Rustic Valentine's Love Bunting

Rustic Valentine's Love Bunting Via Thoughts from Alice: Rustic Valentine's ...
Something great to do if you want a no-sew banner/bunting.


Paper Flower Banner

Paper Flower Banner Via Garden Of Eden Themed Birthday ...
With so many different paper designs you can really go to town on the flowers.


Choose from a kaleidoscope of colors and textures to personalize your garland according to the festivity. Whether it's a whimsical birthday bash or an elegant bridal shower, paper flowers can add a touch of grace and whimsy. Get creative with different sizes and layers for your blooms. Add a twine or ribbon to hang your garland, and intersperse leaves for a more natural look. This easy DIY project is not only cost-effective but also a fun activity to unleash your inner artist! It's amazing how simple paper can be transformed into something so beautiful and festive.


DIY Crepe Paper Party Banner

DIY Crepe Paper Party Banner Via A Thrifter in Disguise: DIY ...
You can still make a big statement even if you have little money. Use crepe paper or issue paper. A single pack will go a long way.


Christmas Trees Crochet Garland

Christmas Trees Crochet Garland Via Christmas Trees Crochet Garland - ...
I did say that DIY buntings come in all sorts. Put your crochet skills to test to create this one.


Faces Banner

Faces Banner Via Baby Birthday Banner
A fun way to decorate for baby's birthday.


Pinwheel Banner

Pinwheel Banner Via Paper Medallion Banner - Mabey ...
Master the art of pinwheels and you can make these for all sorts of occasions.


Confetti-filled Balloons Banner

Confetti-filled Balloons Banner Via How to Make a Birthday ...
Bright and bold and brash.


Class Reunion Banner

Class Reunion Banner Via Class Reunion Customized Banner - ...
Make it in school colors.


Book Bunting

Book Bunting Via Pride and Prejudice Bunting
A great way of using old books that are no longer readable. (I couldn't bear to destroy books just for DIY bunting.)


If you're an avid reader and lover of classic novels, you might have some worn-out copies that have seen better days. Pride and Prejudice Bunting offers a charming and sophisticated twist to your decor, ideal for a cozy reading nook or library-themed event. Gently remove the pages and fold them into pennant shapes to create an elegant garland that tells a story. Couple it with warm fairy lights for an even more magical atmosphere. It's a beautiful nod to literature and a unique way to keep beloved tales alive.


DIY Glitter Letter Banner

DIY Glitter Letter Banner Via DIY glitter letter banner
Glitter works well for Christmas or milestone birthdays and anniversaries.


Frosty Banners

Frosty Banners Via Christmas Workshop Week 3: Garlands, ...
As long as you make these from weatherproof paper, they'll last the season.


Happy Retirement Banner

Happy Retirement Banner Via Happy Retirement Banner /Retirement Party ...
I think this is pretty classy. It could be recreated in all sorts of ways.


This Happy Retirement Banner is a great way to commemorate a special retirement celebration. The banner features a beautiful gold and white color scheme, with the words “Happy Retirement” printed in gold. This banner is perfect for any retirement party or gathering. It can be hung up on a wall, or draped over a table for a more festive look.

The banner is made from high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last for many years. The banner measures approximately 5 feet long and 2 feet wide, making it a great size for a variety of party venues. The banner is made with a durable canvas material, and the gold lettering is printed using a special heat transfer technique.

The Happy Retirement Banner is available for purchase from a variety of online retailers, including Etsy. It is also available in a variety of other colors, including pink, blue, and green. Many retailers also offer customization options, such as adding a special message or name.


Hearts Burlap Bunting

Hearts Burlap Bunting Via Hearts Burlap and Fabric Banner ...
Make the hearts from scraps of fabric of all sorts and colors.


Easy Halloween Banner

Easy Halloween Banner Via Easy Halloween Banner - The ...
A DIY bunting doesn't have to be big and brash to be effective.


Mini Bunting

Mini Bunting Via Mini Bunting Tutorial - The ...
You'll need to get out your sewing machine for this.


Pink Painted Heart Burlap Bunting

Pink Painted Heart Burlap Bunting Via Valentine's Day
You can buy a heart-shaped stamp from craft stores or online. Or even use a potato!


DIY Felt Rainbow Heart Banner

DIY Felt Rainbow Heart Banner Via DIY Tutorial: Crafting with Felts ...
I like that the hearts are padded and not just flat.


Papel Picado Banner

Papel Picado Banner Via frogprincepaperie.com
Fancy putting your cutting skills to the test?


Blank Card Stock Banner

Blank Card Stock Banner Via Love Paper Banner Heart Wedding ...
So many ways to create DIY heart banners.


Fabric Christmas Tree Garland Bunting

Fabric Christmas Tree Garland Bunting Via Fabric christmas tree garland christmas ...
Another DIY Bunting that calls for basic sewing skills.


Summery DIY Party Banner

Summery DIY Party Banner Via {one pretty pin} Summery DIY ...
Use a simple running stitch (by hand or machine) or fabric glue.


Hearts Cards Banner

Hearts Cards Banner Via naturallyestes: 25 DIY Valentine's Day ...
Love the idea but I'd need a couple of packs of cards as I'd want it pretty long.


Snowman Garland

Snowman Garland Via Real Life, One Day at ...
Get the kids involved in making the faces.


DIY Gold Tip Feather Garland

DIY Gold Tip Feather Garland Via DIY Gold Tip Feather Garland ...
One of the more unusual DIY buntings I have found.


Vintage Sheet Music Christmas Banners

Vintage Sheet Music Christmas Banners Via Vintage Sheet Music Christmas Banners
Love it!


Easy DIY Ribbon Banner

Easy DIY Ribbon Banner Via Easy DIY Ribbon Banner - ...
Easy to make but you'll need quite a pile of ribbon.


Instagram Photo Banner

Instagram Photo Banner Via Instagram-Themed Graduation Party {In a ...
It's brilliant! It includes a tutorial on how to get the Polaroid style photo.


No-sew Felt Happy Birthday Banner

No-sew Felt Happy Birthday Banner Via DIY: felt birthday banner {no ...
A perennial banner you can use over and over.


Shabby Chic Banner

Shabby Chic Banner Via Items similar to Shabby Chic ...
What a darling way to use doilies.


Shabby American Flag Banner

Shabby American Flag Banner Via Craftiments: Patriotic Ribbon, Lace & ...
Isn't this très clever?


Felt Snowflake Banner

Felt Snowflake Banner Via Holly Brooke Jones: DIY Felt ...
A beauty for the holidays.


Pumpkin Banner

Pumpkin Banner Via Paper Pumpkin Banner
Loving how the pumpkin shape is achieved.


Christmas Stitchery Banner

Christmas Stitchery Banner Via Quilting Blog,Tutorials and Quilt Patterns
There's a lot of work involved in this but if you're looking for an extended time DIY banner ...


Fabric Scraps Banner

Fabric Scraps Banner Via {DIY} Vintage Scrap Fabric and ...
I wonder if you could use a big darning needle and thread the fabric scraps rather than tie them on?


Mittens Banner

Mittens Banner Via Items similar to Christmas Garland ...
Oh sew cute ^_^


Airplanes Bunting

Airplanes Bunting Via Frankie's Vintage Airplane Birthday Party ...
This shows that if you can make a paper template you can make a DIY paper bunting from all sorts of shapes.


DIY Balloon Banner

DIY Balloon Banner Via Decorating With Balloons
Balloons are always welcome at a celebration.


Burlap and Lace Bunting

There's something special about burlap and lace isn't there? A wonderful mix of rustic and delicate.
Now you've seen how easy DIY banners and buntings can be, will you be making one for your next occasion?

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