63 Best Sewing Christmas Gifts ...


63 Best Sewing Christmas Gifts ...
63 Best Sewing Christmas Gifts ...

Christmas is a time of giving, and what better way to show your loved ones you care than with a handmade gift? Sewing Christmas gifts is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your presents. Not only will you be able to give something truly unique, but it will also be made with love. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, there are plenty of sewing projects that make great Christmas gifts. From cozy blankets and scarves to personalized bags and accessories, these sewing Christmas gifts will be sure to please your friends and family.

For those just starting out with sewing, simple projects such as pillows and pouches are perfect for beginners. With just a few basic supplies, you can create something special that your loved ones will appreciate. If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not try making a quilt or an apron? These larger projects take more time but the end result is worth it!

For those looking for something extra special for the holidays, custom-made bags and accessories make great gifts. You can create unique items such as purses, clutches and even laptop cases that show off your skills while being practical at the same time. For added personalization, why not embroider initials or names onto the fabric?

If you’re looking for something quick to sew up in time for Christmas, then look no further than cozy winter accessories like hats and scarves. Not only do they make wonderful presents but they’ll also keep your loved ones warm throughout the winter months! Simple patterns are available online which means you can whip up several items in no time at all – perfect if you need to make multiple gifts this holiday season!

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Leg Lamp Christmas Ornament

It isn't Christmas if your family hasn't watched A Christmas Story at least once during the holiday season! Show off your love of this family classic with a fun DIY ornament that uses fabric scraps and basic embroidery skills. This Leg Lamp Christmas Ornament is ...



Boat Ornament with Stitched Sail

"Dear little boat ornaments - they are quick and simple to make and only require little bits of fabric, cardboard and other things you probably already have. The boat is made from recycled cardboard and the little sail can be hand or machine stitched. And ...



Free Scrappy Christmas Tree Pattern

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! Hi everyone :) This is my most favourite season and I have so many new holiday DIY's in the works, so keep checking in cause you don't want to miss these DIY projects! These elegant trees are ...



Christmas Table Runner Free Sewing Pattern

"This Christmas table runner is a good project for those trying to learn quilting, and it is also my way of getting to know my new sewing machine. This Christmas table runner is a simple design I got from my last summer trip to Eastern ...



Easy Sock Snowman Tutorial

Christmas decorations can get expensive, especially if you like to go all out for the holidays. That's why we love being able to DIY some of our decorations for the winter. Even better if you can use what you have and get the ...



Christmas Ribbon Ornament Tutorial

Forget about fabric shopping and bust out your leftover ribbon to create a gorgeous Christmas ornament that embodies everything about holiday traditions. This Christmas Ribbon Ornament Tutorial teaches you how to create a Christmas bow that's the fabulous final touch to your Christmas tree this ...



Christmas in July ~ Candy Canes

I love candy canes. While I'm quite partial to the edible kind, most of the candy canes I have at the holidays are made of cotton. Many years ago, a friend had a big bucket full of these, all striped. Every time she'd see a ...



Christmas Tree Pot Holder Tutorial

"This contemporary patchwork Christmas tree block is 12.5 inches. The tutorial shows you how to piece the block and how to make it into a pot holder. You could, of course, turn it into a cushion, mini quilt or bag instead if you prefer. Or ...



A Bit of Cheer Foundations

Use up the tiniest bits of fabric in a trio of two-color ornaments. Don’t be intimidated by their diminutive size—we’ve got the patterns for foundation piecing here. ...



Be-Ribboned Skirt and T-Shirt

Use this Christmas craft to make a be-ribboned skirt and t-shirt, or just learn how to "be-ribbon" anything for the holidays! This free, easy sewing pattern is a great craft idea for Christmas gifts. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but having an outfit ...



Cabin Christmas Quilted Ornaments

About Homespun Fabric Homespun is a yarn dyed fabric meaning that the design comes from the colors of the thread. It is not a printed fabric so it has no front or back side. Both sides are the same. The threads are often somewhat coarser ...



Rustic Burlap Christmas Stocking

Add warmth, style, and cheer to your hearth this holiday season with this Rustic Burlap Christmas Stocking. If you love the shabby-chic look (and Christmas!) as much as we do, this free sewing pattern is a must-add to your holiday crafts list. After all, there's ...



Simple Snowman DIY Ornament

The Simple Snowman DIY Ornament is a great project to make yourself or with a little helper. Take any scraps of felt from your stash and put them to use on these quaint DIY felt ornaments. The micro-sized aspect of these Christmas Tree trimmings enhance ...



Sewing Pattern Christmas Gift Wrap

If your sewing room is filled with torn or old sewing patterns, don't toss them out. Turn them into gift wrap for the holidays instead with this tutorial for Sewing Pattern Christmas Gift Wrap. A fun and personalized alternative to store bought wrapping paper, this ...



Felt Nativity Scene Playset Pattern

There are few stories as precious as the story of Jesus' birth. From the guiding star to the presentation of gifts, it is a tale that keeps the whole family enraptured. Now you can flex your Christmas storytelling muscle with this Felt Nativity Scene Playset ...



Christmas Hand Warmers

Festive as can be, these Christmas Hand Warmers will be the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list! This beginner sewing pattern won't take you long to make. From the blogger: "This great pattern for Christmas Hand Warmers is just what ...



Free Sewn Ornament Patterns

Looking to sew your own ornaments this year? Find hundreds of gorgeous ideas inside our category pages for Free Sewn Ornaments Patterns!



Faux Santa Shirt Tutorial

If you're short on time but are still searching for the best idea for family pictures this Christmas, then you'll love this Faux Santa Shirt Tutorial! A quick project that you can make in no time, this easy no-sew project uses iron-on transfers and can ...



Hand Sewn Felt Reindeer Tutorial

Grab the free cut file and paper template for a felt reindeer. This is perfect for creating ornaments or making larger to create a stuffed toy. ...



Mini Felt Camper Christmas Ornament

Add some vintage Christmas vibes to your tree this holiday season with this adorable embroidery hoop ornament. This Mini Felt Camper Christmas Ornament is the perfect opportunity to show off your embroidery skills and uses an embroidery hoop, pom poms, and budget-friendly felt. This DIY ...



Apron with Detachable Oven Mitt Pattern

Our readers can never get enough free apron patterns! If you've been searching for a new simple sewing project, then you'll love this Apron with Detachable Oven Mitt Pattern. Made using printed cotton and ...



Vintage Christmas Wreath Beaded & Embroidered Ornaments

Sometimes in the busyness leading up to Christmas, it can be hard to find time to sew unless you're super organized. It's much easier to have a little project that you can pick up and work on by hand for a few minutes.



Felt Christmas Mushroom Ornaments

Holiday decorating always includes a cast of characters and motifs that we all know. If you are sick of Santa, reindeer, elves, trees, bulbs, snowflakes, and snowmen, make something different. Adding a touch of woodland fun to your tree will make it quirky and unique. ...



Cute Coffee Sleeve

With this Cute Coffee Sleeve you will keep your coffee warm all throughout the holiday season! This perfect stocking stuffer idea uses thermal fabric to keep your coffee hot without burning your fingers. This adorable holiday craft creatively uses a cardboard coffee sleeve template as ...



Hanging Christmas Hearts

Share the love you have for Christmas by sewing up these adorable Hanging Christmas Hearts. It's a great project for using up scraps, especially because you can use just about any fabric, whether it's Christmas and winter-themed or not. It's also super easy and perfect for ...



One Hour Table Runner Tutorial

"This One Hour Table Runner Tutorial provides detailed step-by-step instructions with lots of photos to complete two table runners in approximately two hours, so one table runner takes one hour. One will be the reverse of the other. Keep one and gift one! Detailed instructions ...



Embroidered Snowflake Ornament Tutorial

"See how easy it is to hand stitch a snowflake with this free snowflake embroidery pattern and tutorial for making an embroidery hoop ornament. You'll see how to stain the hoop dark brown, how to add some sparkle with seed beads and sequins, and the ...



Felt Stars DIY Christmas Decorations

"Add a cozy look to your Christmas tree with a set of your own DIY Christmas star ornaments. The felt star decorations are a free PDF pattern you'll be able to use for a number of projects, like this star softie for kids, or a ...



Scented Christmas Sachets

Giving presents around the holidays can be expensive, but making homemade Christmas gifts is a thoughtful way to show you care. These Scented Christmas Sachets are easy, affordable, and sure to bring holiday cheer to your loved ones. These pretty, fragrant sachets require no sewing, ...



Hogwarts House Christmas Ornaments

Give the Harry Potter fan in your life the ultimate Christmas gift with these super fun Hogwarts House Christmas Ornaments. These Harry Potter-inspired ornaments are incredibly quick to make and are a great DIY gift for the bookworm in your life. This charming quilting project ...



Simple No-Sew Quilted Ornaments (with Printable Templates)

Quilting is an impressive skill to have, though sometimes it's fun to fake it. With these Simple No-Sew Quilted Ornaments (with Printable Templates), you can create a pretty faux-quilted ornament that will look spectacular on any Christmas tree. You don't even have ...



Peppermint Yo-Yo Placemats

Christmas table decorations like these Peppermint Yo-Yo Placemats are a cute way to add festive cheer to your home during the holiday season. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make a placemat with a peppermint-inspired fabric yo-yo border. Fabric yo-yos are ...



Embroidered Hexagon Ornament Sewing Pattern

If you want your Christmas tree to have a unique, rough-hewn finish with personal flair, then your holidays won't be complete without this Embroidered Hexagon Ornament Sewing Pattern! Using two basted hexagons and one felt hexagon, this 1.5-inch DIY ornament will transform any Christmas tree. ...



Christmas Hexie Tea Towel

"Learn how to sew a Christmas Hexie Tea Towel with this sewing tutorial. This is the perfect project for a long car-ride or an evening spent cuddled up on the couch by the fireplace. This project takes a minimal amount of fabric and can be ...



Darling DIY Christmas Pillows in 30 Minutes

Are you looking for a holiday home decor project? Try sewing these Darling DIY Christmas Pillows in 30 Minutes! Each simple DIY decorative pillow will take 30 minutes or less to make, using budget-friendly materials like felt. You can ...



Mini Christmas Gnome Stocking Tutorial

The Christmas season will be here before we know it, so let’s begin creating holiday decor now! Stockings are a festive tradition that can be used for many years and personalized for the household. When combined with a Scandinavian-style gnome ...



The Best Christmas Stocking Pattern

"Want a new set of diy Christmas stockings for the entire family? Right on time: Damjana at AppleGreen Cottage designed a new (free!) Christmas stocking pattern that's not just an ordinary one. These stockings are reversible, so you'll be able to match ...



Family Heirloom Christmas Stocking

Preserve a piece of your past by learning how to make a stocking out of a family antique. The Family Heirloom Christmas Stocking teaches you how to make stockings using fabric that belonged to a precious item. Whether it's your or your grandma's wedding dress, ...



Nutcracker Ornament Table Runner

"I made this Nutcracker Ornament Table Runner for a magazine commission which was published last Christmas. The theme was 'ornaments or baubles' and rather than make actual Christmas tree baubles, I thought baubles on a table runner were a fun little take on the theme. ...



Felt Christmas Advent Calendar

"Learn how to make your own Felt Christmas Advent Calendar with this tutorial! This is the perfect way to countdown to Christmas and enjoy the whole month of December! Fill each pocket with a small treat, gift or even an act of service prompt. My ...



Geometric Gemstones Ornament Sewing Patterns

Traditional glass ornaments can be pretty on the Christmas tree, but sometimes you want to break the festive deck-the-halls mold. If you want to give your Christmas decor a sleek modern update, then you'll adore these Geometric Gemstones Ornament Sewing Patterns! These DIY Christmas tree ...



Christmas Floor Pillow Pattern

Christmas is by far the coziest time of the year, and now you can bring that comfort wherever you go with this Christmas Floor Pillow Pattern! Use it as a makeshift chair to open presents near the tree, or pack it on the way to ...



Whimsical Fabric Ornaments

DIY Christmas ornaments are one of the simplest and most fun holiday crafts to make, and these Whimsical Fabric Ornaments are no exception. In just a few minutes, you can make unique, adorable ornaments that will fill your tree with holiday cheer. Tree ornaments don't ...



Embroidered Pennant Ornament

"Super fun and easy christmas ornament to sew, showing you how to freezer paper stencil, embroider, and sew. Fabric scraps will be great and use the free pattern for the base shape. Perfect for gift giving or decorating your own tree, this simple ornament can ...



Adorable Argyle Christmas Stocking Pattern

Don't settle for the expected reds and greens, and create a colorful DIY stocking in your favorite fabrics with this Christmas sewing project. This Adorable Argyle Christmas Stocking Pattern uses beginner quilting techniques and comes with a free stocking pattern that you can print out ...



Joy to the World Cross Stitch Sampler

If you love cross stitch, then you'll love this adorable embroidery project that's sure to spread Christmas cheer throughout your home. This Joy to the World Cross Stitch Sampler is a simple cross stitch project that even beginners can complete! This Christmas sewing project combines ...



Denim Christmas Stockings

These Denim Christmas Stockings are a great DIY Christmas craft. If you are looking for a new way to upcycle clothing this is a great place to start. Using old denim you can create something that the whole family will enjoy. It's a unique way ...



Easy Ruched Christmas Tree Skirt

This Easy Ruched Christmas Tree Skirt is so beautiful and unique. If you’re aiming for more understated elegance than festiveness in your DIY Christmas decorations, then this simple ruched tree skirt will fit in well with your home decor. You can customize this tree skirt ...



Vintage Tennis Racket Needlework Decor

Combine your love of cross stitch with fun holiday crafting for this unique piece of Christmas decor. This Vintage Tennis Racket Needlework Decor shows you how to turn thrift store tennis rackets into charmingly colorful Christmas decorating ideas. This DIY Christmas craft comes with printable ...



Christmas Baubles Printable Lacing Card Ornaments

These free printable Christmas Baubles aren't just that. These printables double as lacing cards that both kids and adults can decorate for a fun wintertime activity! Download these Christmas Baubles Printable Lacing Cards, cut out the baubles, and practice sewing. These festive ...



Felt Tree Ornament with Decorative Machine Stitching

The Felt Tree Ornament with Decorative Machine Stitching is the perfect excuse to work on your machine embroidery skills. If your sewing machine has some cute stitch patterns that you've never had the opportunity to use, this is it! This ornament takes ...



Mini Mittens Sewn Christmas Ornament

Sewn Christmas ornament patterns make lovely additions to your Christmas tree. You will beam with pride when you display your handiwork with this Mini Mittens Sewn Christmas Ornament. This wholly customizable Christmas ornament idea can be hung on your tree, added to other projects, or ...



DIY Scented Ornaments

Learn how to sew ornaments with this unique and charming idea. The DIY Scented Ornaments are made out of scrappy pieces of fabric and made to help your house smell swell during the holiday months. You cannot bake Christmas cookies or candy ...



Faux Fur Tabletop Christmas Tree

As autumn approaches, it's the perfect time of year to start creating winter holiday decor! In this tutorial, we will use an unconventional and unexpected material, faux fur, to make a tabletop Christmas tree. This Faux Fur Tabletop Christmas Tree will look ...



How to Make an Ugly Sweater + 5 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

We have all seen them. Ugly Christmas sweaters. Often, someone will wear a store-bought or homemade ugly Christmas sweater for a party, contest, or other holiday celebration. Learn How to Make an Ugly Sweater Plus 5 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas can be found right here. ...



Vintage Christmas Wreath Beaded & Embroidered Ornaments

🎄🎅☃ These gorgeous vintage-style Christmas hand embroidery ornaments will turn your house into a home this winter.



'Tis the Season Christmas Tree Skirt

Spruce up your Christmas tree with this 'Tis the Season Christmas Tree Skirt. There's no sight quite like that of a Christmas tree lit up at night and decorated with ornaments. DIY Christmas tree skirts keep the magic alive by ...



3-D Hexagon Ornament Sewing Pattern

If you like the sleek modern look of geometric designs, then your Christmas decor is ready-set. Get a festive minimalist look in minutes with this ridiculously simple 3-D Hexagon Ornament Sewing Pattern! These DIY Christmas tree ornaments use four one-inch basted hexagons glued together to ...



Christmas Gift Card Holder With Free Pattern

"If you love beautifully presented gifts then you are going to love this tutorial. It makes giving a gift card, or tickets to an event, into a statement, rather than just handing over an envelope. Making DIY Christmas gift card holders uses up the stash ...



Christmas Quilted Table Runner

Decorate your dining room with this Christmas Quilted Table Runner. This rag quilt is an easy table runner pattern that is fun to make. Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift when the holiday season rolls around. An easy ...



Warm Wool Mittens Free Knitting Pattern

Enjoy free knitting patterns for mittens like these warm knitted wool mittens that are sure to keep your hands toasty all winter long. ...



Easy Ruched Christmas Tree Skirt

This Easy Ruched Christmas Tree Skirt is so beautiful and unique. If you’re aiming for more understated elegance than festiveness in your DIY Christmas decorations, then this simple ruched tree skirt will fit in well with your home decor. You can customize this tree skirt ...



Advent Candle Garland Craft

If you're a Christmas enthusiast, you want your home decor to show it! This year, mark Advent in style with an Advent Candle Garland Craft! Out of all the simple Christmas embroidery patterns, this one is the most precious. Embroider felt candles with the Advent ...


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