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Wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree are part of what makes the holiday so great. There are loads of festive ways to bundle up your packages so that everyone will love the outside as much as what's inside. True, the classic paper with a bow is always a great option, but if you want something a little different this year, check out all the great wrapped gifts on this list. Before you know it, you'll be the queen of all things gifts. Let these photos inspire you this holiday season.

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Gift Wrap for Kids

Gift Wrap for Kids Via Διασκεδαστικές Συσκευασίες Δώρου Για Τα ...

This is one of my favorite wrapped gifts ideas. It'll keep kids busy until it's time to tear open the paper.


Gigantic Bow

Gigantic Bow Via How to make a gift ...
This giant bow adds tons of personality to even the smallest of gifts.


Names in Gold Sharpie

Names in Gold Sharpie Via Winter Warmth :: Outfit Inspiration ...
This is elegant and eliminates the need to use gift tags. You can't beat that, right?


Pictures Instead of Tags

Pictures Instead of Tags Via Our Suburban Farm: Christmas Craftiness
Use great pictures of all of your loved ones to identify which gift is for which person on your list.


Pink and Green

Pink and Green Via The Enchanted Home
Pink and green Christmas gifts are a great alternative to the standard red and green ones. Cute, right?


Candy Cane Ribbon

Candy Cane Ribbon Via h2designandbuild.com
This red and white striped ribbon reminds me of candy canes.


Draw on It

Draw on It Via 23 Tricks To Take The ...
If you have art skills you want to share, do something like this. I promise that no one else will be.


Bow and Branches

Bow and Branches Via blog.everthinehome.com
There is something impressive about this wrapped gift, isn't there?


Simple but Elegant

Simple but Elegant Via 8 Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas ...
This is super easy, but makes a big impact under the Christmas tree.


Sparkly Snowflakes

Sparkly Snowflakes Via Thrifty and Chic - DIY ...
Every Christmas gift is better with something sparkly on it.


Tiny Presents

Tiny Presents Via andrella liebt herzen: Oktober 2013
These cute little packages are perfect for small presents.


Name Bunting

Name Bunting Via Zavara - Discover Design: Rustic ...
This would take some time to put together, but would mean a lot to the people on your gift list.



Embellishments Via Christmas Gifts Wrapping Ideas!
Pine cones, burlap and stars are great ideas for adding something special to each of your gifts.


Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Via courtneyorillion.com
A cluster of Christmas ornaments is a great way to dress up any package.


Santa Wrapping

Santa Wrapping Via Brighton Ford : Gift Wrapping ...
Everyone is going to love opening a present that looks like Santa Claus.


Like They Are Delivered Packages

Like They Are Delivered Packages Via Parcel Pressies
Make your presents look like they came straight from the North Pole by wrapping them like this.


Feathers and Bows

Feathers and Bows Via older and wisor
Make your Christmas gifts really stand out by adding ribbons and feathers to them.


Choose a Color Scheme

Choose a Color Scheme Via This Crazy Life...Michelle Underwood Designs: ...
Choosing a couple of colors to stick with when you wrap your presents makes for a wonderful display beneath the tree.


With Buttons and Brown Paper

With Buttons and Brown Paper Via Pack Of Six Ribbon Bow ...
This is unique, but festive at the same time. Cute, right?


Little Stickers

Little Stickers Via Rustic Christmas Tree 2012 - ...
A few little stickers easily brings plain paper to life.


A Big Green Bow

A Big Green Bow Via Inspired GREEN
A tied ribbon bow in green adds lots of Christmas color to your packages.


Glittery Ribbon

Glittery Ribbon Via centsationalgirl.com
No matter what color you choose, you can add festive flair to any gift with some glittery ribbon like this.


Candy Tags

Candy Tags A gift with candy attached? Yes, please. Gift opening has never been so delicious.


Use Sheet Music

Use Sheet Music Via Stylish Spaces Designed For Living: ...
Printed sheet music makes the perfect thing to wrap holiday gifts with.


Twine and Wax

Twine and Wax Via Roundup: 10 Gift Wrapping Ideas ...
Some red sealing wax is a unique way to hold the ribbon or string around your gifts.



Initials Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Instead of tags, attach a cutout letter for each person's gift.


Pine Twig

Pine Twig Via Saysie
Real or fake, a small sprig of pine adds a holiday worthy feel to your packages.


Try Different Colors

Try Different Colors Via How to Make Festive Bows
Christmas packages don't all have to be red and green. Check out all of these great color combinations.


Reindeer Tag

Reindeer Tag Via Christmas!
A leaping reindeer is the perfect thing to tie on a Christmas gift.

What is your plan for Christmas gifts this year? I typically choose a bunch of paper, then wrap each person's gift with the one I think they'll love best. And I love ribbons and bows. Which example on this list is your favorite?

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On a similar note to the sheet music...I often used the Sunday Funnies to wrap my nieces and nephews birthday gifts!

Love the first one

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Love this!

What a great ideas 👍💞👌

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