20 Fabulous Gift Wrapping Tutorials for the Holidays ...

By Sheila

Some people are wrapping geniuses, while some others (including myself) wouldn't be able to survive without gift wrapping tutorials like these. There's something about a uniquely wrapped gift that says "I care enough to go that extra mile". So check out these fabulous gift wrapping tutorials and ideas that will make everyone smile!

1 The Perfect Bow

Perfectly Basics,advertising,comics,Eieo4.,PERFECT, Source: How to Tie a Bow ...

You can't have a perfectly wrapped gift without the perfect bow!

2 Matchbox Suitcase

wood,product,box,art,cardboard, Source: Tutorial (with photos) - matchbox ...

This would be so cute for a teeny-tiny gift!

3 DIY Gift Box

font,product,play,toy,advertising, Source: 2011 Christmas Printable Series - ...

Can't find the perfect box for your gift? Make your own!

4 Candy Box

pink,petal,art,paper,origami paper, Source: Homemade Valentine gifts - Cute ...

Candy inside a candy box? This is like Inception!

5 Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

red,petal,art,flower,origami paper, Source: Holiday How-To: Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth and this tutorial is inspired by the furoshiki method. The end result? An elegant and sophisticated looking gift that would make anyone feel extra special.

6 Tissue Paper Flower

color,yellow,orange,plant,petal, Source: Tissue-Paper Flower Favors Template | ...

Who knew tissue paper could transform into that?! Use it to take your regular wrapping to the next level.

7 All Knotted up

Martha Stewart Weddings,text,ecosystem,font,biology, Source: Sailor Knot for Favor Boxes ...

Sometimes all you need is a fun knot! I know this one is originally for wedding favors but the idea can be easily incorporated into your Holiday wrapping.

8 DIY Gift Bags

Eclectically,Vintage, Source: Make Paper Gift Bag Tutorial ...

This is so easy and the results are fabulous! I absolutely adore the map bag.

9 It's All about the Bows

green,footwear,leg,finger,arm, Source: How to Tie the Perfect ...

I don't know about you but perfect bows make me a happy girl!

10 Paper Foil Medallions

art,pattern,design,wood,GIFT, Source: Paper Medallions Made from Foil ...

Here's another great way to add that extra holiday sparkle to your gift boxes.

11 Easy Peasy Bow

color,pink,petal,paper,design, Source: diy / Papierschleife für Geschenke ...

These bows are absolutely adorable!

12 Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial

green,food,art,produce,baking, Source: 33 Shades of Green: Tissue ...

Wow! Who would even want to open that box?!

13 Santa Suit Gift Wrap

color,advertising,art,design,brand, Source: Santa Suit Gift Wrap | ...

This is among my favorites on this list and I'm definitely trying it this year!

14 Drop Dead Gorgeous!

pink,flower,plant,flower bouquet,petal, Source: DIY Metallic Paper Camellias

It's amazing just how simple this tutorial is (visit the source for details) and how spectacular the results are!

15 Scrapbook Sheet Gift Bag

color,art,pattern,design,hand, Source: DIY Gift Bag Tutorial | ...

DIY gift bags are just so special, don't you think?

16 The Cutest Little Box!

wood,design,..., Source: DIY : Gift Box from ...

What a cute little box for rings and other delicate jewelry. Thinking of asking your partner to move in this Holiday Season? This is also the perfect little box to hold your key!

17 Two ToneD Bows

petal,christmas decoration,art,flower,heart, Source: 12 DIY Christmas Present Bow ...

These are so festive!

18 More Gift Bags

color,art,design,pattern,brand, Source: DIY Paper Gift Bags

The best part about DIY gift bags is that you have SO many more options when it comes to prints and patterns.

19 DIY Envelope

red,footwear,art,petal,shoe, Source: DIY Simple Beautiful Envelope | ...

This is simple, yet so pretty...especially for gift cards.

20 Paper Feathers

art,comics,screenshot,illustration,design, Source: DIY Paper Feathers

Bored of paper flowers? Why not decorate your box with some paper feathers instead. These are so unique and pretty!

Everyone loves a well wrapped gift and I hope you found these ideas inspiring. I know I did. Got some gift wrapping ideas/tutorials of your own? Don't be shy to share them with us. Happy Holidays!

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