7 Cool Video Tutorials for Christmas Cards ...


7 Cool Video Tutorials for Christmas Cards ...
7 Cool Video Tutorials for Christmas Cards ...

Tutorials for Christmas cards are the perfect part of YouTube to be right now, with Christmas just a few days away and New Year’s Eve just around the corner! Now, I know most of you have thought about it ahead just as I’m sure that there are plenty of folks out there who’ve been too busy for holiday cheer and are starting to relax and feel it right now! Worry not, as there’s still time to do some serious crafting this weekend and these super-creative tutorials below are here to help you make sure each DIY Christmas card you make this year looks like a little masterpiece! Take a look and start crafting:

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Cute Rudolph Pop up Card

In case you love the personal feel of a handmade card but also like the flawless finish of the ones sold in stores, you’re definitely going to want to check out this first on my list of tutorials for Christmas cards! Flawless, amazing and totally creative – when it comes to handmade cards, this DIY definitely sets the bar pretty high!


Fun Christmas Gift-Cards

Whoa! Well, check this out! Now I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely loving the idea of getting some instant coffee with all those nice holiday wishes! But coffee is hardly the only thing you can include with your greetings! Put some thought into it, come up with your own, customized design following the bright example in this DIY and you’ll be able to sweeten up Christmas for all of your friends and family with everything from Kool Aid satchels to popping candy, tea and hot chocolate!


Classically Elegant Flash Card

It’s neat, sweet, classically beautiful and doesn’t require that many crafting tools – a perfect DIY Christmas card idea to consider in case you’re not a fan of too many embellishments yet appreciate the traditional Christmas-y style. Have fun stamping, cutting and layering your shapes for a card that looks amazing and will be able to convey your best wishes in the best way.


Origami Christmas Tree Card

I know Christmas is just a couple of days away but there’s still time to make some truly fabulous DIY Christmas cards! Piece of cake for all of you experienced crafters! Well, here’s a little something-something to help you outdo yourself this year- a fancy origami-style card that is sure to impress all of those friends and relatives lucky to be receiving it!


Black and Silver Christmas Tree Card

Speaking about classically elegant cards, here’s a neat example on how to pull off an amazing DIY with just a handful of crafting tools! After all, collecting different punchers, stamps and embossing tools is a long process and there’s no reason to postpone your DIYs simply because you don’t have everything experienced crafters use! What are you waiting for? Get busy making these fun, elegant cards right now!


Cute Red Holiday Greetings

Got bored of all those trees? Well, in that case, you’ll definitely want to check out this next tutorial for Christmas cards! See? Turns out that you don’t have to go with traditional holiday motifs to have gorgeous Christmas cards to give to your loved ones! But, we already knew that, right?


Handy Christmas Candy Card

But holidays just wouldn’t feel complete without candy canes! Or holiday greeting cards with cute sweets! Nothing like one of those to get your appetite roaring or remind how much you used to enjoy candy canes as a kid! Well, there’s still time to DIY a few sweet (and I mean it literally) holiday cards and the good news is that you won’t need tons of crafting tools to pull it off.

Ready to get busy with DIY Christmas cards or you’ve already done all of your crafting for the year?

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