The Perfect Alternative for Women Who Suck at Gift Wrapping ...


The Perfect Alternative for Women Who Suck at Gift Wrapping ...
The Perfect Alternative for Women Who Suck at Gift Wrapping ...

Do your gifts always look messy after you wrap them? Then you should get rid of your wrapping paper this year. Instead, use this technique brought to us by Style Caster:

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Gather Your Materials

Gather Your Materials You're going to start by grabbing some scissors, silver glitter, boxes, a foam brush, twine, gift tags, and glue. It sounds like a lot, but you should already have these items around the house.


Add Glue

Add Glue Put about a quarter-size dot of glue on top of the gift box you're going to be using.


Spread the Glue

Spread the Glue Use your foam brush to spread that glue around, so that it covers the entire box.


Dip the Box in Glitter

Dip the Box in Glitter Now you can dip the box into the glitter to coat it.


Let It Dry

Let It Dry After you let the box dry for a half hour, you can place your gift inside, and then wrap it up with twine!

There you go! No wrapping required! Would you be willing to try this technique?

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And if you want the glitter to really stay, add a layer of modge podge it won't get everywhere but is still cute!!!

Great idea! Colored glitter would be very pretty too! I'm sure my cats would love playing in the glitter lol ^••^

Cute 🐻

Such a cute idea!!

Time consuming and messy, not only does gift wrapping suck but so does cleaning up glitter. Anyone ever heard of, oh I don't bags?


I love it! I absolutely suck at paper wrapping!

I love the glitter box! That's a great idea! Super cute for a glam girl in your life😊

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