10 Totally Creative Ways to Wrap Presents Your Receivers Will Love ...


10 Totally Creative Ways to Wrap Presents Your Receivers Will Love ...
10 Totally Creative Ways to Wrap Presents Your Receivers Will Love ...

If your Black Friday was a success, now you have some wrapping to do. And you probably need creative ways to gift wrap presents, right? Luckily there are lots of great ways to wrap a gift that stands out under the Christmas tree. Here are 10 fun ways you can make your presents look better than all the rest. Grab the scissors and tape and try these creative ways to gift wrap presents.

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Box inside of a Box

For this idea, you place the present in the box, wrap the box, and then place it in another box. This is one of my favorite creative ways to gift wrap presents. This can be especially fun for those who want to make the recipient work to open the present. Also, double boxing the present will make fragile items more secure. Make sure to tape the boxes up so that nothing falls out of them.


Brown Paper Bag with a Ribbon

Rather than using a roll of wrapping paper you can wrap with brown paper bags. To top off the present, you can tie a ribbon around the present and attach a bow. This is a creative way to use a different type of paper to wrap your presents. You can even decorate the brown paper bag paper with designs of your choice if you like to draw.



A basket is another convenient way to give presents. It can be especially useful if you have multiple gifts you are giving someone. A basket is also helpful for carrying if you are traveling to someone’s house for the holidays. You can also decorate the basket itself to add to the overall look of it.


Theme Present

Another unique and thoughtful way to wrap multiple presents would be to decide on a theme. For example, if you are buying DVDs, you can place them in a popcorn bag. Or, if you are buying cooking supplies you can place the cooking utensils inside a new pot. You can get creative in putting a box set of goodies together.


Secure Your Gifts

When wrapping fragile items, make sure they are protected.
For example, you can use bubble wrap or Styrofoam. You may even want to write "fragile" on the box, especially if it is going to be shipped somewhere or someone else will be handling it. As long as it is secure, it should be fine.


Gift in a Stocking

If you want a cute traditional way of giving a gift you can place the gift in a stocking. You can even decorate the stocking with the recipient’s name on it. Also, you can use the stocking as a decoration piece in your house until it is time to give the stocking and the gift to someone. Using traditional ways to give gifts can be charming.


Personalize the Name Tag

If you are a craft person this is where you can get really into designing. You can personalize the name tag with the recipient’s name and their favorite color. Also on the name tag, you can design one of their favorite things about Christmas. For example, if they like penguins, you can design a penguin out of paper and write their name on the back of the penguin decoration.


Present inside a Present

A way to surprise the person you are giving a gift to is to give them a present inside of a present. For example, if you are getting them a purse, you can put another present for them inside the purse. This method will also serve as a space saver if you have multiple presents to give them. This idea can also work with gift sets as well.


Match Colors

When wrapping, you can mix and match the paper, ribbon, and bow colors. It can be visually appealing to have ribbons and bows that draw out the patterns in the wrapping paper. You can have fun creating different designs with the ribbons including curling the ribbons and placing the ribbons in different places around the present.


Wooden Boxes for Gift Sets

Gift sets can also be wrapped in wooden boxes. This is a convenient way to make sure the items are placed properly.

Wooden boxes can be a nice way to present a gift set because the recipient will get to see all of the set laid out nicely in front of them. Also, you can decorate the wooden box with crafts and images.

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