21 DIY Gifts to Give out during the Holidays ...


21 DIY Gifts to Give out during the Holidays ...
21 DIY Gifts to Give out during the Holidays ...

If you're all about hand-crafting your holiday gifts, have I got some ideas for you, straight from the Pinterest of DIY genius Lia Griffith. Which ones will you make and give? Let's have a look!

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Felt Fox Ornament

Felt Fox Ornament Decorate your tree, or give as a gift. I love his little scarf!


Paper Poinsettias

Paper Poinsettias I'd use these as gift toppers, or make a bunch of them and make a wreath.


Cocktail Napkin Poinsettia

Cocktail Napkin Poinsettia This is made from a cocktail napkin. Not kidding!


Ombre Trees

Ombre Trees Oh gosh, would these make a gorgeous gift!


3D Spiral Snowflakes

3D Spiral Snowflakes Make them small, and they can be ornaments. Make them large, and they could hang as wreaths.


Metallic Paper Ornaments

Metallic Paper Ornaments Make a set of these, two each, in various colors, and they're an ideal gift.


Paper Pine Cones

Paper Pine Cones If only they had that lush pine scent... they'd be perfect! As it is, these would be great centerpieces.


Crepe Paper Pinecones

Crepe Paper Pinecones I love these pinecones, too!


Pinecone Owl Ornaments

Pinecone Owl Ornaments Now we all have to start collecting perfect pinecones...


Washi Tape Monograms

Washi Tape Monograms You could use Christmas-colored washi tape just for the holidays, or use other colors for year-round use.


Leather Bracelets

Leather Bracelets These are so on-trend! I especially like the braided one...


Gold Wreath

Gold Wreath This looks so upscale!


Mistletoe Ball

Mistletoe Ball Make one to give as a gift, and one to hang in your own home.


Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath I love the colors!


Felt Bear Ornament

Felt Bear Ornament Make him to match Mr. Fox, or just on his own.


Raccoon Ornament

Raccoon Ornament He's so cute! He's BFFs with the fox and the bear, and now you have the set!


Winter Animals Stockings

Winter Animals Stockings Wouldn't a set of these be perfect for a couple who got married this year?


Monogram Stockings

Monogram Stockings ... if not, then these sure would be a great gift!


Felt Ball Necklace

Felt Ball Necklace For the fashionista who has everything else. Make them in red and green for the holidays!


Feather Garland

Feather Garland I'd be so happy if one of my friends make this for me... hint, hint!


Circle Garland

Circle Garland Not into feathers? Make this garland instead!

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