7 DIY Mother's Day Gifts ...


7 DIY Mother's Day Gifts ...
7 DIY Mother's Day Gifts ...

Mother’s Day is May 12, get started on your DIY Mother’s Day gifts now! Everyone loves the sentiment behind a handcrafted present, but Mothers are especially fond of them. A gift made by your children, no matter what their age, holds special meaning, so strongly consider some of these DIY Mother’s Day gifts for your mom this year.

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Tea Box

Tea Box I figured I’d start this out with one of the less involved DIY Mother’s Day gifts. This one is more of an altered gift than a handmade one, but the outcome is beautiful. I will definitely be making this one for myself as well as my Momma this year. You could always buy one already made, but buying a plain box and staining it then decorating it yourself holds greater meaning for the recipient.

You need:
Wooden box with hinged lid (a clear lid works best, but a solid one is fine)
Wood stain (optional)
Decorations of your choosing
Tea in various flavors

This one is super easy and pretty self explanatory. You can buy the box at most craft stores or online. Stain it the color you are looking for (or leave it plain if you like). Make sure to use masking tape to cover up the glass. Wait 24-48 hours to allow the box to dry. Use whatever decorating items you would like; make it flowery and sweet with scrapbooking decals or simple and clean by using lettering embellishments. Fill it with your mom’s favorite teas!


Teacup Candles

Cup, Teacup, Saucer, Porcelain, Tableware, How cute are these?! Don’t worry, this is the last tea-based gift suggestion on my list. These were just too adorable; I had to put them on here. You can find mismatched, discarded teacups and saucers at garage sales or secondhand stores. Just one of these sweet little candles make a great Mother’s Day gift, but feel free to make several. The clashing eclectic look adds a great deal of charm.

You need:
Teacup (and saucer if you’d like)
Microwavable wax (you can do it with any kind of wax, but for the less experienced this is easiest and fastest)
Candle wicks (at least 1″ taller than your cup)
Candle fragrance and/or dye
Microwave safe bowl
Hot glue gun

Make sure your teacup is clean and completely dry.

Hot glue the base of your wick to the bottom of the cup.

Heat wax in the microwave until it is a translucent liquid.

Add dye or scent according to package directions.

Pour into teacup and straighten the wick.

Let sit until the wax is cool and solid.

Trim the wick down to 1/4″.


Potted Plant Necklace

Plant, Hand, Grass family, Terrestrial plant, Grass, I think this is the most darling little necklace I have ever seen! It is incredibly easy to make and is the perfect accessory for spring! Be sure to make one for yourself as well! You can use any type of dried flowers, so choose your favorites!

You need:
Small wooden flower pot (you can find them in craft stores or on amazon.com)
Moss mat, weeds or dried flowers
Paint & Paintbrush
Craft glue
Necklace chain

Paint your flower pot whatever color you would like.

Glue both ends of the chain to the inside of the pot and allow it to dry.

Fill the pot with the moss or weeds and flowers.

If you’re worried about the flowers falling apart, use tiny silk flowers instead.


Photo Tube Vase

Vase, Flower, Flowerpot, Plant, Cylinder, This is a really unique idea that I just love! It is perfect for Mother’s Day because it incorporates family photos as well as flowers, two things mothers love! It can’t get much better than that! You can make this creative vase as big or as small as you would like by using more tubing and a larger base.

You need:
PVC Pipes of various widths
PVC Caps to fit the pipes
PVC Pipe Cement
Outdoor Mod Podge
Wooden Base
Laser copies of old photos
Foam Brush

Have the PVC pipes cut to different sizes, staggering the heights.

Use the pipe cement to secure the caps to one end of each cut pipe and allow them to dry completely.

Resize photos to fit each pipe and print them with a laser printer (if you don’t have a laser printer, get them printed at Kinkos, Staples, Office Max, etc).

Soak each photo in a bin of water for about a minute while you coat the outside of each pipe in the Mod Podge.

Use your fingers to remove most of the excess water from your photos and wrap them around the tubes carefully.

Smooth any bumps out with your fingers and set the pipes aside to dry completely.

Once dry, trim any edges that may be extending past the pipes.

Coat the photo covered tubes with Mod Podge and allow to dry.

Use glue to adhere the photo covered pipes to your base.

Fill with water and your choice of flowers!


Erasable Glass Calendar

Text, Finger, Hand, Design, Thumb, Every busy mom needs one of these to help keep organized. One place to keep track of weekly and monthly events as well as a grocery list and to do list? Yes please! This is so incredibly easy to make I can’t believe I haven’t created one for myself already.

You need:
Framed glass, the larger the better
Sharpie (or vinyl stickers)

On the back side of the clean glass, use the Sharpie and the ruler to draw calendar grid lines in the center. Use the sharpie to write the headings for the different sections as well, making sure everything is written backwards so it shows the correct way once it is hung on the wall. If you’d like, you can use vinyl stickers instead of writing the words out.

That’s it! Hang it on the wall and use dry erase markers to update the calendars and lists.


Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Pink, Peach, If your mother is a sewer, make her this portable sewing kit with a built-in pin cushion. This is a great thing to keep in your car because you can fill it with the essential sewing necessities and it will always be on hand should you rip or tear your clothing or pop a button off of your shirt when you’re out and about. This makes a great gift for Mother’s Day but it’s also great to make for your girlfriends, sisters and yourself!

You need:
Mason Jar with lid
Glue gun OR super glue
Sewing accessories
Cotton filling

Take the lid from your mason jar and separate the metal disk from the ring.

Lay the metal disk in the center of a circle of fabric cut to be an inch larger than the disk.

Use glue to affix the fabric to the disk, leaving a small section unglued on one side.

Once the glue is dry, stuff the cotton into the opening that you left and then finish gluing the fabric down.

Fill your jar with all of the sewing essentials (examples: small scissors, thread, buttons, thimble, etc).

Screw the lid back on and tie a pretty ribbon around the rim if you would like!


Flavor Extracts

Drink, Alcoholic beverage, Distilled beverage, Liqueur, Liquid, For cooks and bakers, flavor extracts are essential, but they can be pretty costly. Help out your mom (and/or yourself!) by making your own extracts and storing them in cute little containers with pretty homemade labels. The best part is that you can make essentially any flavor you want!

You need:
Mason Jar (or other jar) with tight fitting lid
A lot of cheap vodka
Cute bottles

Put the ingredients you are extracting flavor from in the bottom of your jar.

Pour 1 cup of vodka into the jar.

Seal the jar, shake and store in a cool, dry area for 4-6 weeks.

Twice a week, give your bottle a shake to stir up the ingredients.

Pour into the bottles you will use for gifting and label appropriately.

Vanilla- 3-4 Vanilla beans, split up the middle
Lemon/Orange- Zest from 2 fruits
Fresh Fruit- ¼ cup crushed fruit (MUSTS be strained before bottling in separate bottles)
Mint- ¼ cup chopped mint leaves

Your mom or mom-like female role model would love any of these gifts, especially if they were personally made just for them by you! No matter what her hobbies or interests are, you can always think of something to make that will brighten her day! What DIY Mother’s Day gifts will you be making for your mom this year?


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Love posts like these! (:

I love the glass calendar idea! Unique and it seems fun and easy

Wht dose DIY stand for

I made my mom a picture coffee mug from A.C. Moore a few years ago. She loved it!! It was a picture of my sister and I when we were younger.

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