7 DIY Mother's Day Gifts ...

Mother’s Day is May 12, get started on your DIY Mother’s Day gifts now! Everyone loves the sentiment behind a handcrafted present, but Mothers are especially fond of them. A gift made by your children, no matter what their age, holds special meaning, so strongly consider some of these DIY Mother’s Day gifts for your mom this year.

1. Tea Box

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I figured I’d start this out with one of the less involved DIY Mother’s Day gifts. This one is more of an altered gift than a handmade one, but the outcome is beautiful. I will definitely be making this one for myself as well as my Momma this year. You could always buy one already made, but buying a plain box and staining it then decorating it yourself holds greater meaning for the recipient.

You need:
Wooden box with hinged lid (a clear lid works best, but a solid one is fine)
Wood stain (optional)
Decorations of your choosing
Tea in various flavors

This one is super easy and pretty self explanatory. You can buy the box at most craft stores or online. Stain it the color you are looking for (or leave it plain if you like). Make sure to use masking tape to cover up the glass. Wait 24-48 hours to allow the box to dry. Use whatever decorating items you would like; make it flowery and sweet with scrapbooking decals or simple and clean by using lettering embellishments. Fill it with your mom’s favorite teas!

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