Japanese Gift Wrapping Tutorials for the Best Looking Presents under the Tree ...


Japanese Gift Wrapping Tutorials for the Best Looking Presents under the Tree ...
Japanese Gift Wrapping Tutorials for the Best Looking Presents under the Tree ...

Ready to see some Japanese gift wrapping tutorials? I love to make a real splash with my gift wrapping no matter how cheap or expensive the gift. Everything needs perfect corners or folds, a matching tag, a gorgeous ribbon and something special, like a sprig of holly, some cinnamon in a bow, some buttons – whatever it needs to look fab. I think Japanese style wrapping really fits in with what I want to achieve so I’m determined to give it a try. If you want to make your presents look extra special this year, here are some Japanese gift wrapping tutorials. Good luck!

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Furoshikii Box Wrapping

I love this. Even though the Japanese have a great love of paper, there is a wrapping tradition that uses fabric. It is an ancient tradition that goes with the good manners practice of taking gifts when visiting other people’s houses. Choose a beautiful piece of fabric and that becomes part of the gift too. There are two methods of furoshiki in this video.


Fan Gift Wrap

The precise fan folds really make my heart leap with their crisp clean lines. This is so beautiful and is perfect for books and shallow boxes. Your gift recipient will probably still know it’s a book but who could fail to be delighted with how special it looks?


Pleated Wrapping

Clothes are definitely the worst things to wrap. Unless the item is in a box, they always look floppy and saggy and you can NEVER get those corners crisp. Until now. This Japanese gift wrapping is perfect for clothing.


This Japanese gift wrapping technique, known as pleated wrapping, is perfect for clothing items. It results in a neat and crisp look, creating the perfect packaging for your presents. This video tutorial demonstrates how to pleat the fabric and wrap it around the clothing item, creating a beautiful and professional-looking package. This technique is easy to learn and perfect for creating the best-looking presents under the tree. With a few simple tools and a few minutes of your time, you can create the perfect gifts for your loved ones.


Cherry Blossom Wrap

Don’t be put off by this one being called Cherry Blossom Wrap. The right paper choice makes it equally good for holiday gifts. For this one it’s important you cut the paper to the right dimensions to get the right width to length ratio.


Diagonal Wrap

Gift wrapping in Japanese department stores always looks so stunning and their secret, before the gorgeous finishing touches, is diagonal wrapping. Learn how to do it here.


This Japanese gift wrapping tutorial will show you how to use the diagonal wrapping technique, a style that is popular in Japanese department stores. This method is a great way to make your gifts look stunning and professional, and will make them stand out from the rest of the presents under the tree. The technique is simple: start by folding the wrapping paper in a diagonal fold, and then secure it with tape. Next, make a crease in the middle of the paper, and fold the sides in. Finally, tuck the edges in and secure with tape. With a few simple steps, you'll have the perfect wrapping for your gifts!


Ribbons and Bows Tutorial

For this last one, I thought I’d share a video on how to make various types of bows. If you don’t have loads of time to spend on fancy wrapping techniques, you can still make your presents look totally professional with any of these beautiful ribbons. We always go a little gift crazy at Christmas, so I would choose one basic paper for all my gifts and then a particular ribbon for each person. They would look totally awesome under the tree (and around it and spread across the floor😊)

Do have fun! Check out more Japanese gift wrapping tutorials on YouTube. It’s also a great resource if you’ve got tricky shaped gifts to wrap.

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