9 Unique Christmas Decorations to Wow Your Friends and Family with ...


9 Unique Christmas Decorations to Wow Your Friends and Family with ...
9 Unique Christmas Decorations to Wow Your Friends and Family with ...

If you have been too busy to buy some decorations for your home and you're a fan of crafting, then you will love these unique Christmas decorations that are super simple to make in no time at all. I know, Christmas is literally around the corner but there is still some time to make some unique Christmas decorations for those table displays and parties.

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Festive Floral Displays

Festive Floral Displays Don't forget the festive floral displays this Christmas. You can use anything you like to make them. For example, a Santa can would be so cute and easy to make. All you need is a large empty metal can, some red spray paint and an old black belt. Once you have made the container, fill it with the festive flowers of your choice. This is one of the many unique Christmas decorations you can wow your family and friends with this year.


Reindeer Tags

Reindeer Tags Reindeer make adorable decorations. I especially love the reindeer tags made from peanut shells, of all things! They're super simple to make and you can use them as gift tags, place names for the dinner table or even Christmas cards. It's a great way to re-cycle and make something which is unique and cute for the holiday period.


Jolly Jars

Jolly Jars There are so many things you can do with those empty jars. They make brilliant table displays and decorations around the home during the festive period. If you would like more ideas for what to do with those empty jars, check out the following article on AWS: 31 DIY Snow Globes to Make before Christmas.


North Pole

North Pole This unique decoration is made from a dollar store solar light, so it won't cost the earth. The kids will love this mini North Pole sign.


BeJeweled Christmas Tree

BeJeweled Christmas Tree If you love jewelry and a little glitz and glamour, then this one is for you. It's a true fashionista's Christmas tree and if you can get hold of some old jewelry then you can make one in no time. It's sure to shimmer and sparkle with the Christmas lights and impress family and friends.



Corks What do you do with all of those spare corks? Well, one idea is to make mini Christmas trees. They're cute and simple and obviously the more wine drinking you have been indulging in recently, the more you can make!


Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Your Christmas tree has probably taken pride of place in your home already. However, if you're looking for a unique table display or mini Christmas decoration for a small space then this is perfect. Made from recycled book pages and stacked to form a super unique Christmas tree, you're sure to wow family and friends with this one.


Gift Wrapped

Gift Wrapped This is another great idea for festive displays. Simply wrap up some empty tissue boxes and place them around the home. It's also a great way to re-use those empty tissue boxes and you can use them year after year.


Perfect Pine Cones

Perfect Pine Cones This is a great idea for all those pine cones you have picked up on your Autumn walks. You can use yarn or just spray them with some green paint and a little glitter and decorate with beads from old jewelry. This will look great as a dinner table display too.

There are so many unique ways to decorate your home during the festive period. All you need is a little imagination. Do you have any other ideas?

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