9 Unique Christmas Decorations to Wow Your Friends and Family with ...

If you have been too busy to buy some decorations for your home and you're a fan of crafting, then you will love these unique Christmas decorations that are super simple to make in no time at all. I know, Christmas is literally around the corner but there is still some time to make some unique Christmas decorations for those table displays and parties.

1. Festive Floral Displays

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Don't forget the festive floral displays this Christmas. You can use anything you like to make them. For example, a Santa can would be so cute and easy to make. All you need is a large empty metal can, some red spray paint and an old black belt. Once you have made the container, fill it with the festive flowers of your choice. This is one of the many unique Christmas decorations you can wow your family and friends with this year.

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