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31 DIY Snow Globes to Make before Christmas ...

By Neecey

If you're looking for some easy pre-Christmas crafts, you'll be enchanted by these DIY snow globes. Who doesn't love a snow globe? Such a simple concept can provide a child with joy when they shake it to see the "snow" fall... and for adults it can provide an elegant or fun touch to holiday décor. Let's peruse a selection of DIY snow globes that will make you want to reach for the glitter.

1 Stemware Snow Globes

Stemware Snow GlobesSource: Stemware Snow Globes | Family ...

This selection of DIY snow globes is going to show you plenty of ideas beyond the screw top jar. Once these are made you can stand candles on them - such fun!

2 Anthropolgie-Inspired

Anthropolgie-InspiredSource: Let It Snow | DIY ...

Who said snow globes aren't elegant?

3 Winter Scene

Winter SceneSource: Poppytalk: Weekend Project: Winter Scene ...

Put in anything you like!

4 DIY Snow Globes with Christmas Lights

DIY Snow Globes with Christmas LightsSource: DIY Snow Globes Using Christmas ...

You can buy fairy lights powered by battery that will make this an easy craft. Such a lovely display for the holidays.

5 Photo Snow Globe

Photo Snow GlobeSource: How to Make Your Own ...

A fun and interesting way to display photos.

6 DIY LEGO Snow Globe

DIY LEGO Snow GlobeSource: Last Minute DIY Holiday Ornaments

See! You really can use anything as your DIY snow globe centerpiece.

7 DIY Mini Snow Globes

DIY Mini Snow GlobesSource:

The size of the jar is completely up to you.

8 Snow Globe Ornament

Snow Globe OrnamentSource:

A perfect addition to your tree baubles collection.

9 Silver & Gold Snow Globe

Silver & Gold Snow GlobeSource: Rust & Sunshine: 12 Days ...

You'll be delighted by the effect when you shake it.

10 Etched Snow Globe

Etched Snow GlobeSource: Christmas DIY Craft Project: How ...

Here the snow is on the glass not in it.

11 Winter Scene

Winter SceneSource: Make a Magical Christmas Scene ...

If you don't want a traditional snow globe but want to create the look, this will make a great centerpiece.

12 Mini Snow Globe Ornament

Mini Snow Globe OrnamentSource: DIY: mini snow globe ornament

You'll have to source old style bulb ornaments to produce these.

13 Snow Globe Soap Dispensers

Snow Globe Soap DispensersSource: Dollar Store Mason Jar Snow ...

Snow globes get practical.

14 Snow Globe Christmas Cards

Snow Globe Christmas CardsSource: DIY - Snow Globe Postcards ...

Not all snow globes are jars.

15 Pom Pom Snow Globe

Pom Pom Snow GlobeSource: Christmas Month: Pom Pom Snow ...
If you don't want to mess around with glass jars, glitter and water, get the kids making these.

16 Video Tutorial

Video TutorialSource: Good Ideas For You | ...

I've included a link to a video for those who prefer to be shown how to make a snow globe.

17 Fall Snow Globe

Source: Show-and-Share Saturday Link Up! - ...

A snow globe isn't just for Christmas.

18 Glow in the Dark Snow Globe

Glow in the Dark Snow GlobeSource: DIY Glowing Snow Globe: Quick ...

Normal by daytime, glowing at night.

19 Dollar Store Snow Globe Ornament

Dollar Store Snow Globe OrnamentSource: DIY Snow Globe Ornaments - ...

Raid the dollar store for all sorts of things to make your snow globe ornaments.

20 DIY Snow Globe Necklace

DIY Snow Globe NecklaceSource: HAPPY Holidays: DIY Snow Globe ...

Want to wear your snow globe? Go ahead and make this.

21 Waterless Snow Globes

Waterless Snow GlobesSource: How to make a snow ...

Effective even without the water/snow.

22 Salt Shaker Snow Globes

Source: Craft Ideas for Christmas Decorating

You can pick up salt shakers for $1 or less. No water for these DIY snow globes though.

23 DIY Snow Globe Aquarium

DIY Snow Globe AquariumSource: Creativity 521 #36 - DIY ...

Use your imagination to create your own display for all year round.

24 Snow Globe Magnets

Snow Globe MagnetsSource: Snow Problem | A Girl ...

Made from magnetic spice tins from Ikea.

25 Snow Globe Snowman

Snow Globe SnowmanSource: Snow Globe Snowman Craft For ...

One for the kids.

26 Light Bulb Snow Globe

Light Bulb Snow GlobeSource: Upcycle This! 15 Ways to ...

What a great way to recycle light bulbs.

27 DIY Gift Card Snow Globes

DIY Gift Card Snow GlobesSource: DIY Gift Card Snow Globes

What a creative way to present gift cards.

28 DIY Artificial Snow

DIY Artificial SnowSource: How to Make Artificial Snow ...

If you're going to make your own snow globes, it helps if you know how to make artificial snow.

29 Snow Globe Halloween Costume

Snow Globe Halloween CostumeSource: Snow globe

Lost for an idea? Here's something unusual.

30 Snow Globe Shadow Box

Snow Globe Shadow BoxSource: Spool and Spoon: Snow Globe ...

Another way to make a holiday display.

31 Snow Globe Ring

Snow Globe RingSource: craftgawker
A ring just for Christmas!

You can let your creative juices flow to come up with your own ideas for DIY snow globes. I've got a vintage Victorian village set of Christmas decorations that I might just use to make a snow globe tableau. What about you. Will you be making your own snow globe?

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