24 Fun DIY Ideas for Your Advent Calendar This Year ...


24 Fun  DIY Ideas for Your Advent Calendar This Year ...
24 Fun  DIY Ideas for Your Advent Calendar This Year ...

Instead of filling my advent calendar with candy, I fill it with fun crafts and activities that my family does together. The idea of the advent calendar is to count down the days until Christmas with something special for each day. It adds to the magic of the entire season, right? If you want to get in on the fun, have a peek at some of these great advent calendars. I guarantee you are going to have a hard time picking the one you want.

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Use a Mini Muffin Pan

Use a Mini Muffin Pan What's so great about this advent calendar is that you can place the item inside, then let your kids punch it out to see what's inside.


Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper Here's another fun punch it out advent calendar that is sure to excite your children.


Wrapped up

Wrapped up Instead of hanging your advent calendar, place each wrapped item in a long dish.


Fun and Laughs

Fun and Laughs Try something simpler than crafts with a new Christmas joke on each of your advent calendar days. Fun, right?


Paper Bags

Paper Bags Tiny paper bags are the perfect thing for making your own advent calendar.


Box Puzzle

Box Puzzle You are going to have just as much fun piecing this together as you are opening each box.


Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf If your family members are fans of Elf on the Shelf (or another Christmas theme), you'll love these choices.


Paper Trees

Paper Trees Underneath each tree is a fun treat that makes each day leading up to Christmas magical.


Tiny Mittens

Tiny Mittens Itty bitty felt mittens are perfect for a garland style advent calendar.


Scripture Advent Calendar

Scripture Advent Calendar Reading a different Bible verse is a fun way to remember the meaning of Christmas.


On a Pine Bough

On a Pine Bough This is a fun and unique way to hang your advent calendar so it blends in with your decor.


Tiny Boxes

Tiny Boxes You could glue these tiny boxes to a piece of wood or cardboard or you could pile them in a big festive bowl.


Adult Version Advent Calendar

Adult Version Advent Calendar There's no reason why only the kids should have all the fun, right?


Pull out Containers

Pull out Containers These little containers are easy to pull out and there's plenty of space for treats or gifts inside.


Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging A wall hanging advent calendar is perfect decor for your living space.


Sewn up

Sewn up If you have sewing skills, you could whip up this adorable advent calendar in no time.


Reindeer Advent Calendar

There isn't any candy or presents with this one, but it's full all the same. What do you think?


Little Houses

I absolutely love this! What could be cuter than a tiny Christmas village that is also an advent calendar?


Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls

Turn empty toilet paper rolls into a cute Christmas candy advent calendar.


Advent Calendar Garland

Advent Calendar Garland What a cute way to decorate your staircase or mantle. Would you hang it up?


Use Envelopes

Use Envelopes Envelopes make the perfect choice for an advent calendar that contains activities or crafts inside.


Small Ornaments

Small Ornaments Hanging your advent calendar days as tiny ornaments on a tree is a fun and festive idea.

Do you have an advent calendar that you hang up each year? Will you get one after seeing this list?

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