44 Trash to Treasure Projects to Transform Junk like You Won't Believe ...


Trash to treasure projects have more to them than you might think. You get to recycle, which is good for the planet. You get to save money, which is good for your wallet. And, you get to feel great satisfaction at something you've accomplished, which is good for your soul. Oh, and you get something that's either useful or pretty, or both. I won't tell you'll be amazed at the vast range of trash to treasure projects. Actually I will, because with a little imagination and creativity, practically any piece of junk can become something to treasure.

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Redressed Dresser

Redressed Dresser Via While They Snooze: Thrift Store ...
Sometimes trash to treasure projects just involve a paint job and a few new knobs.


CD Tower Upcycle

CD Tower Upcycle Via My Top 10 DIYs of ...
Fix a floor standing unit to the wall to completely change its use.


Stenciled Coffee Table

Stenciled Coffee Table Via quick Stenciled Coffee Table Makeover...Trash ...
A bit of stenciling gives an old table a makeover.


Entry Table

Entry Table Via Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, ...
Reckon you could turn an old door and some spindles into a unique piece of furniture for your entry?


Nightstand Transformation

Nightstand Transformation Via Trash to Treasure Nightstands {your ...
Something old fashioned can be given a fresh modern look.


Chalk Paint Project

Chalk Paint Project Via Homemade Chalk Paint
Chalk paint is really great to work with because it requires minimum preparation.


Geometric Stenciled Octagon Tray

Geometric Stenciled Octagon Tray Via makinghomebase.com
Bye bye old and stained tray. Hello shiny and new tray.



Birdhouses Via Trash to Treasure Birdhouse Inspiration ...
Such fun and your feathered friends will love them.


Light Fixture Feeder

Light Fixture Feeder Via From My Front Porch To ...
Like I said at the beginning - a little imagination can take you a long way.


Play Kitchen

Play Kitchen Via Twice Lovely: Tres Chic Play ...
Can you believe this was an entertainment center in its former life?


Bottle Light Fitting

Bottle Light Fitting Via Trash To Treasure | 17 ...
I've been watching an interior design series on UK TV recently and there’s been a lot of bottle upcycling going on.


Menu Board & Shelf

Menu Board & Shelf Via DIY Craft Projects using Old ...
Add a restaurant touch to your lichen by recycling an old screen door.


Festive Bowl

Festive Bowl Via Trash to Holiday Treasure: Display ...
There are so many items that can be transformed with paint.


Side Table

Side Table Via 45 Unbelievable Flea Market Flips
Three vintage suitcases to a side table? Yes please!


Tray Makeover

Tray Makeover Via Thrifting Trash to Treasure - ...
Not all trash to treasure projects involve major work.


This particular project is a great example of a simple, yet effective, transformation. It involves taking an old tray and giving it a makeover. All that is needed is a few supplies, such as paint, a brush, and a stencil, and the transformation is complete. The result is a beautiful, unique piece of home decor that is sure to be a conversation starter. This project is great for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their home without spending a fortune. It's also a great way to repurpose an old item and give it a new life.


Globe Bowl

Globe Bowl Via Trash To Treasure | 17 ...
Half a globe and a stand make a great centerpiece.


Wash Bin Coolers

Wash Bin Coolers Via Old Washbin Storage Repurposes
Who knew old wash bins could be so chic?


Book Light

Book Light Via Trash to Treasure: 14 Creative ...
Drill a hole through each volume in the stack, string some lamp wire through, and then glue a socket to the top book.


Magazines to Magnificent Mirror

Magazines to Magnificent Mirror Via One Person's Trash Is Another ...
This will take some of your time, but boy, how thrilled will you be with the result?


Holiday Card Holder

Holiday Card Holder Via Holiday Card Holder - Sugar ...
Would you have ever thought to use an old crib spring like this? And why limit it to the holidays? Use it all year round for a photo montage.


Mirror to Chalkboard

Mirror to Chalkboard Via $2 Trash to Treasure Chalkboard ...
A charm for a little girl's room, or something practical for the kitchen.


New Cabinet

New Cabinet Via Craft Ideas & DIY Tutorials
2 old windows + 2 old drawers = new from old.


Shutter Cabinet

Shutter Cabinet Via DIY Reused Recycled Repurposed Rethinked ...
It's amazing what you can turn old shutters into.


Planter Chair

Planter Chair Via Chair Planters
Cute! Brings a whole new meaning to the term garden chair.


Repurposed Dresser

Repurposed Dresser Via Talkin' Trash to Treasure
Paint it and then add some lovely wallpaper (varnish to seal and protect it).


Drawer Ottoman

Drawer Ottoman Via DIY Drawer Ottoman | The ...
A footstool or a kid’s seat - whatever - it's always got the bonus of storage.


Cuff Bracelets

Cuff Bracelets Via joann.com
Made from toilet roll innards, Mod Podge, and craft materials. Not only are these amazing but I had to include them to show that trash to treasure can go beyond homewares and furniture.


Cat House

Cat House Via Trash to Treasure: 40 Creative ...
How do people come up with these ideas?


Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table Via Pallet Coffee Table • 1001 ...
Every time you reuse pallets, remember that the trees didn't die for nothing.


From Frame to Artwork

From Frame to Artwork Via Blogger
Reworking old frames is one of the easiest upcycling projects.


DIY Lampshade

DIY Lampshade Via DIY Lampshade - trash to ...
A pretty feminine lampshade from a wire trash bin and scraps of cotton.


Coat Hanger

Coat Hanger Via Trash To Treasure | 17 ...
A neat way to repurpose old doorknobs.


Wall Art

Wall Art Via From Trash to Treasure -
Now you know what to do with all those box lids you have lying around! ^_^


Wall art is a fun and creative way to add a unique touch to your home. With a little bit of imagination and some basic materials, you can turn ordinary items like box lids into beautiful works of art.

One of the most popular DIY wall art projects is the “From Trash to Treasure” project. This project is perfect for those who have lots of box lids lying around. All you need to do is gather all the lids, arrange them in a pattern and then glue them together. Once the lids are glued together, you can then paint them or add embellishments to create a unique piece of art.

You can also use other materials like wood, fabric, and paper to create your wall art. You can use paint or markers to create a design and then use glue or tape to adhere the materials to the wall. You can also use stencils to create intricate designs.

Wall art is a great way to express your creativity and to add a personal touch to your home. It is also a great way to upcycle items that would otherwise end up in the trash. With a little bit of imagination and some basic materials, you can create beautiful wall art that will brighten up your home.


Bench Makeover

Bench Makeover Via My Trash to Treasure Garden ...
You know all those weight benches from home gyms you see at yard sales? Bring one home and make a garden/porch bench.


Ruffled Tablecloth

Ruffled Tablecloth Via DIY Ruffled Tablecloth
You can easily make a ruffled tablecloth from an old bed skirt ... even if you're not a sewer!


Potting Bench

Potting Bench Via Potting Bench
What a great use of an old sink.


From Crappy to Chic

From Crappy to Chic Via DIY: Chair Recovered, A Cinderella ...
Secondhand really can be made to look brand new.


2 Simple Shutters

2 Simple Shutters Via repurposing a shutter in 2 ...
Two sweet ideas.


Drawer Table

Drawer Table Via The Pink Porch: Get Your ...
Combine legs from an old chair or table with a dresser drawer to create a useful storage table for the bathroom.


Rake Glass Holder

Rake Glass Holder Via 28 Genius Ideas How to ...


Old Bed Springs

Old Bed Springs Via Goodwill Hunting Was a Success!!!
I don't like this as it is but I was thinking you could place planters next to the pillars and train plants to grow up and then in and around the springs!


New Stools from Old

New Stools from Old Via One Gal’s Junk is Another ...
Basic upholstery like this is not as difficult as it appears.


Matching Night Stands

Matching Night Stands Via Furniture Flippin': April 2013
These were once the two ends of a pedestal desk!


Kitchen Chalkboard

Kitchen Chalkboard Via Items similar to Chalkboard, Repurposed ...
When your cutting board is no longer good for food prep, give it a new lease of life with chalkboard paint.

I feel like heading out to my nearest charity (thrift) shop or flea market to see what I can find to give a makeover. Sadly, I always intend more than I actually do! Are you feeling inspired to turn trash into treasure?

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