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41 Crafts Using Buttons Everyone Can do ...

By Neecey

I have got a huge pile of buttons I've collected over the years for "just in case" but I've never really given any thought to using them for button crafts. That is until today, when I was deciding what to do with them during one of my infrequent declutttering sessions. If you're like me and have a pile, have a browse through these button crafts and you might see something that inspires a raid on your stash.

1 Button Art

art,textile, Via Items similar to Multi Coloured ...

If you've got a precious darling who's as cute as a button, DIY art for the nursery or their room is a great idea. As long as you can draw an outline (or use a template), this is one of the easiest button crafts.

2 Tufted Upholstered Headboard with Fabric Buttons

wool,textile,floor,furniture,flooring, Via Loosen Up My Buttons, Babe

There are plenty of crafts using buttons that don't include sewing. Can't find a headboard you like? Make your own.

3 Button Hairpins

cutlery,body jewelry,jewellery,tableware,ーーー, Via Button Hairpins

It's a cinch to give bobby pins a makeover.

4 Button Tree Painting

pink,modern art,art,organ,calligraphy, Via Robin's Egg Blue Button Tree ...

A work of art anyone could do.

5 Framed Buttoned Letter

art,picture frame,petal,needlework,textile, Via Items similar to Framed Buttoned ...

Make for your own home or as a gift.

6 Lampshades

art,pattern,design,cake decorating,textile, Via Cool Lamp Shade Ideas - ...

Two great ideas for customizing lampshades.

7 Vintage Button Christmas Decoration

green,fashion accessory,bead,christmas decoration,toy, Via Vintage Button Christmas Decoration

So clever and effective.

8 Christmas Gift Tags

color,play,indoor games and sports,art,games, Via Items similar to Christmas Gift ...

Making your own tags is such a personal touch for your gifts.

9 Button Bookmarks

green,font,art,writing,brand, Via DIY Tutorial: Diy back to ...

Paperclips + buttons = cuteness

10 Christmas Star

christmas decoration,lighting,light fixture,chandelier,decor, Via Favorite Craft Ideas

A great alternative to a wreath.

11 DIY Christmas Card

green,jewellery,bracelet,fashion accessory,petal, Via Hopeful Honey | Craft, Crochet, ...

So many ways to use buttons on Christmas cards. Like ...

12 Button Snowman Card

pink,christmas decoration,art,snowman,christmas, Via Scrappin' with DeeDee: 3 Button ...

... this one

13 Pretty Bugly

insect,fauna,close up,beetle,invertebrate, Via 4 Things to Make With ...

No one is going to run away from these.

14 DiY Rainbow Button IPhone Case

Robinsons Supermarket,font,product,toy,food, Via Rainbow Button iPhone Case {DiY} ...

Buy a clear plastic case and go to town with the glue and buttons.

15 Vintage Button Necklace

art,food,textile,thhead,,DIU, Via DIY – vintage buttons necklace ...

Some button crafts = unique. No one will have the same statement necklace as you.

16 Button Topiary Trees

christmas tree,christmas decoration,art,fashion accessory,bead, Via Want to make a Christmas ...

Give your holiday décor a modern touch.

17 Button Headband

hair,face,pink,nose,clothing, Via DIY Tutorial: DIY Button Craft ...

And who says this just has to be for kids?

18 DIY Vintage Button Garland

yellow,food,candle,lighting,dessert, Via DIY Tutorial: DIY Button Craft ...

Dress up your candle holders.

19 Button Blooms

flower,plant,land plant,flowering plant,toy, Via 4 Things to Make With ...

Or just make fun things for the sheer sake of making something pretty.

20 Button Frame

picture frame,art, Via Button Crafts And Projects - ...

Pearlized buttons are ideal for adding a vintage touch.

21 DIY Gift Wrapping

pink,petal,art,www.craftandcreativity,com, Via DIY Tutorial: DIY Button Craft ...

Follow the guide and your gift wrapping will be bang on the button this year.

22 Embroidery Flowers

lighting,material,QC3, Via Ivory Blush Roses: Catching Up

Cushion? T. Shirt? Purse? Kid's shoe bag. Your choice!

23 American Flag

lighting,food,IS'Ge, Via Fun 4th of July Crafts

I would use navy blue backing to make sure I've got the red, white and blue.

24 Button Bowl

blue,jewellery,aqua,turquoise,fashion accessory, Via Teachers: Classroom Craft & Art ...

This is made by using a blown up balloon.

25 DIY Minnie Mouse Button Hair Clips

fashion accessory,sports equipment, Via Architecture of a Mom: Minnie ...

You could do this on a barrette too.

26 Buttons Bracelets

finger,fashion accessory,hand,organ,jewellery, Via Items similar to Versatile crocheted ...

When buttons become arm candy.

27 Snowflake Button Pillow

Swanky,textile,bed sheet,material,furniture, Via NO- SEW SNOWFLAKE BUTTON PILLOW

Such a pretty cushion and no sewing involved (unless you want to make the cushion too.

28 Button Snowflake

product,art,toy,fashion accessory,circle, Via Button Snowflake

Button crafts can keep the kids occupied in the holidays.

29 Handmade Button Charm Bracelet

necklace,jewellery,fashion accessory,art,bead, Via Handmade Button Charm Bracelet Vintage ...

Give your arm a vintage touch. Or ...

30 Button Bangle

bracelet,jewellery,fashion accessory,art,bead, Via Button Craft Project Ideas: How ...

... keep it simple.

31 Button Flower Mirror-

christmas decoration,wreath,petal,art,fashion accessory, Via Easy Button Crafts for Kids

And it all starts with a round mirror.

32 Button Doors

modern art,art,glass,window,textile, Via 6 Quirky Button Decor DIY's!

Now would you have ever have thought of that for yourself?

33 Door Curtain

color,bead,fashion accessory,jewellery,art, Via Super Cute Button Crafts Tutorial ...

If you don't want to hang a door curtain, follow the same principle and make a mobile instead.

34 Button Flowers

flower,food,art,fashion accessory,dessert, Via Great DIY Button Ideas | ...

You can probably think of a load of ways to use these.

35 Button Ball

food,plant,flower,petal,floristry, Via Button Ornament - Fun Holiday ...

This uses a Styrofoam ball as the base.

36 Button Bookmarks

product,art, Via Great DIY Button Ideas | ...

Keep your place.

37 Button Tree Garland

jewellery,fashion accessory,earrings,petal,gemstone, Via How To Make & Hang ...

Add a stylish touch to your Christmas tree. Or you could make it multi-strand and hang it like any other garland.

38 Button Vase

flower,green,flower arranging,yellow,plant, Via Make Cute-as-a-Button Crafts

Buttons are a cute way to give an old container or vase a new lease of life.

39 Giant Button Mosaic Counter Display

display device,flooring,art,furniture,7'I, Via Giant Button Mosaic Counter Display ...

I think this is amazing! You need some serious patience to do this. I'm thinking of words like cook! or eat! for the kitchen. What would you do?

40 Button Napkin Holders

food,art,textile,dessert,pattern, Via Thanksgiving Ideas and Activities for ...

Make them to coordinate with your linens and tableware.

41 Button Bookmarks

play,toy,table,shelf, Via Disney Family | Recipes, Crafts ...

The simplest button craft ever! Sticking buttons to lengths of ribbon. Who can't do that?

Now you know what great button crafts there are, how much longer will your stash sit there in that big old jar?

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