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As you step into your jewelry-making adventures, you might want to widen your horizons as far as materials go. For example, beads and charms are not the only things you can turn into jewelry. Buttons work, too! To that end, we give you here some of the ways to use buttons in making jewelry. Hope you like them!

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Turn Metal Buttons into Earrings

Turn Metal Buttons into Earrings How pretty is this pair of DIY button jewelry? If you're thinking of giving this particular project a go, we suggest using buttons that are metallic and are similar in color to your other components. So if you have silver jump rings, you will want to use silver buttons.

Source: pearlsandscissors.com


Fashion a Layered Necklace

Fashion a Layered Necklace This DIY button necklace will require chain, jump rings, lobster lock, and buttons. Make sure that your jump rings will fit the distance from the button holes to their circumference. Jump rings come in many sizes so this shouldn't be a problem. You can use buttons of different designs for this project or you can go for a look as shown in the photo.

Source: ohohblog.com


Make a Vintage-inspired Pendant

Make a Vintage-inspired Pendant These are gorgeous. They don't look like they're buttons, do they? If you ever see some pretty vintage buttons in lovely bronze finishing, you'll want to grab some for this fun necklace project. Apart from buttons, you will also need chain, cabochon trays, industrial glue, wire cutters, and jump rings.

Source: mintedstrawberry.blogspot.ca


Stack Buttons into a Necklace

Stack Buttons into a Necklace Got buttons in cheerful colors and in varying sizes? If you can no longer use them in sewing projects, gather them up and turn them into a lovely DIY necklace. Apart from the buttons, you will also need twine or necklace cord for this craft project.

Source: morningcreativity.com


Go with a Floral Design

Go with a Floral Design Won't this be perfect for a unique and girly friend? If you want a necklace like this, you will want to use buttons with a floral or somewhat botanical design. You will also need chain with a color that beautifully matches your buttons.

Source: jewelsofsayuri.com


Turn Shank Buttons into Rings

Turn Shank Buttons into Rings This looks like a store-bought cocktail ring, doesn't it? In reality, it is made only of a shank button and wire. Shank buttons are the types with a hoop underneath. They come in pretty designs and would look quite perfect for a fun DIY jewelry project.

Source: mylifeonthedivide.blogspot.com


Follow a Fun Theme

Follow a Fun Theme This is so pretty! When you take a look at your button collection, you will likely notice that a good number of them come with nautical designs. Some will have anchors, others will feature boats. Gather them and give this fun necklace DIY a try. Aside from the buttons, you will also need cords, ribbon clamps, industrial glue, and ribbon strips for this project.

Source: zakladnicycodziennosci.blogspot.com


Use Elastic Cord to Thread Buttons

Use Elastic Cord to Thread Buttons If you happen to have a surplus of buttons of the same size, you can use them to make this fun bracelet. This project will not require a jewelry closure because the bracelet is constructed using thin elastic cord. You simply knot the ends of this cord after threading your buttons and you got yourself a unique bracelet.

Source: johannarundel.de

Have you ever made jewelry using buttons? We'd love to hear more unique DIY ideas. Share them in the comments!

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