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Don't you just love fruit-themed DIY projects? For those who are fans of strawberries, you will find the following craft ideas super cute. We have here a list of strawberry-inspired DIYs that range from simple to somewhat advanced. Some are great for kids while there are also several for a fun home décor project. Hope you enjoy the following strawberry craft projects!

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Sew Some Pot Holders

Sew Some Pot Holders Do you love loud and colorful accessories in the kitchen? If you do, you will want to sew a pair of the following DIY strawberry pot holders. For this sewing project, you will need only fabric in red and green, soft fusible interfacing, and quilting batting. For the leaves, you can choose to use felt instead of fabric similar to your fruit section.

Source: believeninspire.com


Make a Fruity Costume!

Make a Fruity Costume! How adorable! Who says that only kids can wear fruit-inspired costumes? And who also said that your fruit costume need to be round and frumpy? As you can see, a little red dress can be transformed into one fun strawberry project. Just add paper leaves for your headdress and tiny white teardrop shapes for the details of your dress.

Source: studiodiy.com


Sew an Adorable Bag

Sew an Adorable Bag That is one cute sling bag. I'm sure you have a yard or two of polka dot red fabric in your sewing room. Take it out, cut the pattern for this fun DIY strawberry project, and get some sewing done. The leaves here are plain fabric in two shades of green. A design variation is to use green felt. You can also use green strap to mimic the stems of strawberries.

Source: jacksandkate.com


Make a Pin Cushion

Make a Pin Cushion Got some scraps left from the sling bag strawberry sewing project? Don't throw them away. Gather some 15 x 20cm pieces and make these fun pin cushions. This is such an enjoyable project that you will likely end up making a dozen or two. You can sell them or give them away to friends who also love to sew.

Source: downgrapevinelane.com


Form a Pendant

Form a Pendant How beautiful! Would you believe that this is only made of polymer clay? This DIY idea was actually inspired by a pricey necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane. But why spend over a hundred dollars when you can easily make your own lovely version? You can even go crazy with the color, as shown in the photo above. Do not limit yourself to red. Any clay color that will complement the gold detailing of the strawberry will look absolutely fabulous.

Source: quietlioncreations.blogspot.com


Make Fun Confetti Packs

Make Fun Confetti Packs Here is a fun party décor that you can make for that gathering where you will wear your strawberry costume. To accomplish this project, you will need tissue paper in red polka dot and green, glue, and of course, confetti. You can get the latter pre-cut from the party store or you can shred your own. This project involves cutting strawberry shaped patterns using the red polka dot tissue paper and gluing the sides together. Leave an allowance by the top part for putting the confetti in and for attaching the leaves. Glue shut and distribute to party guests.

Source: jacksandkate.com


Paint a Planter

Paint a Planter How pretty! This is my favorite from this list of strawberry-inspired DIYs, for sure. This fun planter used to be plain white ceramic. It was given the strawberry treatment using only craft paint in red and yellow. Fun, right? Make sure that you plant an herb with leaves that look like those of a strawberry.

Source: acharmingproject.com

Have you ever crafted anything inspired by strawberries? We'd love to know what you made. Go ahead and share your DIY strawberry-inspired ideas.

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