7 Super Cute Strawberry-Inspired DIY Projects ...

Don't you just love fruit-themed DIY projects? For those who are fans of strawberries, you will find the following craft ideas super cute. We have here a list of strawberry-inspired DIYs that range from simple to somewhat advanced. Some are great for kids while there are also several for a fun home dΓ©cor project. Hope you enjoy the following strawberry craft projects!

1. Sew Some Pot Holders

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Do you love loud and colorful accessories in the kitchen? If you do, you will want to sew a pair of the following DIY strawberry pot holders. For this sewing project, you will need only fabric in red and green, soft fusible interfacing, and quilting batting. For the leaves, you can choose to use felt instead of fabric similar to your fruit section.

Source: believeninspire.com

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