7 Adorable DIY Ideas to Give Your Garden a Touch of Whimsy ...

Gardens are perfect places to relax and be closer to nature. They are perfect spots for injecting magic into your life, too. And to make your garden's magical qualities shine, it's imperative that you give the space a touch of whimsical DIY. To get you started, here are 7 fantastic inspirations.

1. Plant Succulents in a Cage

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How darling is this DIY garden idea? You can get small bird cages from any home store. You can even score some from the flea market. You simply cover the bottom with moss and maybe a bit of gardening soil. Add your lovely succulents and then hang them in your garden. These would also look lovely on top of your garden table or along a low concrete ledge.

Source: succulentsandsunshine.com

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