7 Adorable DIY Ideas to Give Your Garden a Touch of Whimsy ...


Gardens are perfect places to relax and be closer to nature. They are perfect spots for injecting magic into your life, too. And to make your garden's magical qualities shine, it's imperative that you give the space a touch of whimsical DIY. To get you started, here are 7 fantastic inspirations.

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Plant Succulents in a Cage

Plant Succulents in a Cage How darling is this DIY garden idea? You can get small bird cages from any home store. You can even score some from the flea market. You simply cover the bottom with moss and maybe a bit of gardening soil. Add your lovely succulents and then hang them in your garden. These would also look lovely on top of your garden table or along a low concrete ledge.

Source: succulentsandsunshine.com


Turn Your Pots Fruity

Turn Your Pots Fruity Giving planters a makeover is one of the more fun ways to give your garden a touch of DIY whimsy. For this particular idea, you will be turning some pots into fruit-themed vessels. The best ideas are strawberry, pineapple, and oranges. Another way to go about this is to paint vegetable designs.

Source: letsmingleblog.com


Repurpose a Clock to Make a Birdhouse

Repurpose a Clock to Make a Birdhouse Tiny birdhouses are whimsical on their own, even the ones you can get from the garden store. But if you're feeling crafty, making one is highly recommended. You don't have to make a cute birdhouse from scratch; sometimes, a good recycling project is the best idea. Clocks are great since they already have a space inside where birds can rest.

Source: sadieseasongoods.com


Make a Teapot Garden Décor

Make a Teapot Garden Décor How gorgeous! And would you believe that this is very easy to recreate? Sure this DIY garden projects involves a lot of materials but I tell you, this craft idea is quite easy to accomplish. To keep the parts together, you will be needing lots of industrial strength glue.

Source: confessionsofaserialdiyer.com


Paint Some Rock Markers

Paint Some Rock Markers These are cute garden markers. There are many ways to make garden markers but if you're looking for something colorful, this rock idea is perfect. The best part? You can ask your kids to do the design for you. I bet they'd have a whale of time painting these rock markers for your garden.

Source: craftsbyamanda.com


Make a Birdhouse Garden Art

This DIY whimsical garden accessory is inspired by an Anthropologie piece that costs several hundred dollars. But you can make yours for about $35 only. Make sure that you get birdhouses in different sizes and designs. For the paint, though, you will want to stick to a color palette. Complementary colors will work beautifully for this fun garden project. Display hanging on a thick tree trunk or a wooden fence.

Source: craftsunleashed.com


Make Concrete Toadstools

Make Concrete Toadstools DIY toadstools often come in loud colors of red. But what if you want to create some in neutral colors for you garden? Your solution comes in the form of branches and concrete. The tutorial below is not in English but the photos show the steps clearly. Google Translate should also help.

Source: johannarundel.de

I do not have a green thumb. However, these DIY whimsical garden ideas are somewhat inspiring me to try my hand at growing plants. Who knows, maybe these DIY whimsical projects are just what I need to work harder at maintaining a garden.

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