Cute and Trendy Evil Eye Design Craft Projects ...


Cute and Trendy Evil Eye Design Craft Projects ...
Cute and Trendy Evil Eye Design Craft Projects ...

The evil eye is a symbol of protection. You have probably seen many evil eye themed fashion pieces from the last season or so. If you want to include some in your home or daily style, we have here a fun list of DIY evil eye craft projects.

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Shallow Dishes

Shallow Dishes Talk about unique! These DIY evil eye shallow dishes or bowls are made of the incredibly awesome air dry clay. One pack should be enough for this quirky evil eye project. You shape the clay into an eye form and then let it rest inside a bowl. This is important because you will want your eye bowl to be concave. Once it's dry, use black and white paint to add the eye details.



Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging Most DIY evil eye craft projects are under the jewelry category. After all, it's a good thing to have a talisman with you at all times so a necklace or a bracelet is always a good idea. But what if you want a talisman of some sort for your house? In this case, this lovely DIY wall hanging is a great idea. This one is also made of air dry clay.



Pretty Bracelet

Pretty Bracelet Here we have one of those DIY evil eye inspirations under the jewelry category. This beautiful craft project will require a particular eye bead design. You can get them from various bead shops. They come in many colors and variations, too. To copy the eye shape chain section of the bracelet, check out the fabulous tutorial below.



Patterned Tights

Patterned Tights How edgy and fun! For those who like loud fashion and also happen to be a fan of the evil eye design, you will love this easy DIY project. If you want something similar for your closet, you will need fabric paint in light and dark opaque colors and paintbrushes. It is important to wear the tights when painting the evil eyes because you will want to draw them with the fabric stretched.



Pillow Case

Pillow Case Not only is this evil eye print pillow case cute and trendy, it was made in a clever way, too. Using a stamping method, the eye prints here were made using toilet paper roll. That's right, toilet paper roll. A section was formed into pointed ellipses to stamp the eye shape. Then more toilet paper roll was used to stamp the inner circles or irises. They were then filled in with black paint using a paintbrush. For the eyelashes, one straight edge of the toilet paper roll was used.



Batik Bag

Batik Bag Here is a fun evil eye project that will introduce you to the fun art of batik. This great tutorial also has steps for making a simple tote bag with leather straps.




Earrings This earring showcases only the eyelashes but you can use this jewelry tutorial to do the full evil eye look. Shrink plastic was used to make these earrings. But polymer clay will work, too.


Now both you and your home will be protected from evil forces. Even if you don't agree with the magical side of this pattern trend, you have to admit that evil eye DIYs are all sorts of fun.

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Omg the earring is so cute

@ alka you're absolutely right :-)

"evil" eye does sound creepy


The evil eye is a symbol; it wards off bad luck and evil. Read about it, it is actually very intresting.

Demonic .

Illuminati confirmed

The tights are cool

Cute ideas, they look pretty simple to make...and are unique, might give a couple a try

It's called the "all seeing eye" not the evil eye

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