38 Super Cool Diy Jewelry Ideas That Lets You Use up All Your Leftover Buttons ...

By Eliza

38 Super Cool Diy Jewelry Ideas That Lets You Use up All Your Leftover Buttons ...

Don't you just love a good craft project? I do! Have you ever bought the stuff to make a specific project, but had materials left over? If you have a pile of mismatched buttons lying around, use them to make these awesome pieces of jewelry. They are each one of a kind pieces that will get you loads of compliments. And they are all easy to make. Get ready to have some fun and impress your friends and family with your skills.

Table of contents:

  1. tiny bicycle pins
  2. make wire wrapped pendants from buttons
  3. little button and yarn snowman
  4. lovely little post earrings
  5. beachy button bracelets
  6. row of buttons bracelet
  7. diy beaded hemp crochet bracelet tutorial with buttons
  8. custom rings out of vintage buttons
  9. pink button necklace
  10. big statement necklace
  11. adorable button bracelets
  12. double row buttons with ribbon
  13. buttons in a net
  14. buttons all around
  15. keys with buttons
  16. button bobby pins
  17. diy tutorial for making magnets from vintage keys
  18. pretty vintage button necklaces
  19. bohemain mother of pearl button necklace
  20. gypsy button bracelet
  21. long button necklace
  22. all one color
  23. use some bright colors
  24. buttons with beads
  25. small and simple
  26. rainbow earrings
  27. beautiful flower pins made from buttons
  28. stacked button necklace
  29. pendant with clear layer and beads
  30. elegant and sophisticated
  31. i love buttons!
  32. wooden button bracelets
  33. with a hanging pendant
  34. funky flower bracelet
  35. perfect pattern
  36. fabric covered button project
  37. with a ribbon tie
  38. totally bright and colorful

1 Tiny Bicycle Pins

Tiny Bicycle Pins Source: This, that and everything inbetween
Wouldn't these be cute on your winter coat?

2 Make Wire Wrapped Pendants from Buttons

Make Wire Wrapped Pendants from Buttons Source: Wire-wrapping Tutorial: How to Wire
What a fabulous way to use that odd button you can't figure out what to do with.

3 Little Button and Yarn Snowman

Little Button and Yarn Snowman This cute little snowman would be great for your daughter or niece.

4 Lovely Little Post Earrings

Lovely Little Post Earrings Source: Crafts & Activities | Babble
This is so cute! You could make a bunch of pairs to match all of your outfits.

5 Beachy Button Bracelets

Beachy Button Bracelets Source: Unavailable Listing on Etsy

These look like summer to me! Would you wear them?

6 Row of Buttons Bracelet

Row of Buttons Bracelet Source: Hope Studios: Tutorial Tuesday
Here's the perfect way to use up a bunch of single buttons. Cute!

7 DIY Beaded Hemp Crochet Bracelet Tutorial with Buttons

DIY Beaded Hemp Crochet Bracelet Tutorial with Buttons Source: Holy crap! Yarn and stuff!
These colorful bracelets are great for adding personality and life to your entire closet.

8 Custom Rings out of Vintage Buttons

Custom Rings out of Vintage Buttons Source: 46 Crafts Made with Recycled
These are some of the most adorable rings I have ever seen!

9 Pink Button Necklace

Pink Button Necklace Source: Valentines Pink Button Necklace- Vintage
You can customize this necklace to be any color you love.

10 Big Statement Necklace

Big Statement Necklace Source: Top 10 DIY Buttons Jewelry
What would you wear this with?

11 Adorable Button Bracelets

Adorable Button Bracelets Source: DIY – Button Bracelets
Buttons in fun shapes are a great choice for bracelets!

12 Double Row Buttons with Ribbon

Double Row Buttons with Ribbon Source: Nicola @ Smitten Kitten: How
I love the colors on this bracelet and the double row of buttons is different from the other bracelets you see.

13 Buttons in a Net

Buttons in a Net Source: DiaryofaCreativeFanatic
Isn't this a fabulous necklace? It's so pretty.

14 Buttons All around

Buttons All around Source: 10 Favorite DIY Fashion Pins
A ring of buttons on a chain makes for a perfect bracelet. What colors would you choose?

15 Keys with Buttons

Keys with Buttons Source: Fresh Baked Designs
These whimsical necklaces for perfect for using up all those tiny buttons.

16 Button Bobby Pins

Button Bobby Pins Source: DIY Vintage Button Bobby Pins
These are like jewelry for your hair!

17 DIY Tutorial for Making Magnets from Vintage Keys

DIY Tutorial for Making Magnets from Vintage Keys Source: Mamie Jane's: September 2010
Add a pin to the back and attach it your favorite little black dress.

18 Pretty Vintage Button Necklaces

Pretty Vintage Button Necklaces Source: DIY: Vintage Button Pendants

Won't these look lovely on a cute sweater?

19 Bohemain Mother of Pearl Button Necklace

Bohemain Mother of Pearl Button Necklace Source: Dishfunctional Designs: Bohemain Mother Of
I love this so much! What do you think of it?

20 Gypsy Button Bracelet

Gypsy Button Bracelet Source: Gypsy Button Bracelet | Regina
A mix and match collection of buttons is fun to a bracelet or necklace.

21 Long Button Necklace

Long Button Necklace Source: craftwerk.ee
Make any shirt pop when you wear this cute necklace.

22 All One Color

All One Color Using buttons that are all the same color is such a good idea.

23 Use Some Bright Colors

Use Some Bright Colors Source: Creative Passage: Button Bracelets
Give your favorite neutral outfit a fun pop of color with a button bracelet.

24 Buttons with Beads

Buttons with Beads Source: Items similar to First Frost
Fun! What would you pair these earrings with?

25 Small and Simple

Small and Simple Source: Make a button bracelet! Recycle
Beautiful, isn't it?

26 Rainbow Earrings

Rainbow Earrings Source: Rainbow Button Earrings · How
Make your day perfect by wearing a rainbow in your ears.

27 Beautiful Flower Pins Made from Buttons

Beautiful Flower Pins Made from Buttons Source: In which I make things!
I think I need a couple of hundred of these! So cute!

28 Stacked Button Necklace

Stacked Button Necklace Source: Sj's - Little Musings: quick
Pile small buttons on top of larger ones to create a fancy necklace like this.

29 Pendant with Clear Layer and Beads

Pendant with Clear Layer and Beads Source: Mod Podge jewelry: 20 project
This is different, but so cute!

30 Elegant and Sophisticated

Elegant and Sophisticated Source: Items similar to BUTTONS JEWELRY
I love how crafty and unique this is, while also being super easy to make.

31 I Love Buttons!

I Love Buttons! Source: Orange/Blue Oodles of Buttons Necklace
Who doesn't? You could easily make this in whatever color combo you like best.

32 Wooden Button Bracelets

Wooden Button Bracelets Source: Super Easy, DIY Wooden Button
Wooden buttons are often painted so they are fancy and perfect for making jewelry with.

33 With a Hanging Pendant

With a Hanging Pendant Source: Lorelei's Blog: Weekend Recap
This bracelet is so marvelous! You could wear it with pretty anything in your closet.

34 Funky Flower Bracelet

Funky Flower Bracelet Source: Karen Walker
These look perfect for spring and summer!

35 Perfect Pattern

Perfect Pattern Source: Jillibean Soup Bean Talk: Tutorial
You can certainly use a repeating pattern for your bracelet if you'd like.

36 Fabric Covered Button Project

Fabric Covered Button Project Source: Crafts & Activities | Babble
Here's a way to use leftover buttons and fabric scraps.

37 With a Ribbon Tie

With a Ribbon Tie I love the adorable ribbon bows on this bracelet.

38 Totally Bright and Colorful

Totally Bright and Colorful Source: marie les bas bleus
There isn't anything about this bracelet that isn't absolutely magnificent.

Are you planning to make one of these button creations? Which one? Let me know how it goes!

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