28 Totally Awesome Things You Can Bejewel at Home ...


28 Totally Awesome Things You Can Bejewel at Home ...
28 Totally Awesome Things You Can Bejewel at Home ...

If you ask me, everyone could use a bit more bling in their life, which is why today is the day that you need to bejewel something. In most cases, all you'll need is a hot glue gun, glue sticks and your shiny things. The list of things you can bejewel is virtually endless, giving you loads of options for making the things in your life sparkle and shine. Here are some great ideas to get you started. Part of the fun is in creating your masterpiece, so get ready for a totally great craft for any day of the week.

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Bling Your Light Switch

art,lighting,ceiling,picture frame,flooring, Via How to Make a Glitter ...
Turning the lights on and off is so much more fun when you bejewel your switch plate cover.


Monogram Letter

food,dessert,icing,cake decorating,flower, Via Create a Bedazzled Monogram Wood ...
Once you're finished bejeweling a cardboard or wooden letter, you can hang it somewhere in your home.


Curtain Tiebacks

clothing,dress,wedding dress,gown,bridal clothing, Via Dishfunctional Designs: Dreamy Bohemian Bedrooms: ...
Curtains will never be same again once you bejewel them to look like this.


Left over Plastic Easter Eggs

christmas decoration,art,christmas tree, Via Eggs with Bling!
Use up your leftover plastic Easter eggs to make a fancy decoration for your house. Aren't these fabulous?


Turn those pastel shells into sparkly delights to dazzle any room. It's as simple as getting your hands on some jewels, glue, and a pinch of creativity. Picture them perched on a shelf or stealing the show in a decorative bowl. These eggs can even be transformed into 'egg'ceptional photo holders. Just add a dab of paint, a sprinkle of glitter, or even some bedazzled initials to personalize them for that perfect touch. Voilà! You now have an eye-catching treasure that's both chic and unique. Don't just stop at Easter; let these gems shine all year round!


EOS Lip Balm

bead,art,fashion accessory,jewellery,crochet, Via Gina Christine
Those lip balm balls are so much more fun when they look like this.


Cellphone Case

jewellery,bead,fashion accessory,art,glass, Via The Gasoline Glamour Iphone 4 ...
No one else is going to have a cell phone case this fantastic!


Unleash your inner sparkle and make your communication device shine! With a dash of creativity and an array of colorful jewels, you can transform an everyday item into a dazzling fashion statement. This isn't just practical; it's a conversation starter that exudes style and personality. Imagine pulling out a phone that's encrusted with shimmering gems that catch the light — now that's a way to stand out in a crowd! So grab your adhesive and jewels, it's time to bedazzle your way to a uniquely magnificent cellphone case.


Travel Tumbler

mug,pink,drinkware,art,bottle, Via Travel Tumbler - Mossy Oak ...
I take my travel cup with me everywhere and I think I will glam it up with some rhinestones today.


Its Bling Time

watch,jewellery,fashion accessory,clock,hand, Via The Pink Porch: Happy New ...
Waking up in the morning is so much better when your alarm clock looks like this.


Shiny Lips

jewellery,black and white,fashion accessory,diamond,ring, Via Tattoo Hottie's Profile is Private ...
Obviously, you won't sport this look all the time, but it's pretty fun to imagine, isn't it?


Bejeweled Spoons

art,food,flower,dessert, Via Artsy Fartsy: Vintage jewelry
What a fun decoration to hang on the wall or display in a case.


Adding a touch of glamour to your kitchen or dining area, these glittering spoons are perfect. You don't have to stick to walls or cases; consider using them as fanciful serving pieces for special occasions. It's all about giving those everyday items a new lease on life with a sparkle. Whether it's a high tea or just a touch of whimsy on your morning breakfast tray, bejeweled spoons will surely be a conversation starter. Remember, the more unique the jewels, the more stunning the outcome. Happy crafting and sparkling up your utensils!


Beaded Purses

handbag,fashion accessory,pattern,bag,art, Via AS BOLSAS MARCHESA <3
Use these fancy purses as inspiration to make your own stand out.


Create Bejeweled Keys

jewellery,fashion accessory,earrings,body jewelry,diamond, Via My Salvaged Treasures: Visions of ...
There are so many things you can do with these fancy keys. Put one on a chain and wear it as a necklace. Or decorate your Christmas tree with them.


High Heels

high heeled footwear,footwear,leg,shoe,spring, Via Beach Inspired Hawaii Wedding Gallery: ...
Wearing high heels is fun enough, but take things to the next level by decking them out like this. It doesn't even have to be for a wedding to be awesome!


Bejeweled Bottles

bottle,drinkware,glass bottle,wine bottle,product, Via Bejeweled Bottles {Michaels and Hometalk ...
Aren't these beautiful? They would make great decorations for any room of your house.


Sparkle Frame

picture frame,jewellery,fashion accessory, Via Vintage Jewelry Picture Frame
What a fantastic frame to display your wedding photo in, don't you think?


Blinged out Swarovski Crystal Converse

Converse,footwear,shoe,sneakers,white, Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
You could spend the hundreds of dollars to buy these or make them yourself at home.


Dirt Bike Helmet

clothing,costume,anime, Via Biking Bling - Deryck Todd ...
Make dirt biking more girly with a helmet that looks like this one.


Blinged out Earbuds

pink,fashion accessory,bead,gadget,art, Via Bling Bling Studded White Ear ...
Does everyone in your house have similar earbuds? Make yours stand out by bejeweling them.


Wire Wrapped Color Bead Hair Pins

green,jewellery,fashion accessory,bead,gemstone, Via Penelope's Pearl of a Room ...
Make any day a good hair day with some of these fancy bobby pins.


On Your Candles

candle,lighting,centrepiece,distilled beverage,glass, Via ADORNOS DE NAVIDAD...HAZLO TU MISM@
Make inexpensive candles look pricey by gluing jewels on them.


Mac Book

pink,fashion accessory,glitter,bling bling,jewellery, Via Crystal Car Keys | Crystal ...
No matter what kind of laptop you have, make it shine with a whole load of jewels.


Sparkling Treasure from the Sea

seashell,jewellery,fashion accessory,art,invertebrate, Via Victoria Rose Cottage
These re lovely, aren't they? I'd use them to fill decorative bowls all over my house. Where would you put them?


Bejeweled Hair Combs

hair,clothing,fashion accessory,hair accessory,hairstyle, Via DIY Bejeweled Hair Combs // ...
Turn any hairstyle into a fancy one by sliding in these combs. You can make them at home so they look just the way you want them to.


Bling Your Clipboard

clothing,fashion accessory,jewellery,headpiece,hair accessory, Via dollarstorecrafts.com
Work won't seem so tedious when you have jewels coating your clipboard.


Big Mirror

room,christmas decoration,picture frame,art,interior design, Via LaBelladiva: Vintage Jewelry Mirror
No matter where you hang this, it will make you smile every time you see it.


Rock Your Phone Case

Talent,Craft Fair,pink,art,petal, Via Crafting Rebellion: Rock Your iPhone
Here's another great way to bejewel your phone case so it looks fancy and fun.


Rhinestone Embellished Sweater

clothing,dress,fashion accessory,fashion,pattern, Via How to Add Sparkle to ...
If you have sewing skills, use them to create a one of a kind sweater that will get you loads of compliments.


Coffee Cup

Starbucks,cup,coffee cup,art,drinkware, Via Careers | BaubleBar
Buy one of those reusable Starbucks coffee cups and turn it into this fabulous creation.

Which one of these things are you going to make? Any other suggestions on what to bejewel?

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Btw love the ideas, very creative.


@SugarPoww55 you know they make sticker jewels and I think special jewels for makeup.

Some pretty good ideas, you just have to make sure hot glue won't burn the plastic or the fabric-and you can't bejewel your lips with hot glue!! You can get some pretty serious injuries!

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