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9 Incredibly Beautiful Anthropologie Knock-off Earrings You Have to Make ...

By Meream

It is no secret that Anthropologie has a fantastic selection of gorgeous earrings. For a girl with a budget, though, these pieces are probably out of reach. Good thing there are many crafty gals out there who took it upon themselves to give us Anthropologie earrings DIYs. The following are perfect examples. These are great Anthro earrings knock-off projects that will give you pretty accessories on a budget. What could be more perfect than that?

1 Nisha-Inspired

Nisha-Inspired How pretty are these DIY Anthro earrings? With all the beads involved, you might think that these are difficult to make. You'd be wrong. These take a bit of time, though. But if you have all the materials you need, you can fashion a pretty pair while watching your favorite TV show.


2 Marshmallow Puff-Inspired

Marshmallow Puff-Inspired You guessed it, the original pair cost a pretty penny. But if you have jewelry-making supplies lying around, you can make your own gorgeous pair of hoop earrings. You will need clear beads, thick and thin wire, and hooks for this project.


3 Hue Pyramid-Inspired

Hue Pyramid-Inspired This pair is made of wire and colorful paper beads. And paper beads, as you know, will cost you zero dollars to make. Once you have made a good number of the beads, you pound thick wire flat, form into a triangle, and then weave the beads along the two upright sides horizontally. Add earring hooks and you're done.


4 Glissade-Inspired

Glissade-Inspired Looking for a pair of earrings with a unique and edgy style? Look no further because these Anthro-inspired DIY earrings are what you need. You can make a pair using leather, silk, beads, and rhinestones. You will also need post backings.


5 Deco Dagger-Inspired

Deco Dagger-Inspired Would you believe that these are made of popsicle sticks? Awesome, right? The original Anthropologie pair are drop earrings but making yours stud style will work as well. Basically, you cut long triangles out of popsicle sticks and then treat them with a bit of paint. Don't forget to add pointy geometric details. Let the paint dry, add post backings, and that's it.


6 Tri-Loop-Inspired

Tri-Loop-Inspired How elegant are these chandelier earrings? The non-discounted Anthro pair would have set you back several hundred dollars. I know, that's not acceptable. Thankfully, with small black beads, wire, jump rings and earring hooks, you can make your own pretty pair for a small fraction of the original price.


7 Woven & Wrought-Inspired

Woven & Wrought-Inspired How stunning! Anthropologie no longer have stocks of these babies but you can make your very own pair using basic jewelry-making supplies. In fact, this can work as a recycling project since you can use an old rhinestone brooch or pendant for some sections of these Anthro knock-offs.


8 Faceted Fringe-Inspired

Faceted Fringe-Inspired These are lovely and will probably take you only a few minutes to make. Basically, you skewer a faceted oval bead with wire, gather a few strips of suede and fold in the middle to form a tassel, and wrap the extra wire from the bead around the folded end of the suede strips. Add earring hooks and you're done.


9 Herkimer Matchstick-Inspired

Herkimer Matchstick-Inspired This is another pair of Anthro earrings DIY that looks a bit complicated but is actually easy to make. You will need wire formed into a long rectangle and hammered flat. You then thread clear round beads through a thinner wire and then attach these to the hammered wire frame. Add earring hooks and that's it.


Which of this Anthro knock-off earrings is your favorite? I love the matchstick pair. I will carve out some time this weekend to try these fun Anthro jewelry DIY project. I hope you do the same!

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