9 Incredibly Gorgeous DIY Earrings to Amp up Your Spring Style ...


If you're looking for ways to update your look for the season, we give you these fun DIY spring earrings to consider. The following have fun designs showcasing the season's hottest colors: shades of blue, a bit of orange and plum, and sprinklings of marsala. Some of these also feature botanical aesthetics that are sure to give your OOTD a dash of spring freshness.

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Stone and Brass Dreamcatchers

Stone and Brass Dreamcatchers As you can see, this pair of DIY spring earrings doesn't look like the typical dreamcatcher. Using only round brass elements and beads in oval and cylindrical shape, you can copy the form of a dreamcatcher to make cute spring DIY jewelry.

Source: mintedstrawberry.blogspot.ca


Cascading Jade Pair

Cascading Jade Pair These pretty earrings showcase jade or marble beads in marsala. You can craft many fun accessories the whole year featuring this color. It may be a shade you typically see for colder months but in the form of beads, the color is perfect for DIY spring jewelry.

Source: lc.pandahall.com


Boho Hoops

Boho Hoops How gorgeous are these DIY earrings? This lovely pair showcases beads in mint green and the hoops are accented with fun metallic elements. To make this more spring or summer appropriate, you can switch the center teardrop bead with something in blue or marsala.

Source: domesticblisssquared.com


Faux Agate Studs

Faux Agate Studs These are incredibly beautiful. Would you believe that these are DIY earrings made of polymer clay? They look very close to the real thing, don't they? The faux grains here are achieved by mixing clay in different colors. The edges are then dabbed with metallic marker and a bit of dimensional magic glue is added to the top of the clay after baking.

Source: pitterandglink.com


Gingko Leaf

Gingko Leaf One way to feature the season using your DIY accessories is to craft with organic style in mind. Case in point, showcasing leaves and flowers for spring DIY jewelry. The pair above features gingko leaves made of Shrink plastic. Gold leaf was added for a touch of metallic beauty.

Source: wellnesting.com


Succulent Studs

Succulent Studs These succulent earrings are made of clay and painted using watercolor. They look a little bit complicated, but they are actually easy to construct. The important part here is to make precise “petals” or leaves in order to make a beautifully formed clay succulent.

Source: bohemianmint.com


Sea Foam Drops

Sea Foam Drops How pretty! These DIY spring earrings are very easy to construct. You simply find round glass beads in any shade of blue or in any color considered trendy for the season. Other materials needed include bead caps, headpins, and fish hooks.

Source: francoisetmoi.com


Trumpet Flowers

Trumpet Flowers I don't know about you, but trumpet or bell shaped flowers are my favorites. If you feel the same way, you will want to add these DIY earrings to your spring style. The trumpet elements here are some sort of beads that you can purchase from the craft store. Other materials needed are round beads, pins, and earring hooks.

Source: lc.pandahall.com


Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers Nothing says fresh spring style more than fresh flowers. These will not last you all season, but it's not a useless DIY idea altogether. These fresh flower earrings can be perfect accessories for a wedding entourage or for a fun photo shoot.

Source: bitsquareblog.com

How beautiful are these earrings? I am a no-frills sterling silver kind of lady but the DIY earrings I have listed here are sure making my heart flutter.

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The fresh flower idea is marvelous!

Yes, love the fresh flower idea..what a great way to embellish simple post earrings.

I love making earrings so I can always use new ideas

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