27 Stunning Christmas Trees You Can Create at Home ...

By Eliza

27 Stunning Christmas Trees You Can Create at Home ...

I love seeing all the fun and fancy Christmas trees people come up with at the holidays. I don't always have success recreating them though. In fact, most of the time, my tree turns into a hodge podge of elegant ornaments mixed in with the ones my kids make at school. But I love it! If you need some new ideas, check out these great Christmas trees for inspiration.

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1 Tones of Gold

christmas tree,christmas decoration,christmas,home,holiday, Source: What Size Christmas Tree Do ...
Gold is a classic holiday color so using it on Christmas trees is a fun way to create a festive look. Mixed with brown, gold works wonderfully.

2 Single Color Scheme

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,decor,fir, Source: Tips for Decorating Your Christmas ...
Sticking with one color on your tree creates a unified look that brings the whole tree together.

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3 Rainbow of Ornaments

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,christmas,decor, Source: Ideas for Decorating with Vintage ...
Grouping ornaments in like colors up the tree is super fun and looks pretty awesome, right?

4 Banner Sentiments

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,plant,flower, Source: Let It Snow Christmas Tree ...
A banner spelling out holiday sentiments is a fun addition to any Christmas tree.

5 Using Burlap in Your Christmas Tree

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,christmas,woody plant, Source: pinterest.com
Burlap is having a moment, making it a great way to add personality to your tree.

6 Red and Silver

christmas tree,christmas,christmas decoration,floristry,flower, Source: Christmas Revealed!
The combination of red and silver is great for holiday trees. What do you think?

7 Black, White and Silver

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,fir,decor, Source: 12 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
Of course you can't go wrong with a tree covered in black and white either!

8 Ombre Christmas Tree

christmas tree,christmas decoration,floristry,flower arranging,flower, Source: 10 Cool DIY Christmas Decor ...
If you're into the ombre look, this tree is a fun way to use it. Easy, right?

9 Decked out with Ribbons

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,christmas,decor, Source: christmas.americanaexperience.com
I've never used ribbon on my tree, but this looks great. It might be enough to get me to try it this year.

10 Simple but Stunning

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,decor,christmas, Source: Easy DIY Christmas Crafts - ...
This tree is simple, but it still creates an awesome look that I would love to have in my house.

11 Grinch Tree

christmas decoration,christmas tree,decor,-0000-, Source: maybe
You'd need a sense of humor to pull this off, but it is sort of awesome.

12 Rustic Feel

tree,christmas tree,christmas,christmas decoration,woody plant, Source: Dream Tree Challenge with Michaels ...
I love the wood cabin feel of this tree. Don't you think it would look perfect on a snowy Christmas morning?

13 Christmas Tree Letter and Bow

christmas,christmas decoration,christmas tree,floristry,holiday, Source: Monogram Christmas Tree Topper, Front ...
This fun monogram is a good way to create an entirely different look on your tree.

14 Red and White

red,christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,christmas, Source: christmas.lovetoknow.com
This tree looks like a giant candy cane to me. Would you ever buy a white Christmas tree?

15 Big Bows

tree,christmas tree,christmas decoration,christmas,decor, Big bows are an easy way to add some style to your Christmas tree.

16 Lots of White

christmas tree,christmas decoration,lighting,christmas,interior design, Source: Interior Design Ideas: Christmas Decorating ...
I like how this tree uses a lot of white without actually being white itself.

17 Green and Silver

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,christmas,woody plant, Source: marthastewart.com
Green on green isn't the most popular choice for Christmas trees, but it works!

18 Go All out

christmas tree,tree,flower arranging,christmas decoration,floristry, Source: ideashomeconcept.com
There's nothing wrong with piling on the ornaments when you decorate your tree.

19 Bright Lights

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,christmas,woody plant, Source: clipgoo.com
Imagine the impression this would make to all the cars driving by your house.

20 Spiral Colors

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,woody plant,christmas, Source: Christmas ⛄
Arranging your ornaments in a spiral like this is a fun new way to decorate the tree.

21 Non-traditional Colors

christmas tree,christmas decoration,flower, Source: 25 Fabulous Christmas Trees - ...
I'm not sure I could pull this off, but I think this tree is pretty wonderful. What do you think?

22 Santa Hat on Top

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,christmas,flower, Source: Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas
A Santa hat is a great topper for your tree if you are going with a theme that stars the jolly guy.

23 Peppermint and Snow

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,fir,decor, Source: Peppermint Christmas Tree
What could be more festive than this tree? Those giant candy canes are pretty great, aren't they?

24 White Decorations

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,winter,christmas, Source: pinterest.com
This tree has white flowers and branches on it, giving it a fun look you won't see all over the place.

25 With a Big Bow

Avanity,christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,christmas, Source: DIY Pinecone Ornaments & My ...
A big bow tied on top of the tree is a fun way to complete the perfect look.

26 Peacock Colored

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,woody plant,decor, Source: Chic Christmas Peacock Lime Green ...
If you love the blue and green combination you see in peacock feathers, you are going to adore this tree.

27 Blue Christmas

christmas tree,tree,christmas decoration,christmas,branch, Source: Favorite “PINS” Friday! - Beneath ...
I love turquoise, so this tree is like eye candy for me. Do you love it?

What's your Christmas tree decorating style? I usually let the kids take control, but someday I may go with a themed tree. Do you see a look you love on this list?

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Beautiful colors. So stunning I love

I love 3, 14 and 22 and 23

Love the rainbow theme! Just doing red, blue and gold this year.

Number 1 and 19 are my favourite

So beautiful puts you in the Christmas spirit

Especially the first one

Not everywhere, damn auto correct! Every year.

I really like 7, 16 and the last one. When my kids were small I never had a theme it was always decorated with ornament that they made at school and we made together. As they got older I did a Christmas candy theme that was adorable, then we did blue tones with Utah Jazz ornaments ( husbands choice) then my Favorite was light blues, silver and white with lots of lights. The last three years it's been traditional red, green and gold.. It's quiet pretty! My kids are all grown so I'll probably stick with the more traditional tree.... And then a small tree that's black, silver and white... To match the theme of a room we have which is music we've listened to through the 28 years together!

I love the colorful ones. Especially rainbow

I have s black tree. Everywhere I usually do 1 bright color. I've done purple, pink, and blue. This year, I did all the brightest colors I could find.

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