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Top Your Holiday Tree with These 21 DIY Stars ...

By Jennifer

Okay, not all of these stars are meant for the very tip-top of your tree, but they're all easy DIY projects you can make to add a little sparkle and shine to your decor this Christmas... which one will you try first? (To see each project in full, give the image a tap.)

1 Wire Star

Wire Star

2 Cereal Box Star

Cereal Box Star

3 Basic Origami Star

Basic Origami StarLike, seriously, even I can make this one...

4 Old Sweater Star

Old Sweater Star

6 Paper Star Ornaments

Paper Star Ornaments

7 A Yarn Star Project for the Kiddos

A Yarn Star Project for the Kiddos

8 Wood Stars

Wood StarsThis probably requires a saw, which means I ought not try it if I want to keep all of my fingers. And toes.

9 Wee Paper Stars

Wee Paper StarsI'd make these into a garland.

10 Painted Stars

Painted Stars

11 Inspired by Corduroy

Inspired by CorduroyBest-ever kid's book. BEST. EVER. Period.

12 More Paper Stars

More Paper Stars

13 Are Those Rosemary Sprigs?

Are Those Rosemary Sprigs?

14 Stars Made from Old Book Pages

Stars Made from Old Book Pages

15 Embossed Clay Stars

Embossed Clay Stars

16 Tiny Beaded Stars

Tiny Beaded Stars

17 Crochet'd Star Ornaments

Crochet'd Star OrnamentsThese would make such a sweet gift!

19 Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern

20 Starry Lights

Starry Lights

21 Pretty Wooden Stars

Pretty Wooden Stars

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