How to Make πŸ›  a Woodwick Candle πŸ”₯ for Crafty 🎨 Girls ...

Learning how to make woodwick candles is a pretty big fad right now. They are non-toxic and are pretty easy to make if you have the ingredients and are interested in having candles that don’t have chemicals in them. Woodwick is organic and the wax is either beeswax or soy based. Only high quality and environmentally friendly ingredients go into a woodwick candle. Here's how to make woodwick candles

1. What You Will Need

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β€’ Newspaper or wax paper as a surface area
β€’ Wax (Beeswax or soy wax, the purer the better, they carry this at candle stores)
β€’ Candle jars (as many as you need depending on how many candles you are going to make)
β€’ Woodwicks (you can find these at a craft store)
β€’ A glue gun
β€’ A glass measuring cup
β€’ A pan halfway full of water
β€’ Essential oils (your choice)
β€’ And food coloring (of your choice to add a little color to your candle).

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