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Learning how to make woodwick candles is a pretty big fad right now. They are non-toxic and are pretty easy to make if you have the ingredients and are interested in having candles that don’t have chemicals in them. Woodwick is organic and the wax is either beeswax or soy based. Only high quality and environmentally friendly ingredients go into a woodwick candle. Here's how to make woodwick candles

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What You Will Need

• Newspaper or wax paper as a surface area
• Wax (Beeswax or soy wax, the purer the better, they carry this at candle stores)
• Candle jars (as many as you need depending on how many candles you are going to make)
• Woodwicks (you can find these at a craft store)
• A glue gun
• A glass measuring cup
• A pan halfway full of water
• Essential oils (your choice)
• And food coloring (of your choice to add a little color to your candle).


Making the Candles

• Prep your surface (use either newspaper, wax paper, or a towel you’re not planning on reusing)
• Set your oven to 150 to 170 F or just warm it up if your oven doesn’t have that low of a feature.
• Line up your candle jars on a cookie sheet and heat them up in the oven. This will help prevent cracking and breaking when the wax is poured into them.
• Grab a pan, fill it half way with water. Set it on the stove to boil. Grab a glass measuring cup, fill it with wax and put the measuring cup into boiling pot of water on the stove. Wait for wax to melt about 7-10 minutes.
• Turn off stove and remove pan with measuring cup still in the water. Chose your favorite essential oil and add it to the hot wax. (Add one part candle fragrance for every four parts wax). If you want a “pretty” candle add some food coloring to the hot wax.
• Grab your candle jars and place a dot of hot glue in the center of the jar (this is for the woodwick) then proceed to pour hot wax into the jars with the woodwicks. Let the jars and wax sit for at least 24 hours to harden.

Need more help? Check out this video:

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