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Check out These Cute Christmas Trees to Inspire Your Own ...

By Teresa

If I'm being honest, I've got to say- my favorite part about Christmas is probably decorating my family's tree. We have a huge tree, and looking at other trees on Pinterest is always one of my favorite ways to get ideas for when we decorate ours. If you're looking for ideas yourself, this list will give you serious Christmas tree inspo and envy!

1 Picture Frames

Picture FramesSource: Christmas Revealed!
Don't you love the picture frames? What a great way to incorporate your family pictures!

2 A Colorful Christmas Tree

A Colorful Christmas TreeSource: A Colorful Christmas Tree
If you're a rainbow kind of girl, this is the tree for you!

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3 Neutrals and Noel

Neutrals and NoelSource: 25 Creative and Beautiful Christmas
I love the neutrals in this tree and the huge "Noel" over the fireplace.

4 Classic Christmas Tree

Classic Christmas TreeSource: 25 Creative and Beautiful Christmas
Rustic decorations look so beautiful on this tree!

5 Modern and Rustic

Modern and RusticSource: Creative Christmas Decor Ideas
The modern and rustic touches look so beautiful put together!

6 Rustic Glam

Rustic GlamSource: Rustic Glam Christmas Tree and
Is anyone else obsessed with the grays and whites in this living room and tree?

7 Farmhouse and Garland

Farmhouse and GarlandSource: Rustic Glam Christmas Tree and
The farmhouse decor is perfectly accented by the garland and pinecones!

8 Glam Tree

Glam TreeSource: Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
Isn't this tree so glam?

9 Santa's Tree

Santa's TreeSource: Transforming Home Decor - DIY
I love the Santa Claus influences on this tree!

10 French Country Christmas Tree

French Country Christmas TreeSource: FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE: A very
I love how this tree is mostly white with red accents, and I especially love the decor in the rest of the room and how it complements it!

11 Multiple Trees

Multiple TreesSource: Q&A with Suzanne: The Holiday
I love the idea of having multiple trees! It's so pretty!

12 Well-Planned

Well-PlannedSource: Top 10 Hottest Christmas Trends
If you're obsessed with things being in order, this is the perfect tree design for you!

13 Grays and Golds

Grays and GoldsSource: What Size Christmas Tree Do
The grays and golds look so glamorous on this tree!

14 Snowcapped

SnowcappedSource: Holiday Home Tour Grand Finale
This tree looks like it's outdoors and I love it!

15 Neutrals and Greens

Neutrals and GreensSource: Holiday Home Tour Grand Finale
The green accents on the presents look so great next to the tree!

16 Blue-Toned

Blue-TonedSource: 60 Gorgeously Decorated Christmas Trees
Do you love blue? This is the perfect tree for you!

17 Wood and Burlap

Wood and BurlapSource: O Christmas Tree - The
Burlap is such a great holiday decor trend!

18 White Christmas Tree

White Christmas TreeSource: White Christmas Decorating Ideas Family
An all-white tree is such a chic look!

19 A Crowded Tree

A Crowded TreeSource: 25 Creative and Beautiful Christmas
This tree is crowded in the best way possible! It looks so natural and real but so beautiful!

20 Mint Ornaments

Mint OrnamentsSource: Holiday Home Tour Grand Finale
Is green not really your thing? Go for mint, a variation of green, instead!

21 Tree on a Sled

Tree on a SledSource: j u n k a
The retro look of the sled is a perfect Christmas look!

22 Contemporary Tree

Contemporary TreeSource: Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
The look of this tree is so contemporary!

23 Minimalist and Rustic

Minimalist and RusticSource: 62 Stunning New Ways to
I simply adore this minimalist and rustic look! It's absolutely stunning!

24 Dramatic Stairs and Tree

Dramatic Stairs and TreeSource: Good Ideas For You Christmas
Don't the stairs make the tree look even more beautiful than it already is?

25 All-White Decor and Tree Contrast

All-White Decor and Tree ContrastSource: 30 Cheerful Christmas Interior Designs
The contrast of the all-white decor against the green tree is making me fall in love!

Which Christmas tree is your favorite? Have any of these inspired your Christmas tree this year? Let me know in the comments!

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