Colorful Couches to Brighten up Your Dull Living Room ...


Colorful Couches to Brighten up Your Dull Living Room ...
Colorful Couches to Brighten up Your Dull Living Room ...

Sure, neutral sofas are great, but is there anything that catches eyes more than bright furniture? Why not really make a statement by making the biggest piece of furniture in your living room, your sofa, a bright color? Everyone will be jealous of your gorgeous living room! This list will definitely help give you some ideas for the next time you redecorate!

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Bright Blue Sofa

Bright Blue Sofa Source: 20 Beautifully Curated Spaces: The
This bright blue sofa looks even better against the darker blue wall!


Dark Blue Velvet Couch

Dark Blue Velvet Couch Source: Blue Velvet Couches - Homey
Doesn't this dark blue velvet look so swanky and comfortable?


Bright Yellow

Bright Yellow Source: Bright Bazaar: Embracing Color for
Add a cheery touch with this bright yellow sofa!


Light Blue

Light Blue Source: House of Turquoise: Four Chairs
This is such a unique take on a blue sofa!


Crazy Accents

Crazy Accents Source: Katie
Sure, the sofa color isn't that crazy, but the accents make up for that!


Retro Sofa

Retro Sofa Source: Cushions to accessorize any space
These retro sofas are perfect for the girl who loves vintage home decor!


Yellow and Orange

Yellow and Orange It's rare that you see these two colors paired together on a couch, but this one pulls it off!


Garish Print

Garish Print Source: Clever Ideas for Flea Market
Turn a garish print into something that's kitschy and cute!


Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue Source: South Shore Decorating Blog: Preppy
Pair a dark blue couch with light blue accents!


Pale Blue

Pale Blue Source: How to choose a color
I'm obsessed with this pale blue couch and the retro feel of the room!


Green Mid-Century

Source: fabric crush // manuel canovas
Go for a mid-century modern look with this green sofa.


Mid-Century Ice Blue

Mid-Century Ice Blue Source: How to choose a color
I'm obsessed with this modern take on mid-century with the ice blue sofa and gold accents!


Pink Sofa

Pink Sofa Source: 10 Things Every College Living
You're only young once, so go for that bright pink sofa!


Modern Print Sofa

Modern Print Sofa Source: Jessica's Unbelievably Chic (and Colorful!)
It's not often that you see sofas that aren't vintage and have gorgeous prints! I love this printed blue sofa!



Minted Source: Minted - oversized statement art
You can't go wrong with a mint couch!


Boho Blue

Boho Blue Source: Weekend Room Refresh
Turn a boring blue sofa into a boho masterpiece with yellow accents!


Tufted Blue Sofa

Tufted Blue Sofa Source: 15 Colorful Reasons to Break
I'm absolutely obsessed with this tufted blue sofa!


Floral Print Sofa

Floral Print Sofa Source: Canlı Renk Düzeni İle Oturma
It's rare that a floral print sofa isn't too much, and this one is just right!


Turquoise Sofa

Turquoise Sofa Source: Hannah Blackmore Photography
Yes, this sofa is gorgeous, but the pink and orange accents is really what completes the room!


Minimalist Color

Minimalist Color Source: Design Updates in the Living
Few people associate minimalist style with color, which is why I love this deep blue sofa in this setting!


Lime Green Tufted

Lime Green Tufted Source: 10 Tips To Make Your
I love the contrast of the bright color against the classic tufted style. It's gorgeous!


Dark Green Velvet

Dark Green Velvet Source: 15 Colorful Reasons to Break
Does it get more chic than this green velvet sofa? It's so unique and so gorgeous!


Pink Floral

Pink Floral Source: Enamel Row: The World of
This sofa is for the girly girl in all of us!


Yellows and Pinks

Yellows and Pinks Source: PlumSiena
The contrast of yellow and pink is so great on these sofas and in these rooms!

Which of these couches was your favorite? I truly don't think I can pick a favorite! Let me know in the comments!

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I could go for a night bright yellow couch.

Five is my fav the whole look is so me!

Dark velvet green... Mi casa!!!

So cute! I love the pink one, also the blue on blue. Great ideas!!

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