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How to Add a Splash of Color to Any and All Rooms ...

By Lyndsie

Adding color can be tricky because you don't want to choose a gaudy, glaring hue or overwhelm the eye with something far too blinding. Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways to add an eye-catching splash of color to any space, from living room to dining room to bathroom. You can add freshness to small rooms or even make large rooms look cozier.

1 Keep It Varied

Keep It VariedAdd your color subtly, especially if you don't want to go overboard or draw the eye to one particular place. A few picture frames, colorful flow pillows, and a single bold neutral – in this case, the rug – are all you need.

2 Try a Table

Try a TableA functional table in a fun color is a fabulous way to add some brightness to your neutral room. It adds a lovely freshness in small spaces, too.

3 Seriously, Don't Underestimate the Power of Throw Pillows

Seriously, Don't Underestimate the Power of Throw PillowsI say that as someone with a 4:1 ratio of throw pillows to seats. Heather and I have a problem with pillowcases. By the way, you can buy affordable but adorable cases to cover your current pillows.

4 Can't Go Wrong with Curtains

Can't Go Wrong with CurtainsOooh, that's a lovely color, too.

5 Bust out Some Saucy Stools

Bust out Some Saucy StoolsThese are so retro! I kind of want them, but in orange.

6 Go All out with Statement Furniture

Go All out with Statement FurnitureThis is a huge statement, though. You don't necessarily need a big yellow couch – unless that's your thing.

7 Mix up Your Patterns

Mix up Your PatternsThis can be done well, even if you choose bold patterns, you just have to be careful.

8 Add Color to the Kitchen

Add Color to the KitchenThis is the cutest kitchen table!

9 Always Choose a Statement-maker

Always Choose a Statement-makerA patchwork rug? Yes, please!

10 Keep It Cohesive

Keep It CohesiveSee how the flowers match the pink in the pillows? And again, a bold neutral pattern never hurts.

11 Oh, This is Precious

Oh, This is PreciousI have a thing for turquoise and I love the addition of pink here! I might have to copy this somewhere in the house.

12 Add Accentuating Touches

Add Accentuating TouchesThe book, the pillow, that pretty wreath – perfection!

13 Pick a Softer Pop

Pick a Softer PopIt's not all about turquoise, lime green, and hot pink. A pretty peach mixed with copper looks just lovely.

14 Another Example of Making a Big Statement

Another Example of Making a Big StatementThere's something kind of lush and decadent about this couch, though.

15 Get Creative with an Accent Wall

Get Creative with an Accent WallPainstaking, but worth it.

16 Bring Color to the Bedroom

Bring Color to the BedroomA night table or knickknack can add some dazzle without overwhelming your sanctuary.

17 Say It with Art

Say It with ArtOf all kinds.

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