How to Add a Splash of Color to Any and All Rooms ...

By Lyndsie

How to Add  a Splash of Color  to Any and All  Rooms  ...

Adding color can be tricky because you don't want to choose a gaudy, glaring hue or overwhelm the eye with something far too blinding. Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways to add an eye-catching splash of color to any space, from living room to dining room to bathroom. You can add freshness to small rooms or even make large rooms look cozier.

1 Keep It Varied

Add your color subtly, especially if you don't want to go overboard or draw the eye to one particular place. A few picture frames, colorful flow pillows, and a single bold neutral – in this case, the rug – are all you need.

2 Try a Table

A functional table in a fun color is a fabulous way to add some brightness to your neutral room. It adds a lovely freshness in small spaces, too.

3 Seriously, Don't Underestimate the Power of Throw Pillows

I say that as someone with a 4:1 ratio of throw pillows to seats. Heather and I have a problem with pillowcases. By the way, you can buy affordable but adorable cases to cover your current pillows.

4 Can't Go Wrong with Curtains

Oooh, that's a lovely color, too.

5 Bust out Some Saucy Stools

These are so retro! I kind of want them, but in orange.

6 Go All out with Statement Furniture

This is a huge statement, though. You don't necessarily need a big yellow couch – unless that's your thing.

7 Mix up Your Patterns

This can be done well, even if you choose bold patterns, you just have to be careful.

8 Add Color to the Kitchen

This is the cutest kitchen table!

9 Always Choose a Statement-maker

A patchwork rug? Yes, please!

10 Keep It Cohesive

See how the flowers match the pink in the pillows? And again, a bold neutral pattern never hurts.

11 Oh, This is Precious

I have a thing for turquoise and I love the addition of pink here! I might have to copy this somewhere in the house.

12 Add Accentuating Touches

The book, the pillow, that pretty wreath – perfection!

13 Pick a Softer Pop

It's not all about turquoise, lime green, and hot pink. A pretty peach mixed with copper looks just lovely.

14 Another Example of Making a Big Statement

There's something kind of lush and decadent about this couch, though.

15 Get Creative with an Accent Wall

Painstaking, but worth it.

16 Bring Color to the Bedroom

A night table or knickknack can add some dazzle without overwhelming your sanctuary.

17 Say It with Art

Of all kinds.

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