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Your bedroom is your most personal space. It’s your sanctuary, the place where you let your hair down and set your imagination free to fly. This makes it the room where your spirit should be most embodied. If that spirit is bohemian your room will be an eclectic mix of shabby chic with theatrical and artistic flamboyance. It will be witty and whimsical and a reflection of your love of art and color and contrasts – the spirit of adventure. If your inner boho is screaming to be freed, feed your fantasies with these tips for a gorgeously unconventional bedroom.

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Find a Bohemian Style Influence

room, purple, bedroom, bed sheet, textile, Try to immerse yourself in the lives and lifestyles of some iconic bohemian figures in history. Learning from their personal aesthetics might give you some inspiration for creating your own style and décor. I personally love to take inspiration from figures like Frida Kahlo and Isadora Duncan, both amazing and eccentric individuals with heaps of boho style.


Fill Your Bedroom with Art

room, art, home, furniture, interior design, There is nothing a true bohemian hates more than an empty, blank wall. If your bedroom is looking a little sterile and bare, then a great and easy way to add some instant boho-chic is to put up a big canvas print of an art piece that captures your style intentions. An artist like Norman Lindsay is always a safe bet. Or, paint your own!


Don’t Be Afraid to Take Color Risks

color, art, tradition, textile, When it comes to boho-chic, there is no such thing as choosing the wrong color! The beauty of bohemian style is that it works no matter what combinations you choose to put together; in fact, the more outlandish, the better! Use throw cushions and rugs to add warm yet vibrant hues to your bedroom.


Experiment with Patterns and Textures

image, art, painting, interior design, textile, You shouldn’t be hesitant about mixing together sheets, blankets and throw rugs that all have different patterns or textures. The point of boho-chic is to be a non-uniform as possible, so the more adventurous and varying your décor is, the more authentic it will look.


Make You Bedroom a Safe Haven of Creative Space

room, bedroom, furniture, bed sheet, floor, Your bedroom is where your true personality can shine more than any other room in the house, and that counts for creativity as well. Make sure you save room for a small desk that you can sit at amidst you boho-chic décor and find inspiration while you work.


Make Your Bed a Comfortable Paradise

room, property, house, bedroom, home, There is a definite hint of comfortable luxury when thinking about boho-chic. When this relates to your bed, it means treating yourself to a number of soft patterned cushions, comfortable sheets, and even one or two extra throw rugs to add both texture and even more cozy warmth.


Focus Your Attention on Soft Lighting

room, living room, wall, home, furniture, Harsh, aggressive lighting is a big enemy to the boho-chic aesthetic, so you ideally want to be utilizing as much ‘warm’ light as you can. This can be done with an array of smaller lamps as opposed to a big bulb main light, or even a collection of fairy lights that can be draped in various places.


Mix, but Don’t Match

room, property, living room, wall, home, The quickest way for a bedroom to start looking like a hotel room is buying too many matching pieces of decoration. To achieve the boho-chic ethos you should be looking to put together a room that mixes its colors and patterns rather than making things match.


Choose Furniture That Has Character

room, living room, wall, furniture, interior design, Under no circumstances should you be looking for furniture in IKEA; everything is way too formulaic and lifeless! You want to be looking in independent stores for pieces that have real character and that tell a story even with the quickest glance. Find a love for thrift shops and yard sales because you can find amazing pieces.


Don’t Hide Anything Away

color, art, spring, textile, collage, Boho-chic style is meant to be somewhat in your face, so don’t try to hide anything away! Lay out all of your bits, bobs and trinkets for everyone to see. Every little accessory adds so much character to the room.

This style isn’t for everyone but you know if you have gypsy in your soul. Ready to transform your bedroom?

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