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Redecorating is fun, especially when you discover some amazing themes for your bedroom. I have personally tried all of this collection of ideas at one time or another in my forty years and enjoyed them immensely. To explore these options more fully, let's discover some amazing themes for your bedroom now.

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60's Psychedelic

60's Psychedelic Among the most fun options within the amazing themes for your bedroom is 60's psychedelic. I was born in the 70's and missed out on this era, but I adore the styles. Your choices with this theme are to use bright fluorescent colors with peace signs, black felt posters with black lights, or even go a little whimsical. I personally love the whole flower child concept with a combination of various infusions of band posters such as anything featuring the Beatles.


Embracing the 60's psychedelic theme is like taking a whimsical plunge into a vivid time capsule. Think lava lamps giving off a soft, groovy glow, tie-dye fabrics cascading over windows, and plush, colorful rugs that call out for barefoot dances. Add to that a record player spinning classic vinyl from the era, and you've set the stage for an immersive, nostalgic experience. Don't forget the iconic bean bag chairs for a relaxed, free-spirited vibe. It's all about creating a space that reflects the freedom and experimental energy of the 60s, with a modern twist that feels uniquely you.



Paris With this theme, you can incorporate pillows that read “Ooh La La” as well as prints or fixtures of the Eiffel Tower. You can add fixtures such as shimmering lights, French artwork, and if you feel especially industrious, you could add French doors leading into your bedroom. Some distributors have appliques that you can place onto your wall that provide you with the Paris skyline to add extra details.


Italian Bed and Breakfast

Italian Bed and Breakfast If you love Venice as much as I do, you can imagine the beautiful fixtures found within their collection of hotels as well as bed and breakfast options. My suggestion is to use an applique that depicts the flowing waters of the city and add a faux balcony for effect. You can then choose luxury bedding to match your preferred hotel or B&B. You should also choose your own Italian expression that best describes you or your relationship to add a make the room more personalized.



Steampunk For a steampunk bedroom you should choose bedding that is a deep red such as crimson or burgundy or use any metallic of your choice. Since this concept thrives on Victorian and Baroque styles, you should consider velvet and leather-like materials. You will need some form of gears to hang on your walls and fixtures that represent the inner workings of industrial machinery. Clocks are a great addition as well as the olden style goggles.


50's Retro

50's Retro To successfully pull off a 50's bedroom theme, you have to understand that a common anomaly with bedrooms and homes in this era was the whole matchy-matchy deal. You have to match the bedding with the curtains and carry over the pattern to your wall hangings and your floor covering. Floral prints were overtly popular in this era as it was the women who were left to decorate the home.



Bohemian Whenever I approach a bohemian style, I get in touch with my inner flower child. This style is minimalistic and earthy. You should consider a mattress on the floor surrounded by pillows and flowing curtains. Consider what you may see on a Led Zepplin album cover, if it were a bedroom design and just go with it.


Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever For those of us who love the Beatles, a Strawberry Fields Forever theme is idyllic. Whether you are familiar with the song or the movies in which the characters are presented, you will love this concept. It allows you to place assorted prints brandishing strawberries through the room. You can draw fields of strawberries on your walls with the words “Strawberry Fields Forever” along the top. You could add photographs of the St. Pepper's album cover. The perfect places to find materials to make your bedding are discount cloth distributors. They often possess fabrics from different eras including the 60s and the 70s that include various strawberry patterns.



Beach The standard with a beach theme is that you need either a beach scene or the sunset. Rugs with sea shells and starfish work well with this theme. You can add ivy bowls and baskets with sea glass, shells, or beach peddles. I, personally, like to add croqueted bedding with this theme, but you can stick to vivid colors and beach prints if you prefer.


New York Skyline

New York Skyline The New York skyline is a popular theme. With this you have the option of prints to add to your walls depicting the skyline. You can incorporate throws with the state name on them. A chic design option for this theme is to add pink and black bedding. You can add prints of assorted entertainment venues, Central Park, or the Empire State Building.


Old Hollywood Glamour

Old Hollywood Glamour For this theme, you should add fixtures such as satin sheets and posh fixtures. This design requires a bed with a high headboard, chandeliers, and prints of Old Hollywood actors and actresses. I, personally love Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. A chaise lounge or bench at the end of the bed is a great touch.


Under the Sea

Under the Sea This theme should make you to feel that you are beneath the waters of your preferred ocean. You can add wallpaper or murals of marine life to your walls. You can add lights that cast a glow around your room to give the illusion of laying on the sea floor and looking upward. You should stick with blue or sand colored bedding for this theme as it expresses the theme more fully. You can add an assortment of corals and other sea-themed items throughout your room.

If you need a change within your living space, you should consider any of these themes to represent your own personal style. They offer you a wide selection of options to make your bedroom uniquely yours. What are some bedroom themes you have tried and loved in the past?

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I agree :-)

Boho all the way! I love bohemian anything. It speaks to me!

beach and retro are awesome

Steampunk, 50s retro and old Hollywood are my favorites (: great ideas, thanks!

I LOVE the bohemian, psycadelic and beach!

Love the beach one and the kitschy fifties !

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