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I'm getting ready to paint my living room and down the long hallway to the bedrooms beyond, so paint color palettes are all over my space right now. I have my ideas narrowed down, but there are still paint chips taped to the wall while I go back and forth between the ones I like best. Are you in the same boat? Maybe you need a change, but can't settle on a color scheme. I've been there too! What really helps is to see what others have done. Even if you don't copy it exactly, this can help inspire you to choose what you want. Check out these great paint color palettes and get ready to paint, paint paint.

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Inspired by the Sea

Inspired by the Sea Via 11 peaceful paint palettes inspired ...
The ocean is a great way to inspire your paint color palettes. These soft colors are soothing and go really well together.


Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue Via Transitional Paint Color Palette (Color ...
Blue is a popular color in its many hues and it pairs really well with a load of accent colors.


Light Colors

Light Colors Via Right Bath Right Now
Lighter hues look great in bathrooms and these colors are no exception.


Inspired by Winter

Inspired by Winter Via 11 beautiful paint palettes inspired ...
I love the coral color in this color palette. What do you think? I like it for a kitchen.


Perfect for Any Room

Perfect for Any Room Via Interior Color Schemes
I feel like this combination of colors would be perfect in virtually any room of your house.


Dark Earth Tones

Dark Earth Tones Via DIY Decorations for Fall: Autumn ...
You can't go wrong with earth tones in larger spaces. I love how these colors look together!


Add Some Pinks

Add Some Pinks Via Favorite Color Combos + Chip ...
The addition of pink is whimsical and lends fun and personality to your color palettes.


Weigh Your Options

Weigh Your Options Via 14 Mint Color Palettes
Check out all these great color combinations. Which one is your favorite? I love Island Time!


Water Colors

Water Colors Via 11 peaceful paint palettes inspired ...
This is another perfect example of how ocean colors come together. This combination would be great for a spa worthy bathroom, don't you think?


Test It out

Test It out Via Sherwin Williams' Chip It! Tool ...
Many websites let you test what your colors look like against one another so you can find your favorite combination. That saves you hours at the paint store debating all your options.


Nature Inspired

Nature Inspired Via 12 Color Palettes
The colors of nature are usually ideal picks for any room. The bottom one is great!


Animal Inspired

Animal Inspired Don't underestimate how the color of animals blend with your other shades. This guy's color isn't that impressive until it's paired with the other shades in this palette.


Wood Colors

Wood Colors Via design seeds | for all ...
You don't see this dark brown shade often, but I think it's elegant and sophisticated in small doses.



Greens Via Serenity
I don't gravitate toward greens that often, but this works well together.


The Color of Food

The Color of Food Via design seeds | produced hues ...
Food comes in so many great hues, so what better way to inspire your color choices?


Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors Via design seeds | for all ...
Fall is here in most places in the Northern Hemisphere and what better season to inspire your decorating choices?


Succulent Tones

Succulent Tones Via design seeds | succulent tones ...
Here is another great way to mix and match greens to create a calming and natural look.


Flora Palette

Flora Palette If bright colors are your thing, use flowers to guide your color choices. That second pink is awesome! Pink and green are so great together.


Shades of Greens and Coral

Shades of Greens and Coral Via design seeds | for all ...
The two sage and two coral shades work so well together, don't you think?


A Touch of Yellow

A Touch of Yellow Via Easy Home Makeover: Sun Porch
This is a super trendy color combination right now, but I think it would be great for years to come. Perfect for a living room or den, am I right?


Tuscan Sun Rise

Tuscan Sun Rise Via design seeds | for all ...
Bring a bit of another country to your space with a color palette reminiscent of a place you love.

How often do you switch up the paint on your walls? I hate painting, but I always love the finished result. Did you see a color palette on this list you must have in your house? Do you have any other great color combinations to share?

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I'm in love with these color palettes

Gorgeous color pallets! I had no idea all of those colors went together so beautifully and this is so helpful to me. I'm getting ready to paint all of my walls and haven't been able to choose the colors for months. Thank you so very much, this is extremely helpful and I really appreciate it.

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