29 Vintage Storage Ideas to Add a Unique Touch to Your Home ...


If you're looking for interesting home decor ideas which are also practical, vintage storage might be the answer. We always seem to have too much stuff, so having extra storage is a bonus. And vintage storage is not only practical, it is usually unique to you too.

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Pantry Via 13 Easy Ways to Repurpose ...
I wanted to open with something that showed just how far you could go with vintage storage projects and how they could give something really special to your home. This project takes an old armoire (wardrobe) and converts it to a very useful kitchen pantry. Need good carpentry skills but the result is so worth it.


Metal Basket

Metal Basket Via Decor Steals MMS Pick of ...
I love the look of this but be sure to completely clean any rust off because you don't want flakes of it getting into delicate areas.


Tie Holder

Tie Holder Via Coke Crate Tie Holder
What a great way to repurpose an old coca cola bottle crate. And it has other uses other than ties - belts, socks, hair accessories...


Vintage Suitcase Bar

Vintage Suitcase Bar Via Vintage Suitcase Bar - Eclectically ...
An unusual, unexpected but fun use for an old suitcase.


Stacked Leather Suitcases

Stacked Leather Suitcases Via Perth Photographer Teneil Kable
They looked great stacked up but think of all that space they have inside - you can store so much in vintage suitcases.


Suitcase Shelves

Suitcase Shelves Via BOTB 3.18.12 + Reminder
Shelves made from cut down hard-sided suitcases - genius.


Revamp a Dresser

Revamp a Dresser Via Furniture Refurb: Adding Legs to ...
The dresser is not exactly stunning but it can go from drab to fab.


Vintage Frame

Vintage Frame Via DDG DIY : Vintage Key ...
Small storage needs can be met by vintage items too.


Old Boxes

Old Boxes Via Embellished Cottage
Interesting old wooden boxes can be used to hold all sorts of things and it's up to you how you build a structure out of them.


Spice Rack

Spice Rack Via Discover. Create. Live.: Vintage Coca-Cola ...
Another great way to use an old wooden Coca Cola crate.


Shabby Suitcase Makeover

Shabby Suitcase Makeover Via ~Shabby Delights~: ~Shabby Suitcase Makeover~
The wonders that can be achieved with pretty paint and fabric.


Old Door = New Shelving

Old Door = New Shelving Via House
A brilliant way to repurpose an old door.


DIY Crate Boot and Shoe Rack

DIY Crate Boot and Shoe Rack Via Organizing Ideas - Repurposed DIY ...
Fix some crates together, add some wheels and hey presto, shoe and boot storage.


DIY Ottoman

DIY Ottoman Via Top 25 DIY Projects of ...
Make a seat from an old milk crate. Remove the innards and you get a storage space too.


Vintage Pitchers

Vintage Pitchers Via Home
Use enamel or crockery pitchers. So many designs, so many possibilities.


Painted Suitcases

Painted Suitcases Via Let me tell you how ...
Earlier you saw a pile of suitcases "au naturel" - painting them can be very effective - the source goes to a painting tutorial.


Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet Via Upcycling: New Finds
How clever is this?


Rake Head Glass Rack

Rake Head Glass Rack Via Antique Industrial Rake Head- Vintage ...
I bet you've been wondering for ages what to do with that old rake head?


Bathroom/Vanity Storage

Bathroom/Vanity Storage Via A little new old upcycled ...
Sometimes, all it takes is a little imagination to come up with vintage storage ideas.


In the spirit of creativity, consider repurposing old wooden crates or wicker baskets to keep your towels and toiletries organized and within reach. It's not just about utility; by choosing pieces with a bit of history, you infuse your bathroom with character and charm. Whether you stack weathered boxes or hang a series of antique frames to house your beauty essentials, these touches transform the mundane into the magical. You'll find that a vintage ladder makes a stylish towel rack, and mason jars are perfect for holding makeup brushes or cotton swabs. Embrace the elegance of the past to create a bathroom sanctuary that's totally you.


Vintage Enamelware

Vintage Enamelware Via Deck The Halls Christmas Entry
More decor than storage but I wanted to show you that old pitchers have all sorts of uses around the home.


DIY Vintage Suitcase Table

DIY Vintage Suitcase Table Via Maletas vintage para soñar - ...
Another fabulous idea and no real DIY skills needed.


Vintage Trunk

Vintage Trunk Via Shabby Homedreams: Lichtdurchflutet.....
Like suitcases, vintage trunks can be used in many ways.


Cake Stand

Cake Stand Via ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No ...
There are so many pretty cake stands to be found in thrift stores and yard sales and they make brilliant jewelry holders.


Chest Bench

Chest Bench Via amazon.com
Lift the cushions off and there's lots of lovely storage space in the chest.


Wooden Crates

Wooden Crates Via 25 Recycling Ideas Turning Clutter ...
Wooden crates have so many uses in all rooms of your home with a bit of imagination and a few extra bits from the DIY/home store.


Vintage Dresser

Vintage Dresser Via You searched for Dresser - ...
Remove bottom drawers, give it a distressed paint job and you've got a useful storage unit. Maybe a TV stand?


Vintage Ladder Quilt Rack

Vintage Ladder Quilt Rack Via How to Decorate with Vintage ...
Use it in the bathroom for towels too.


Picture Frame Towel Rack

Picture Frame Towel Rack Via DIY Craft Projects using Old ...
You need a pretty big bathroom for this but it's very different and certainly a statement.


Suitcase Nightstand

Suitcase Nightstand Via 25 Dorm Decor DIY Ideas ...
There are a few directions you could take this as a general idea.

My head is now spinning with all these fantastic ideas for vintage storage. Time for an antique/vintage hunt around the shops I think. Do any of these ideas appeal to you?

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