21 Awesome Ways to Add That Splash of Blue to Your Home ...


21 Awesome Ways to Add That Splash of Blue to Your Home ...
21 Awesome Ways to Add That Splash of Blue to Your Home ...

One of the most fun parts of having your own place is that you get to decorate it and fill it up with everything you love. And what’s not to love about blue (in all its shades), right? I for one cannot resist a good pop of blue and have put together 21 awesome ways you, too, can add that splash of blue to your home!

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Brass Lamp with Spray Painted Shade

Brass Lamp with Spray Painted Shade Source: Brass Lamp Makeover: gilded and
One of the easiest ways of adding color to your home is giving your existing stuff (or cheap finds from garage sales or flea markets) a bright and fun makeover.


DIY Cutlery Stand

DIY Cutlery Stand Source: llambertlawson.com
Every kitchen needs a pop of fun and this DIY cutlery holder is exactly that. Simple to do, very practical and so pretty!


DIY Centerpieces

DIY Centerpieces Source: Easy, Spray Painted Glass Centerpieces
Easy and effective, these DIY centerpieces are a quick project and can transform any space instantly. All you need are some recycled bottles and glassware and paint, and voila!


Plates as Art

Plates as Art Source: Hand-Painted Blue & White Plates
How gorgeous are these, right? Paint your own plates and put them up on your walls for that little pop of pretty blue in your home.


Globe Light

Globe Light Source: DIY Globe Light
I absolutely love this idea and cannot wait to try it out on my own. How awesome and fun is this, right?


DIY Photo Mats

DIY Photo Mats Source: DIY Project: Fabric Covered Photo
Don’t you just love the bright blue here? No better way to add that touch of your favorite shade of blue to your home! And you don’t even need fancy materials to achieve this effect – just a free Sunday afternoon!


You'll adore how a fabric covered photo mat can seamlessly infuse personality and color into your room. It's all about choosing the perfect pattern to complement your photos and wall decor. Imagine that fabric you've stashed away - yes, that one! - turned into a chic backdrop for your cherished memories. It's a simple transformation, but the outcome is anything but plain. Just cut, wrap, and secure, and presto! Your living space sings with a bespoke touch of blue, so uniquely you.


Wicker End Table

Wicker End Table Source: Curb Alert! : Cute Wicker
Give your old furniture a pretty makeover with just a little spray paint! No easier way of bringing color to your favorite spaces!


More Blue Furniture

More Blue Furniture Source: The Weathered Door: Klein Blue
This is so gorgeous, isn’t it? Albeit a more time-consuming DIY than other projects listed so far but totally worth it, right?


Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover Source: PitterAndGlink: {Thrift Store Lamp Makeover}
Cheap, easy to do and the final product is fabulous. No better way of adding that splash of blue to your home!


DIY Dresser

DIY Dresser Source: spearmintbaby.com
Who thought that you could use wallpaper and paint on an old dresser and transform it into something so cool?! Isn’t this such a good and cheap way of adding color and style to your space?


Blue Swirl Photo Frames

Blue Swirl Photo Frames Source: Mod Mermaid Set 8 Picture
An easy way of adding color to your home is this attractive set of swirly photo frames. Bright, colorful and very pretty, this is a quick way of transforming your space!


Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash Source: beautifulhomesdesigns.com
One of the simplest and prettiest ways of adding that bit of blue to your kitchen is by having fun with the backsplash.


Blue Furnishings

Blue Furnishings Source: digsdigs.com
It’s amazing how far a brightly colored rug and cushions will go to transforming a room into something special. If you have a neutral color palette for your home, a vibrant blue is the way to go!


Patterned Blue

Patterned Blue Source: marieclairemaison.com
Pretty comes in the form of patterned rugs, yes? Such a fun way of bringing color to small spaces!


Mixed Pattern Cushions

Mixed Pattern Cushions Source: waitingonmartha.com
You can have so much fun with cushion covers and mixing patterns and prints! Such a simple way of adding personality to any living room and surrounding yourself with your favorite color!


Blue Couch

Blue Couch Source: bhg.com
For a bold statement, you can always choose furniture in bold colors, like the couch in the photo. It definitely stands out and is the piece around which the rest of the room is designed.


Big Mirror

Big Mirror Source: digsdigs.com
A mirror helps create an illusion of space and if you choose a pretty frame to set it in, it helps you add color and character too.


Mason Jar Accessories

Mason Jar Accessories Source: fashion.technewsexpress.com
Mason jar crafts are very popular DIY projects because they’re so simple to do and give you such pretty and attractive results. A set of bathroom accessories like this in your favorite blue color would give your bathroom just the correct pop of color it needs.


Colored Glassware

Colored Glassware Source: housewifeeclectic.com
How pretty are these blue glass bottles, right? And so much more fun than regular flower vases, don’t you think?


Blue Curtains

Blue Curtains Source: saltlakedesignergal.blogspot.in
I love how this home office space is transformed by the blue printed curtain. It brings the whole room together, doesn't it? Love!


Blue Walls

Blue Walls Source: polkacoffee.wordpress.com
It takes a brave person to paint the walls in their home a bright color, especially blue. But it’s a risk that often pays off well. One wall, chosen correctly, can enhance the look of your home and take it to a whole different level!

Blue is a gorgeous color to have around the house and there are so many simple yet effective ways of incorporating this color into your home décor. From mason jar crafts to giving old furniture a makeover, you can do it all! Do you have any favorite way to add that splash of blue to your home?

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