Give Your Home Personality Using One of These DIY Wall Hangings ...


Give Your Home Personality Using One of These DIY Wall Hangings ...
Give Your Home Personality Using One of These DIY Wall Hangings ...

DIY wall hangings of the woven or woven-like variety are currently trendy. Sure they have that dated look but they can be fun to look at. And if you're looking to add personality to your home, you really can't go wrong with a lovely DIY wall hanging. We have gathered here ideas to help you get started in this particular DIY journey. Hope you like them!

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Weave and Dye

Weave and Dye This DIY wall hanging tutorial is a fantastic introductory post for those interested in macrame. Using only twine, a thicker rope, and some textile paint in a lovely color, you can make an eye-catching wall hanging in no time.



Beaded and Gold-dipped

Beaded and Gold-dipped How gorgeous! This DIY wall hanging requires no weaving at all. You will simply knot the twine to the circle frame and then proceed to spraying the bottom with metallic paint. Gold should look great and will match the white twine beautifully. Thread some spray painted beads in matching colors to finish.



Crocheted Mountains

Crocheted Mountains For those who know how to crochet, making a wall hanging is as simple as forming white-tipped triangles. The number of “mountains” is completely up to you. You can also go for a more layered look with more triangles or mountains flowing vertically from the upper twig or branch.



Pom Pom

Pom Pom Here we have an easy way to create a gorgeous wall hanging. This requires no weaving but you will need to take out some pretty yarn from your stash. Make as many pom poms as you like and hang them in a symmetrical fashion. Make sure that the colors have a balanced look as well.



Stringed Concentric Style

Stringed Concentric Style If want to go easy on your first wall hanging project, this is the perfect tutorial for you. This requires only the inner sections of large and medium-sized embroidery hoops, white embroidery thread, a large white bead, and a pair of scissors. We recommend using white for the thread and bead, as shown in the photo, because the color looks great with the natural hue of the hoops.



Compact Pompoms

Compact Pompoms Unlike the first pom pom DIY wall hanging we have featured here, this one showcases a compact look. The fatter pom poms are perfect if you're aiming for a wall décor that will grab your guests' attention. Apart from the compact design, this particular tutorial also shows you a way to hack a wall hanging frame. Instead of an upper twig or hoop, you will be attaching the pom poms to the sections of a scarf hanger. Clever, right? Add yarn fringe to the bottom for a more dynamic effect.



Place Mat Makeover

Place Mat Makeover See that upper blue circular section? Pretty, right? Don't worry, you don't have to weave one for this tutorial. It's actually a place mat and you can buy one for making a quick wall hanging. For the fringe part, choose yarn or embroidery thread that will complement your chosen place mat. Going the monochromatic route will also work well for this project.


I am itching to make the pom pom and the simple macrame projects from this list. I will go with shades of blue or gray since our studio is painted yellow. How about you? Would you be making some of these DIY wall hangings?

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They r just dust colectors in my opinion.

No way would I have these in my house.. They are just silly and look way too DIY

Love these(:

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