18 Decor Accent Pieces That Will Glam up Your Home ...


18 Decor Accent Pieces That Will Glam up Your Home ...
18 Decor Accent Pieces That Will Glam up Your Home ...

It’s a little-known fact that H&M has great décor accent pieces for a store that’s known for selling clothes. Plus, the accent pieces are super cheap, which is surprisingly hard to find. If you’re looking for décor and accent pieces that will glam up your home without spending a fortune, these pieces will completely revamp your home! You will fall in love with all of these pieces, believe me!

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Jacquard-Weave Throw

Jacquard-Weave Throw $34.99 at hm.com

This gray geometric throw adds such a modern touch to your home, and for only $34.99, it’s a great steal!


Pink Jacquard-Weave Throw

Pink Jacquard-Weave Throw $39.99 at hm.com

If pink is more your color, try this softer color and blanket instead. Wouldn’t it look great on a white couch?


Turquoise Velvet Cushion Cover

Turquoise Velvet Cushion Cover $9.99 at hm.com

Velvet pillows automatically add some luxury to any room, and these cushion covers are only $9.99! You won’t find pillow deals like that anywhere else!


Mini Vases

Mini Vases $12.99 for a set of three at hm.com

Vases add such a great touch to any décor looking for some texture, and this pretty vase is no exception!


Rug with Woven Pattern

Rug with Woven Pattern $34.99 at hm.com

The clean lines and stripes of this rug are so pretty and perfect for a modern house looking to add some luxe!


Metal Candlestick

Metal Candlestick $12.99 at hm.com

Whether or not you decide to use this as a candlestick, this unique gold piece would look great as décor in a formal living room.


Large COPPER Wire Basket

Large COPPER Wire Basket $24.99 at hm.com

I love big wire baskets to hold cozy blankets and add a touch of cuteness to a room, and this basket gets the job done perfectly!


Dark Green Curtain Panels

Dark Green Curtain Panels $34.99 for a two-pack at hm.com

This pattern is huge right now with big designers, so why not display it as your curtains and make everyone wonder how much you spent on it?


Large Glass Vase

Large Glass Vase $24.99 at hm.com

This would be a great piece next to greenery or with natural, brown colored décor or pieces. The dark green really shines as a glass vase!


Charcoal Linen Cushion Cover

Charcoal Linen Cushion Cover $17.99 at hm.com

I’m a little bit obsessed with this cushion cover, and you will be too if you love farmhouse décor!


Small Glass Jar with Lid

Small Glass Jar with Lid $14.99 at hm.com

This is great for décor in your kitchen, or you can use it functionally in your bathroom to store loose odds and ends in a pretty way!


Coral Cotton Cushion Cover

Coral Cotton Cushion Cover $5.99 at hm.com

The geometric lines make this a great pillow for a modern living room, but the pink color adds the perfect softness.


Green Cotton Cushion Cover

Green Cotton Cushion Cover $9.99 at hm.com

This palm leaf pattern looks so chic in a living room!


Peony Candle

Peony Candle $4.99 at hm.com

The marble look of this candle will instantly add a little bit of luxury to a room. This is a great piece that looks a lot more expensive than it is.


Pear-Shaped Gold Candle

Pear-Shaped Gold Candle $14.99 at hm.com

This pear-shaped gold candle is great to keep on a shelf or table as décor rather than actually using it as a candle. The gold color and pear shape hide the fact that it’s a candle and it’s simply adorable!


Metal Photo Frame

Metal Photo Frame $9.99 at hm.com

I love the idea of putting a mirror in this frame in place of a picture and glass for a great mixing of metals!


Evening Flower Candle

Evening Flower Candle $9.99 at hm.com

The dark and light hues in this candle make it look super expensive. No one will guess that it only costs $9.99!


Glass Carafe

Glass Carafe $17.99 at hm.com

This would be a great addition to a bar cart or something similar!

What’s your favorite piece on this list? Let me know which pieces you’ll be purchasing in the comments!

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