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How many articles about home decor design do you read that talk about light bright colors and how many do you read advising dark walls? We all understand the concept that lighter colors open up spaces - especially small spaces - but you might be surprised at how effective dark walls can be. Ready to see if you will be dipping your paint brush in magnolia or dark grey?

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green,blue,wall,lighting,interior design, Via Chocolate Brown and Blue
Dark walls don't have to be one plain color. As a base for stencils a dark color can be fabulous. It looks classy and sumptuous.


Master Bedroom

room,living room,bedroom,furniture,home, Via bloglovin.com
There's plenty of light flooding this room so the dark walls and dark floor don't feel oppressive.


Contemporary with a Touch of Rustic

living room,room,furniture,interior design,table, Via Gray Color Schemes
Gray really seems to be a major favorite with interior designers right now. All the UK home design shows feature gray. Is it the same in the USA too?


Vintage Kitchen

room,dining room,furniture,living room,cabinetry, Via desiretoinspire.net
The dark grey manages to give off a slightly industrial feel, yet the whole look says a homely kitchen where you love to cook.


London Flat

property,room,home,living room,floor, Via Isabelle's Top Floor Flat in ...
Even small dark walls can be dramatic.


Dark Blue Bathroom

room,furniture,interior design,shelf,bed, Via Paint Color Portfolio: Dark Blue ...
Dark blue brings some vintage elegance to a bathroom.


Feature Wall

living room,room,property,home,furniture, Via A Few Ways to Change ...
A very dark wall next to a white wall makes the lighter area really stand out.


Silver, Gray and Black

room,property,ceiling,bedroom,living room, Via Home Remodeling | Guide to ...
Silver, gray and black is a classic color palette, but did you ever think about it for the bedroom?


Gray Dining Room

dining room,room,furniture,living room,table, Via Interior Paint Color & Color ...
Soften a dark color scheme with linen and fresh flowers.


Dark Closet

room,clothing,boutique,furniture,closet, Via At Home With Patricia Goijens ...
If you love dark colors but feel they won't work in your space, use them in closed off rooms or your closet.


Moody Blue

room,bedroom,hardwood,home,furniture, Via 20 Bold & Beautiful Blue ...
When working with dark colors, there should still be an element of softness or "powderiness" to the finish.


Accent Wall

living room,room,wall,home,furniture, Via Urban Spaces: Industrial Modern Los ...
Dark colors make great accent walls.


Wall Art Collage!

living room,room,furniture,wall,modern art, Via 7 Easy DIY Projects to ...
Tone down the block of dark color with an eclectic art collage


Black Nursery

room,property,living room,furniture,bed, Via 12 Gorgeous Black Nurseries
Wow - did you ever think of a black baby's room? Personally I think it needs more color in soft furnishings and accessories. What do you think about such a dark scheme for a nursery?


Warm Blue

room,blue,living room,wall,interior design, Via Chris & Jenny's Collective Elegance ...
It is often said that blue can be a cold color. I think it all depends on the shade and how it is dressed up.


Masculine Interior

living room,room,property,interior design,home, Via Rustic French Interiors - Home ...
There's no doubt you can work with a dark paint palette to achieve a masculine feel.


Glamorous Dining Room

room,dining room,living room,floor,home, Via Lauren's Bright & Bold Chicago ...
When everything in a room is a "feature", dark walls become a seamless element of the scheme.


This glamorous dining room features dark walls that blend seamlessly into the rest of the decor. The walls are adorned with a series of artworks that bring a bright and bold touch to the room. The floor is made of hardwood and the furniture is upholstered in a luxurious fabric. The room is illuminated by a large chandelier, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space. The overall effect is one of luxury and glamour, making this dining room a perfect spot for entertaining guests.


Dressing Room

room,living room,property,furniture,home, Via Make yourself a home - ...
Another example where dark blue walls work.


Animal Print

room,living room,property,floor,home, Via my new house...update! and a ...
Is there anything animal print doesn't go with?


Dark Walls with Neutral Furnishings

living room,room,property,home,interior design, Via Style At Home: Lisa Salzer ...
When you've got huge windows like these, there's no issue with dark walls stealing the light.


Chic Feminine Office

white,room,living room,wall,interior design, Via Interior Designer Jennifer Wagner Schmidt
White framed photographs and brightly colored accents pop off the black walls.


Chocolate Bathroom

room,property,bathroom,interior design,floor, Via A Landmark Illinois House
There's definitely something about dark bathrooms. Is it because the dark walls make the white bath suite gleam?


Kids Room

room,furniture,living room,floor,shelf, Via A Touch of Drama: Black ...
Another example of how dark colors can add a touch of drama to a kid's room.


Face the Light

room,curtain,interior design,window treatment,living room, Via 10 Decorating and Design Ideas ...
Natural light makes all the difference in a room. Turn your furniture to face the light and enjoy it.


Green Room

furniture,room,green,desk,home, Via Paints & Palettes: Modern Green: ...
Use a dark wall to express your personality.



art,painting,interior design,modern art, Via

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