10 Fabulous Room Makeovers for Girls Wanting a Change ...


10 Fabulous Room Makeovers for Girls Wanting a Change ...
10 Fabulous Room Makeovers for Girls Wanting a Change ...

Does your bedroom need a makeover? It's time to think about updating it in any clever way you can, so here's a few tips to get you started!

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Clean out Clutter

room, duvet cover, furniture, bed, bed sheet, Nothing beats the feeling of cleaning out all that junk that's been cluttering up your drawers, wardrobe and sneaky hiding spot under your bed.

Go through your clutter with a large bin beside you, throw out what you don't want and need anymore...all without thinking twice! Even though it's a job most people tend to procrastinate around, you'll be thankful for all the huge amount of spare space left over!


Toss Old Clothes

white, room, furniture, living room, interior design, It can be hard to toss any clothes, even ones sitting at the back of our drawers and wardrobes that we've barely touched over the years!

Even though it can be time consuming, throw out anything you haven't worn in the past year. Hold onto any relatively new clothes that you haven't worn much so you can sell them and get some of your money back!


Get Painting

white, room, furniture, table, dining room, Nothing says a 'room makeover' better than peering at paint palettes for your new room colour!

It's completely up to you what you go for, some prefer neutral shades such as light blues, whites and greys while others prefer bold, expressive colours such as blue, red and even black. Whatever you decide, it will be a change from the previous colour which is the most important thing!


Display Statement Pieces

color, white, blue, room, furniture, This could be anything from a TV to put in the corner, decorative mirror hanging on the wall, fluffy rug for the middle of your room to a stylish faux fur throw for your bed.

Statement pieces are generally quite an obvious feature in a bedroom as well as being expressive and eye-catching, so let your imagination run wild as you have a think about something you've always wanted for your bedroom!


Pay Attention to Wall Décor

room, bedroom, duvet cover, living room, interior design, This could be anything from stencilled art pieces, favourite pieces of art work, aligned photos in a grid form of yourself with friends and family to block letters which spell out your name or a favourite saying.

Create your own personal style and think of anything which will gives your walls personality, flavour, identity and originality! Make it known that it's your room that people are now entering.


Display Decorative Pieces

white, room, blue, wall, house, This includes anything used to decorate your room such as a new bedside lamp, fluffy rug, set of scented candles, throw pillows for your bed, a jewellery stand and a modern clock.

Think of the small things which your room will need in order to feel and look complete, and then start decorating!


Start a DIY Project

room, furniture, floor, living room, interior design, There's so many DIY projects to try out when giving your room a makeover, you'll be spoilt for choice! Have a look online and choose a couple of projects and styles which interest you.

The great thing about these is that you don't need much to get going, just a few bits and pieces which you can usually find lying around home or cheap at your closest DIY store!


Update Your Bedspread

pink, duvet cover, bed sheet, product, furniture, It's time to throw out that old bedspread which you've had for so many years it's hard to remember when you brought it, and invest in a new one that makes your room feel fresh and clean!

Maybe it's time to opt for a pop of colour to balance and contrast against the dark furniture in your room? Bedspreads offer a wide range of choice with so many designs, patterns, colours and prints to choose from!


Invest in New Curtains

room, property, living room, interior design, floor, Curtains are relatively easy to change yourself and don't tend to be too time consuming, which makes it a great addition to your room makeover!

Take your time picking out a style, print, colour and texture that you can vividly imagine in your room and think would suit your personal style. Make sure they balance the rest of your room and its contents nicely, you don't want the colours to clash!


Create New Storage

white, room, furniture, living room, floor, It's a great idea to invest in a new storage set, whether that be a new bookshelf, set of DIY shelves to nail into the wall or just a couple of extra drawers to keep in your wardrobe.

It can be hard to find a place for everything and many people have more things than they know what to do with so this is definitely worth looking into!

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