Brighten Your Home for under 50 for Girls Bored of Drab ...


Brighten Your Home for under 50 for Girls Bored of Drab ...
Brighten Your Home for under 50 for Girls Bored of Drab ...

There are plenty of ways to brighten up a home for under $50 if you know where and for what to look. You don’t need to think about massive makeovers or changing color schemes or getting out the paintbrushes. Accessories under $50 can do a great job! Summer is a great time to think about pops of color and maybe some small rearranging of furniture. I’ve picked out a selection of fun, colourful, sometimes quirky accessories under $50 to brighten your home.

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Liven up the Bedroom with a New Bright Bedding Set

An easy and practical way to brighten up your bedroom is to invest in a new set of bedding, a set that evokes positivity with vibrant colours and patterns. Something like this set from the Martha Stewart Collection is perfect for upscaling the nature of your bedroom décor.
duvet cover, bed sheet, pink, bedding, textile, $19.97 at


Make a Feature with Some Wall Art

yellow, text, font, calligraphy, poster, A new piece of art hanging on your wall adds instant brightness to an old room where the aesthetic may have gotten stale. Inspirational quotes are very much on trend, and something like this vibrant beach themed piece will help to bring the outside in.

$4.97 at


Hang up a Dream Catcher to Keep Your Spirits up

headgear, line, product design, circle, product, Not only can a dream catcher bring good vibes in to your home, it also adds a story and conversation starter to whichever room you choose to place it. Hippie chic is still very much on trend, and adding a small gesture of your own carefree spirit can really brighten the place up.

$5.97 at


A Set of Matching Coasters Are Fun and Protective

product design, product, dishware, font, label, It may seem like a random suggestion, but placing a new set of matching coasters throughout different points in your home can bring a symmetrical quality to your décor, and also a touch of fun when they are bright and colourful like these.

$14.00 at


Make Your Home Smell Fabulous with Scented Candles

fashion accessory, bangle, product, product design, jewellery, When it comes to brightening up your home, the more candles, the better! Not only do they look great in their ornamental tins in the daytime, but they add a real touch of visible warmth and richness to your décor when lit at night.

$9.00 at


Display Your Pictures on a Fun and Eye-catching Photo Mobile

product, product, product design, angle, If you want a different, more exciting way of showing off your favourite photos, then you can bring a lot of life to a room with this fun photo mobile. It’s an innovative way to ensure that your photos have a life of their own and aren’t just stuck up on the wall.

$10.00 at


Bring Some Style to Mealtimes with New Placemats

aqua, product, petal, For a lot of homes, the dining table is the focal point of the house, a place where the family gets together to eat and converse. You can brighten this particular spot up by purchasing some brand new, funky placemats. They will help that area to pop.

$13.98 at


Summer Time is a Good Time to Buy a New Clock

jaw, With smartphones taking precedent now, a lot of people are forsaking big beautiful clocks in their homes, but a really great clock can totally transform a room. One like this, for example, with a bold yet minimalist design!

$14.98 at


Breathe New Life into Chairs and Couches with Accent Pillows

throw pillow, cushion, pattern, design, product, The easiest way to breathe new life in to an old couch or chair is to throw a couple of accent pillows on top. Sometimes it really can elevate the décor to the extent that people will ask you if you have new furniture!

$14.99 at


Dress Your Coffee Table with Interesting Books

product, product, toy, font, material, Coffee table books are beautiful and interesting, therefore a perfect item to buy to both enhance the look of a room and also create conversation opportunities. You can show off the fact that you are young at heart with this quirky Lego mini figure book!

$15.98 at


Vases Always Look Good Whether You Keep Flowers in Them or Not

vase, artifact, product design, Did you know that vases are a thing in their own right now, with flowers taking a back seat? It may seem weird at first, but a big, bold vase can really make a statement when paired with the right kind of décor. This white and blue design for example is a work of art even when empty!

$37.00 at


Don't Neglect the Floors! Lay a Bright Rug

orange, textile, line, kitchen towel, material, When you can’t do much to change the walls, a great way to brighten a room is by laying down a vibrant, funky rug. You’ll be surprised by just how much a burst of colour on the floor can transform the feel of a room.

From $38.00 at


Treat Yourself to Some Martini Glasses

drink, cocktail, martini glass, champagne stemware, martini, Sure, they may be hidden in a cupboard for some of the time, but the trick to owning a set of martini glasses is the fact you will be inspired to have the girls round for cocktails more often, leading to your home feeling a lot brighter more frequently!

$19.90 at


Great Accessories Can Make a Big Difference to Your Bathroom

bathroom accessory, product design, wood, product, furniture, The bathroom is often a room that is completely overlooked in the home in terms of décor, but something simple you can do to really elevate its look is investing in a fancy but inexpensive lotion pump. This DKNY design, for example, has a really high class feel to it!

$19.99 at


Bring Attention to Your Room with a Quirky Neon Light

yellow, product design, font, trophy, And of course, we can’t talk about brightening up your home without actually suggesting a lamp! Bring oodles of personality and fun into a room with this amazing pineapple themed neon light. It’s not for everyone, but the bravest of decorators among you will lap it up!

From $26.00 at

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