12 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Homier ...


12 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Homier ...
12 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Homier ...

Are you trying to find ways to make your dorm room homier? It’s important to feel comfortable and safe in your dorm room. You don’t need it to be exactly like your room at home, but it is nice to have a cosy and comfy room, especially in your first term when making the transition to life in college. Here are some ways to make your dorm room homier. You'll feel right at home in no time.

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Wall Tapestry

blue, bedroom, wall, room, bed sheet, A funky wall tapestry is an easy and immediate way to pull off some big decoration on a large part of your wall. It can also be something that shows off your personality. One of the other ways to make your dorm room homier is to hang several smaller items on a large wall.


Throw Pillows

text, pillow, font, product, throw pillow, Throw pillows emphasize comfort, and the more comfortable your dorm room looks and feels, the more at home you will feel.


Wall Quotes

text, font, picture frame, Sometimes you just need that little pick me up to start a tough day, a few well placed wall quotes can give you the inspiration that you need to get out there and kick some ass!


Fairy Lights

room, wall, bed frame, bedroom, interior design, Fairy lights are a classic dorm room favourite, and it cannot be underestimated just how friendly and warm they can make a room with very minimal effort. You just need a plug and a switch!



pink, room, furniture, product, table, A few strategically placed mirrors on your walls, and maybe on your desk, can help your dorm room feel much larger than it actually is, as well as refracting some light and making everything feel less like a prison cell!



bed sheet, duvet cover, bed frame, bedding, furniture, Nothing screams comfort like a huge shaggy rug underneath your feet. A big rug is also a great way to split up the design your dorm room floor and make it less rigid and cold looking.


Throw Blanket

pink, room, bed frame, furniture, bed sheet, A throw blanket is an effortless way to add a little more comfort and cosiness to a dorm room bed. It adds layers and texture and can instantly make you feel more at home. After all, we all love to snuggle with a blanky!



picture frame, display board, It is essential to put photos of your friends and family around the place to turn the space in to something that you have a personal connection with. The more you can see your loved ones, the more at home you will feel.


Mason Jars

shelf, product, product, shelving, bottle, Mason and jam jars are a cool and rustic way to decorate rather than buying bulky boxes and containers for things. They will give you a feel of being back at home in the kitchen with your mom!


Coffee Mugs

cup, coffee cup, tableware, porcelain, cup, If you drink a lot of coffee to get through your study days, then it really pays off to invest in some good quality mugs with cute decorations or slogans on them. Nobody wants to drink out of a plain boring mug!


Funky Chair

furniture, desk, office, interior design, home, You’re going to be spending much of your time in your dorm room slaving away at your desk, so it really pays off to have a funky and comfortable chair that you don’t mind sitting in for hours at a time.


Flowers and Plants

blue, purple, aqua, vase, flower, Don’t forget to bring some nature in to your room. Flowers and plants add so much to the decor, and can make you feel a whole lot better about spending so much time inside!

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