12 Ways πŸ–Ό to Make Your Dorm 🏒 Room Homier 🏑 ...

Are you trying to find ways to make your dorm room homier? It’s important to feel comfortable and safe in your dorm room. You don’t need it to be exactly like your room at home, but it is nice to have a cosy and comfy room, especially in your first term when making the transition to life in college. Here are some ways to make your dorm room homier. You'll feel right at home in no time.

1. Wall Tapestry

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A funky wall tapestry is an easy and immediate way to pull off some big decoration on a large part of your wall. It can also be something that shows off your personality. One of the other ways to make your dorm room homier is to hang several smaller items on a large wall.

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